Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 484 - I’ll Help You Hammer That Kid!

Chapter 484 - I’ll Help You Hammer That Kid!

Chapter 484 I’ll Help You Hammer That Kid!

Planet Jing Ping, Lin Ling’s house. As soon as Elder Lin got home, he immediately caught a whiff of delicious food that he hadn’t smelled in a long time. At the same time, he saw the silver-haired girl sitting on the sofa, looking at the screen.

Just as he was somewhat stunned, Lin Ling walked out of the kitchen with two plates of dishes in her hands. After she saw Elder Lin, she smiled. “Grandpa Zeng, you’re back.”

When Elder Lin saw Lin Ling, a warm smile spread across his face. “So it’s you, Little Ling, ah.”

As he spoke, he turned to look at Yingying and smiled, “This should be Yingying, huh?”

Lin Ling nodded. “Yup.”

Just then, Yingying, who was looking at Elder Lin curiously, asked, “Grandpa, are you hurt?”

Lin Ling froze when she heard that, then, she looked at Yingying.

“Yingying, can you heal this wound?”

Obviously hoping that Yingying could treat grandpa Zeng’s injury, Lin Ling brought Yingying back. When Yingying could tell that grandpa Zeng was injured at one glance, Lin Ling became quite hopeful. Not only Lin Ling, even Elder Lin was taken aback as he stared at Yingying.

He knew his injury well, and he was already very lucky that he could survive to this dayhe had never dared to wish that his injury would be healed someday.

However, this little girl was a strong cosmic realm state being, and he had never met an elite of this level. Naturally, he couldn’t imagine just how strong she was.

At this moment, he was filled with hope too.

When Yingying heard Lin Ling’s words, she blinked and nodded. “Yes, it’s very simple.”

‘Very simple.’

There was total silence in the living room. Yingying could heal him! After some time, Lin Ling returned to her senses and said, “Yingying, could you heal grandpa’s injury for me, please?” Yingying nodded and reached out her little hands. Thereafter, faint blue starlight twinkled on her hands.

She grabbed Elder Lin with her chubby little hands and Elder Lin’s face turned pale in an instant before black spiderweb patterns appeared on his face, causing his originally kind face to look somewhat hideous.

Lin Ling’s clenched her fists nervously as she watched from the sidelines. She bit her lips and didn’t dare to say a word.

Lin Ling had been living with Elder Lin for more than 10 years and was obviously worried about his condition.

However, she trusted Yingying. The black patterns appeared only for a moment. In the next second, it was as if they encountered the sunlight and turned into a black fog as they flowed out of Elder Lin’s body. As the black fog dissipated, Elder Lin looked better, and his aura kept becoming stronger.

In just a few short minutes, all of the black fog was absorbed by Yingying into her hands and Elder Lin’s face had a healthy flush once again. He even looked more energetic than before. When Elder Lin opened his eyes again, his eyes were brighter and sharper.

Yingying had a rough sense of Elder Lin’s condition. She then looked at the black fog in her hands and turned to Lin Ling. “Done.”

Her originally calm voice had a tinge of happiness in it like she had done something outstanding

When the nervous Lin Ling heard that, she could finally be at ease.

Lin Ling hugged Yingying with slightly reddened eyes and reached out to touch her little head. “Thank you so much, Yingying.”

Elder Lin looked at Yingying, opened his mouth, and didn’t know what he should say.

After all, with the Federation’s current situation, they wouldn’t be able to save him for sure, but Yingying actually managed to do it. He simply didn’t know how to repay Yingying.

The most precious thing to a cosmic level being was probably just an ordinary item to a cosmic realm being, right?

Elder Lin smiled bitterly in his heart-it seemed like there was nothing he could do, huh?

Yingying squinted her eyes comfortably as Lin Ling stroked her head, then she thought of something and looked at Elder Lin. “Although I have treated grandpa Lin, he has been injured for a very long time, so even if he is cured now, he would only have less than 500 years to live.”

Yingying’s words caused Lin Ling to stiffen. Subsequently, a hint of disappointment appeared in her eyes.

Elder Lin was tortured by this injury, and then, he gave his energy source to Lin Ling-under this sort of pressure, his life span would naturally keep decreasing.

However, even though he had less than 500 years now, it was much better than before.

When Elder Lin heard what Yingying said, he chuckled. “This is already much better than before, I feel very relaxed now. Thank you, Yingying.”

Yingying shook her head. “Big sister Lin Ling was the one who asked me to treat you.”

As Yingying spoke, she got out of Lin Ling’s embrace and looked at the black fog in her hands. Then, she blinked, opened her mouth, and put the black fog into her mouth.

“Ah mm-“

Seeing this, Lin Ling felt unwell.

This was a wretched thing that would wear down the life of even a cosmic level being; even though Yingying’s strength was at the cosmic realm level, she simply ate this thing.


Why does this little fella dare to eat everything??

