Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 488 - Something to Eat??

Chapter 488 - Something to Eat??

Chapter 488 Something to Eat??

Merlin’s words caused Zhu Hong Lian to fall into silence. For a while, she didn’t utter a word.

While the atmosphere remained silent between the two, Lu Ze noticed the disappointment in Alice’s and Lu Li’s face. He attempted to comfort the girls. “Your powers are much stronger than what I had during this time. I wasn’t as strong as you guys when I was your age.”

Hearing this, the two girls gradually recovered their somewhat gloomy expressions. Lu Li glanced at Lu Ze and smiled. “Are we really good?”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “With your current power, not many people could match you, even in the elite cla.s.s of the Federal University. Do you think it’s strong? However…”



An even wider smile appeared on their faces. With a smile on Lu Ze’s face, he continued, “It’s nothing much. You guys haven’t gone through actual battles. There’s no need to rush now.”

To Lu Ze, they weren’t much better than when he first entered the pocket hunting dimension.

While they were chatting, Merlin and Zhu Hong Lian came over.

Merlin smiled. “Little kid, you’re not bad. You could almost be my match back in the days.”

Alice immediately rebuked Merlin. “Father, didn’t you say you were weaker than senior at this age?”

Lu Ze: “…”

Merlin: “…”

The atmosphere turned a little awkward.

Merlin felt severe pain in his heart.

Did his daughter no longer acknowledge her dad?

Merlin smiled at Lu Ze. “Alright, it’s our turn to spar now.” Lu Ze: “???”

It was Alice who said that remark. It wasn’t his fault!

Ten minutes later, the white flames disintegrated. Lu Ze’s face appeared to be lifeless. In the end, he was still beaten up.

He shouldn’t have come.

Merlin grinned. “We’ll be going back first.”

As they walked out, Zhu Hong Lian smiled at Lu Ze. “Ze, you’re indeed stronger than your uncle Merlin when he was at your age. Don’t mind his words.”

“If you have time, come and find Alice to play.” She then winked at Lu Ze.

Alice’s face blushed. She held onto her mom while waving at Lu Ze. “Senior, Li, I’m going back. Good night-“

Lu Ze and Lu Li waved back at Alice. “Goodnight.”

Lu Ze turned to Lu Li. “Let’s go back too.”

Lu Li nodded.

As they walked toward the house, Lu Ze said, “By the way Li, I’m planning to give the red orbs to dad and mom.”

Lu Li felt dazed for a moment. Then, a smile bloomed on her face. “Sure, I don’t mind this.”

Lu Ze continued, “You know their martial arts talents aren’t too great, so I want you to protect mom, and I’ll protect dad. Use the lowest red orbs to cultivate first. Be careful.”

Lu Li nodded. “Mhm, I know.”

Lu Li grinned and looked at Lu Ze softly. “You do care about mom and dad.”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “No s.h.i.+t?”


“Umm… I mean, you’re very right!” Lu Ze informed Lu Wen and Fu Shuya about the situation. They agreed after knowing that it wouldn’t affect Lu Ze negatively. Thereafter, Lu Ze helped Lu Wen to digest the first red orb. It was a bit hard, but with Lu Ze’s guidance, it was safely done.

Later on, Lu Wen went to wash the dirt caused by body refinement while Lu Ze went upstairs.

Lu Li walked out too. Her face was a little pale, but she had a smile.

Lu Ze asked, “How is it?”

“It’s fine.”

After finis.h.i.+ng their showers, both of their parents looked younger. Fu Shuya touched her smoother skin. She became very overjoyed.

“I really want to show this to my friends, but I can’t tell them the reason. It might be hard to bear this secret.”

Lu Ze reminded them that they could only use the lowest level of red orbs and only one at a time.

When the entire affairs were finished, it was already 12 o’clock. Lu Ze sat in his room and entered the pocket hunting dimension. Upon entering, he felt surprised. Currently, he was in a forest. There were trees that were hundreds or even thousands of meters tall. Their trunks were over tens of meters thick.

He had always appeared in the wilderness. This would be the first that he appeared in the forest. When he looked above, he noticed that the majority of the canopy blocked most of the sunlight. Only pieces of light could s.h.i.+ne through the gaps.

The environment was quite bleak. Lu Ze’s expression turned serious.

His power wasn’t the same as last time. In his estimation, he might be able to break through to level two of the mortal evolution state within, at most, a week.

This time, he would be able to find what’s different here. He then concealed his chi and flew past the trees.

“Anghhh!” Half an hour later, Lu Ze heard a roar. The trees swayed vigorously. Subsequently, Lu Ze saw a green anaconda that was a few hundred meters long. The creature was swimming between the trees. It was emitting green mist, and all the trees it came in contact with were corroded.

Lu Ze didn’t dare to draw its attention. He remained still as he hid behind a huge tree.

Level eight mortal evolution state-it was a boss indeed!

Just from the green mist, he knew that this beast definitely had G.o.d art. Moreover, its cultivation level had reached level eight of the mortal evolution state.

During this time, Lu Ze saw a golden flash falling with a loud thud beside the anaconda.


A shocking wave spread past the whole area. Consequently, Lu Ze felt as though his body was crushed.

Holy s.h.i.+t!

What was that?!

When the chi disappeared, Lu Ze looked up. He saw a patch of fallen trees and a huge ditch that was tens of kilometers wide. There was a pile of green blood in the center.

Lu Ze: “…”

Farewell, boss!

Lu Ze quickly left.

Two hours later, Lu Ze crossed the forest lifelessly. There were so many bosses here. He was almost caught a few times. He really was on the border of death each time.

Suddenly, he chanced upon a very good aroma. Lu Ze could feel his blood boil. He quickly looked in that direction.What was that?

It smelled so good!

Could it be eaten??

This was Lu Ze’s first time encountering such a smell.

He had encountered quite some roasted beasts, but that smell couldn’t cause any changes to his body.

In the end, Lu Ze decided to follow the trail of the smell. The aroma was becoming clearer and clearer. Lu Ze could even feel that this aroma made his body vibrate and turn stronger.

This made him very excited. This was something he dreamed of.

He must get this!