Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Did this student do something?

In a broad discussion room inside the education hall, tens of people sat on seats. Sitting at the very top was an old man and two middle-aged men.

Everyone was looking at a huge screen.

It was the live broadcast of the seeds. There were images popping up one after another

“Look, it has begun.”

The middle-aged man who was sitting at the front and had a hideous scar that stretched across from his right eye to his left chin spoke. His eyes looked ferocious.

The old man smiled and said, “This is the first test of our system. I hope that we can select some talented students to provide fresh blood for the human race. Everyone, please take care.”

The fair-skinned middle-aged man sitting at the front spoke, “Elder Lin, you’re too polite. Cultivating prodigies is our responsibility.”

The old man smiled. “Watch the broadcast.”

On the screen, the scores of the seed partic.i.p.ants started changing. Soon, the top ten appeared. The first three were the first three on the cultivation state rankings.

The fair-skinned man smiled. “Lin Ling… If I’m not wrong, she’s Elder Lin’s great-granddaughter, right? Elder Lin is really good at teaching. Such power is considered a prodigy.”

18 years old and spirit martial state level four, this was barely considered a prodigy. It was a bit hard to get guaranteed entry into their school after all.

Elder Lin smiled and ignored the fair-skinned man’s insinuations, instead saying, “Teacher Harry, keep watching.”

Elder Lin’s confident att.i.tude made Harry and the scar-faced man show interest.


At this moment, the scar-faced man pointed at the broadcast and said, “This student is interesting.”

Harry looked over curiously. “There must be something special about a student if Li Kuang thinks they are interesting.”

Even Elder Lin looked over.

Even his great-granddaughter didn’t get such praise. He was curious too.

It was a handsome looking youth. He was squatting next to a thick yellow stone pillar while digging out a brown colored spirit herb below it. He was smiling as he was digging.

There was a five-meter long yellow scaled lizard laying behind him but he was completely unscathed.

Elder Lin said, “That’s a stone armor beast… Looking at his score, it was a level two spirit beast. How did it die?”

Harry and Li Kuang were confused as well. They didn’t know.

“Wait! This student is only a level nine martial warrior?”

Another teacher called out.

This immediately caught everyone’s attention. Everyone looked at the youth’s data.

Lu Ze, martial warrior level nine, Chang Yang City’s number one high school’s first ranked.

Everyone looked at each other. A level nine martial warrior and a somehow dead level two spirit beast. This seemed very eerie.

Because Lu Ze kept digging for herbs, it affected his progress of killing ferocious beasts. As such, he soon fell out of the top ten and the broadcast disappeared from the screen.

“Ha, he’s probably just lucky.” A teacher laughed. “Perhaps he encountered a half-dead level two spirit beast?”

He said this but he also secretly entered Lu Ze’s name into his computer and watched his live broadcast.

Other teachers secretly did the same. After all, if this was a prodigy, it would be good to get him into their school.

Only Harry and Li Kuang didn’t do anything. If Lu Ze was really a prodigy, he would soon get back into the top ten.

Lu Ze didn’t know that he was noticed by quite a few teachers.

He dug out the stone root herb and left again.

After walking past three stone pillars, another five-meter long stone armor beast charged towards him.

The color of its scale was so similar to the stone pillar that most people wouldn’t be able to discern it. Ordinary people might be ambushed and die

But clearly, it had chosen the wrong target to ambush.

Lu Ze calmly dodged the attack and casually patted the beast’s head. Power seeped through, crus.h.i.+ng its skull.

This move was so casual and cool.

The teachers watching Lu Ze: “???”

What did this student do?

How come I can’t understand?

There must be a problem!

A huge problem!

The teachers watching Lu Ze secretly contained themselves to prevent themselves from exclaiming out of shock.

As long as it wasn’t the top ten, other teachers wouldn’t notice this student. Perhaps they had found a treasure?

The teachers watching Lu Ze laughed sneakily.

Meanwhile, at Lu Wen’s company, Lu Wen, Fu Shuya and the workers all looked dazedly at the stone armor beast that had just fallen down.

It was the first day of their boss’ son’s trial. The broadcast was shown in all their offices. The workers were very curious so they watched it.

However, they didn’t expect to see such eerie phenomena.

Wasn’t CEO Lu’s son only a level nine martial warrior? Wasn’t that stone armor beast a level two spirit beast?

That beast died from getting its head patted?

This head patting must be poisonous!

“Oh s.h.i.+t, CEO Lu’s son is so handsome!!”

“I… I feel the same. CEO Lu never said his son was this strong…”

Fu Shuya and Lu Wen’s mouths were wide open. Their faces wrote: s.h.i.+t, is this really our son?

Fu Shuya looked at Lu Ze’s confident smile and couldn’t resist smiling herself. “My good son is this strong, he has grown up to be a man.”

Lu Wen nodded with a complicated expression on his face.