Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 487 - Flowers in the Greenhouse

Chapter 487 - Flowers in the Greenhouse

Chapter 487 Flowers in the Greenhouse

As they conversed, uncle Merlin seemed to recall something and spoke up again, “Oh right, I wonder where you are on the blade demon race’s a.s.sa.s.sination list right now, and if you get the chance, you should ask the intelligence department.”

“I’m guessing that you should be at the top of the Blood Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List now, even the Black Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List.”

Lu Ze froze up when he heard that.

Lu Ze remembered that he was only around the rank 3000 in the White Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List at the beginning, right?

Previously, someone attempted to a.s.sa.s.sinate him when he was at the Gula System, right?

Lu Ze found it puzzling at that time. How did they know his whereabouts? Thinking back now, when Jane and Chris were being monitored by the Eternal Life Palace, the Eternal Life Palace was colluding with the blade demon race at that time. It was clear that after knowing that Lu Ze had accepted the mission, the blade demon race was notified and sent people to a.s.sa.s.sinate him. They sent people who were quite strong, but they clearly didn’t expect that Lu Ze would improve so quickly, which caused the a.s.sa.s.sination attempt to fail. From then on, Lu Ze was developing at rapid speed, and even when he went on missions, he would be with the alcoholic and vixen, so the blade demon race didn’t have a chance of a.s.sa.s.sinating him at all.

It had been so long since he encountered the blade demon race’s a.s.sa.s.sination that Lu Ze nearly forgot he was on the a.s.sa.s.sination List.

Now, uncle Merlin actually said that he might be on the Black Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List?

It can’t be, right?

Lu Ze felt his head throbbing—the people on the Black Blade a.s.sa.s.sination List are planetary state prodigies and above!?

He was just a little brother who had just broken through the mortal evolution state. Did they need to have such high standards? He took note of this issue in his heart. Later, he would go back to school to check on this.

However, Lu Ze wasn’t really panicking now.

After all, he had Yingying, and she was a cosmic realm state prodigy.

Unfortunately, those planetary state and above blade demons who wanted to enter the Federation’s borders would be discovered immediately. Otherwise, Lu Ze was hoping for a planetary state-level blade demon to a.s.sa.s.sinate him.

He could get Little Yingying to drag the people to the intelligence department. The reward would certainly be bountiful.

With that thought, Lu Ze got quite excited.

After that, Lu Ze seemed to recall something and continued, “Oh right, uncle Merlin, I need your help on something.” Merlin nodded. “What is it?”

Lu Ze said, “I want to let my parents use the red orbs, but they are very weak and don’t have enough knowledge of martial arts. It’s fine now that I am at home, but if I return back to school, I hope that you’ll help me keep an eye on them.”

One must know that his parents were not very gifted, and Lu Ze really didn’t want them to be cultivating blindly by themselves.

What if something happens?

Merlin smiled and nodded. “No problem.”

Merlin admired how Lu Ze attached great importance to relations.h.i.+ps, and also, their families were getting along quite well during this period of time, so Merlin obviously didn’t mind.

Lu Ze heaved a sigh of relief and said, “My orbs’ level isn’t high enough. If I have stronger ones in the future, I would definitely give some to you, Uncle Merlin.”

Merlin was stunned when he heard that, then, he smiled. “Young man… you really know how to buy people over, huh? I’ll wait, then.”

He was also quite curious. If Lu Ze really has...o...b.. that he could use, then would it be effective for him?

After that, Merlin stood up and looked at Lu Li and Alice. “Alright, time to cultivate.”

As Lu Li’s and Alice’s teacher, he was obviously very strict on both of them.

When Lu Ze heard that, he looked at Lu Li and Alice curiously. He wanted to know how strong they were now.

Just then, Merlin turned and flashed a gentle smile at Lu Ze. “Since Lu Ze is back, let me see if you have improved.” Lu Ze: “???”

Seeing that gentle smile on uncle Merlin’s face, Lu Ze didn’t feel very well.

This fella definitely wanted to beat him up!

He was already beaten up by this guy so many times!

This fella was really mean!

He said that Lu Ze had already bought him over just now, but now, he wanted to beat him up?

That’s too much, eh??

Lu Li and Alice looked at one another. They then turned to look at Lu Ze and Lu Li smiled. “Lu Ze, Alice, and I will be your opponents today. What do you think?”

Initially, they had a huge gap between their strengths and Lu Ze. Now that they were at the aperture opening state, they were much stronger than before. Naturally, they wanted to spar with Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up, and he nodded quickly. “Sure, sure.”

As long as it wasn’t a match with uncle Merlin, he was completely agreeable to it. Furthermore, he was also very curious to find out about Lu Li’s and Alice’s strength now.