Just as Lin Ling was about to force Yingying to spit it out, Yingying curled her lips, and her little face scrunched up. “A little bitter, not yummy.”

Lin Ling: “…”

Elder Lin was already completely frozen by then, feeling totally stunned. This was the culprit that tormented him for years, yet, this little fella simply thought that it was a little bitter?

Not yummy??

His tears were about to start flowing down.

His heart was even more bitter. There was some awkwardness in the living room.

After some time, when Lin Ling saw that Yingying was perfectly fine, she thought about that black fog just now and asked Elder Lin, “Grandpa Zeng, what is that?”

She had never heard grandpa Zeng talking about his injury before. He would merely shake his head and sigh whenever she brought it up.

Elder Lin went blank, he recalled that prodigy he encountered outside the Milky Way—those cold, ruthless, and dark red eyes. He couldn’t help but laugh bitterly Then, he smiled. “I’m fine now, so let’s just let go of the past.” He had no room for progress anymore so taking revenge was not on his mind at all. Even if he wanted to take revenge, he had to take the human race into consideration.

Furthermore, he didn’t know who the other party was at all.

The other party was clearly someone whom the human race cannot anger. So many years had gone by and talking about these things didn’t mean anything to him anymore.

Just then, Yingying blinked, and her clear voice resounded. “Big sister Lin Ling doesn’t know? That is death G.o.d art.”

“Death G.o.d art?”

Lin Ling was surprised.

Yingying furrowed her brows, thought about it, and said, “It isn’t the most original death G.o.d art, but it leans further toward the death curse type of G.o.d art.” Lin Ling looked at Elder Lin. After seeing that he looked a little confused as well, she knew that Elder Lin wasn’t very sure either.

Then, Elder Lin said, “Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. So many people die outside of the Milky Way, it isn’t possible for everyone to take revenge, right?”

The human race wasn’t that strong. When Lin Ling heard that, her eyes glistened, then, she nodded and smiled. “Grandpa Lin, since you’ve recovered, I shall return the energy source to you.” As she spoke, she opened her right palm and a cl.u.s.ter of silvery-white misty energy emerged. Elder Lin looked at the energy in Lin Ling’s hand then looked at Lin Ling. He couldn’t help but to mock, “Your strength had improved so quickly nowadays, it definitely isn’t because of my energy source, right?”.

Lin Ling was slightly taken aback.

It was obviously due to the orbs that Ze gave her, but she obviously wouldn’t tell Elder Lin.

Just as Lin Ling opened her mouthattempting to bluff her way through it—Elder Lin smiled and said, “It is that Lu Ze guy, right? Seems like that boy is quite nice to you.”

Lin Ling’s mouth twitched, and she smiled. “This has nothing to do with Ze…”

Elder Lin rolled his eyes at Lin Ling. “Not only your progress but even the improvement of that girl from the Nangong family and that City Charming Young Duke are also the works of that boy, right?”

Lin Ling: “…”

What can she say to that?!

Lin Ling couldn’t dupe him!

Lin Ling was about to have a headache-since when did this old man become so sharp? Elder Lin saw how surprised Lin Ling was and shook his head. “The other old fellas definitely have the same guess, not just me alone.”

Elder Lin’s words caused Lin Ling to be totally stunned.

Ze wanted to wait until she was stronger before telling old man Nangong. In the end, Elder Lin actually said that they already guessed it?

Elder Lin smiled. “We’ve lived for thousands of years, but what about you guys? You think that the boy was t.i.tled the Monarch of the New Dawn only because of his outstanding talent?”

“But since Lu Ze didn’t talk about it, then we naturally didn’t ask either.”

After all, Lu Ze’s allegiance had always been to the Federation. Although they had guessed that Lu Ze’s G.o.d art might be able to help other people, as long as Lu Ze’s position doesn’t change, then they were definitely fine with waiting.

The future of the human race would still belong to Lu Ze and this batch of young people while they grow old.

Unless Lu Ze chose to abandon the human race, there was no difference in asking or not. However, with these few old fella’s understanding of Lu Ze, this boy wasn’t someone who was ungrateful. Lin Ling couldn’t help sticking her tongue out and smiled mischievously at what Elder Lin said, “We still thought you guys wouldn’t notice.”

They had lived for almost 2000 years already and had gone through many things before, yet, they still naively thought that their little secret wouldn’t be uncovered.

However, even if they found out, they wouldn’t be able to guess just how effective Ze’s...o...b.. were, right?

Elder Lin shook his head, then, he seemed to have recalled something as he exclaimed righteously, “Ze is really three-timing, huh? Tell me if he has bullied you. I’ll help you hammer that kid!”

Lin Ling: “…”

She looked up and looked at Elder Lin who appeared a little upset, and her lips twitched as she mumbled, “Yingying, time to eat.”

Yingying was looking at Elder Lin curiously at first, but when she heard what Lin Ling said, her eyes lit up instantly. “Alright!”