Merlin’s mouth twitched.

His own precious daughter had totally elbowed him and tossed him away? Merlin’s heart was hurting.

Entering the familiar training ground, uncle Merlin opened up the small dimension.

The small training ground kept expanding under the white flame, and very soon, it was a radius of several kilometers.

Lu Li and Alice weren’t standing far away from Lu Ze. They kept staring at him.

Lu Ze burst out laughing when he saw how serious both of them were. “Come on.”

The moment Lu Ze said that, the place turned gloomy.

Lu Ze’s lips curved upwards, and he smiled.

Lu Ze had already seen this before. It was Lu Li’s darkness G.o.d art.

The cultivation, mental power, and other aspects that Lu Ze used were similar to Lu Li when was also around 100 apertures of the aperture opening state. At this moment, his perception and sight were only within 5 meters.

Just then, a dark shadow appeared behind Lu Ze, and it turned into a pair of hands that grabbed onto Lu Ze’s legs. At the same time, a blue flame ignited in the dark, and Lu Ze could feel its violent temperature.

Alice appeared in the dark, her body was covered in a blue flame like a stream of water. The flames in her hand turned into a spear, and the spear blazed in the air, causing a distortion in the s.p.a.ce as it flew toward Lu Ze.

Lu Ze raised his brows slightly. He actually felt a slight threat from the blue flames on the spear.

This source flame had not completely awakened. Nevertheless, its strength was already quite strong. A bolt of purplish-red lightning appeared on his legs. It tore the arms of the black shadow, and several wisps of blue wind appeared around his body as he vanished. When Lu Ze dodged Alice’s flame attack, four dark shadows appeared in the dark. The shadows didn’t have any facial features. They were completely made up of darkness.

The four black figures pounced toward Lu Ze. Each of them held a black spear in their hand. There was a black aura on the spear, and it was very mysterious.

A hint of surprise flashed across Lu Ze’s eyes.

This is the embryonic form of Li’s cloning skill previously? It had already become like the darkness clone?

This fella was quite good with regards to learning and using the darkness G.o.d art.

Moreover, this girl hadn’t learned divine art yet.

Could it be that it was easier for dark-hearted people to learn darkness G.o.d arts?

Lu Ze felt a little weird.

As his thoughts were running, Lu Ze moved in a flash in the sky. He then dodged the attack of those four shadows.

Just at this moment, the darkness was again lit up by the blue flames. The waves of blue flames were like the river sweeping toward Lu Ze.

The hot violent waves caused Lu Ze to feel somewhat parched. He smiled, and a black and gold rune flashed across his eyes, then, a black-gold battle armor appeared around his body.

Qiang qiang qiang! When the spears of the shadows. .h.i.t against the black gold battle armor, they let out a loud sound, but they didn’t even leave a single crack on the armor. Lu Ze held his fist out and charged toward the blue fiery wave.

The black and gold fist directly shattered the blue fiery wave; blue flames flew around in the sky and the violent fist swept over Alice’s side, causing her long blue hair to dance in the wind.

After that, Lu Ze disappeared and went deep into the darkness. In just a short white, he came out of the darkness with Lu Li in his hand.

Lu Li bit the bottom of her lips unhappily. She went all out to attack, and yet, she couldn’t even break this guy’s defense.

Hng, thick-skinned Lu Ze!

Alice couldn’t help but stuck her tongue out. Her heart was racing.

The power of that fist had shocked her.

After seeing Lu Li getting captured, she also gave up resisting

Merlin and Zhu Hong Lian were watching the battle. They turned to look at one another.

Zhu Hong Lian gasped in admiration. “Ze is simply too strong in learning both the G.o.d art and divine art.”

Their cultivations were almost at the same level, and yet, their powers were completely at different standards.

Even if Alice’s source flame had not completely awakened, it was stronger than most G.o.d arts, but it still shattered instantly under Lu Ze’s fist.Merlin furrowed his brows and didn’t say anything

Zhu Hong Lian glanced at him. “What is it?”

Merlin was silent for a while before he said, “These two girls are strong, but they had always been taught by me and never experienced any fierce battles before, so the power that they used wasn’t at the same level as Ze.”

“You saw how Ze’s fist caused Alice to be afraid that she didn’t dare to move at all. These two girls are like flowers in a greenhouse that have not experienced the wind and rain.”

Zhu Hong Lian frowned, “They are still young.”

In her opinion, Alice and Lu Li hadn’t graduated from high school yet. It wasn’t late at all for them to experience these things after they graduated.

Merlin shook his head. “But they aren’t weak anymore. With this level of cultivation and power at this age, hehe… We could never imagine that when we were their age.”

When they were their age, they were merely at the core martial state level only.