Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 483 - Taken Pride?

Chapter 483 - Taken Pride?

Chapter 483 Taken Pride?

Lu Li and Alice, who were initially looking at the old princ.i.p.al eagerly, were now staring at him with widened eyes after hearing what he said.

After that, both of them looked at one another and saw the excitement in each other’s eyes.

That fella actually came back!

Just as Lu Ze was about to walk out from the backstage, he got a shock when he heard the deafening cheers.

I never knew I was so popular?

This was not bad huh?

Lu Ze felt very pleased. When Xu Yang and the others heard how the students reacted completely different from before, their moods were complex. This… What can they say?

They were extremely envious.

Lu Ze took a deep breath, calmed himself down, walked out of the backstage, and went up on stage.

After seeing Lu Ze, the deafening cheers turned even louder as the crowd became more excited, and every student was looking at Lu Ze with glistening eyes.

This is Lu Ze!

The Monarch of the New Dawn Lu Ze!

They were actually so close to him right now!

These second- and third-year students basically watched Lu Ze rise from the seed battle all the way to the graduation trial.

They all felt the same sense of honor toward this senior of theirs. For those first-year students, there were many from other cities in the Telun System and even other systems who came to study at Chang Yang High School because this was Lu Ze’s alma mater. Obviously, they admired Lu Ze. Seeing Lu Ze standing before them right now, they were naturally very excited.

Lu Ze looked at the audience flushed with excitement and was a little embarra.s.sed.

He was more popular than he thought.

In other words, why would a girl confess her love for him directly? He knew that he was handsome, but he wasn’t that sort of person…

Lu Ze’s gaze swept across the auditorium, and he quickly spotted Lu Li and Alice who were seated at the front.

Compared to others, both of them were too calm. Although they were slightly excited, it wasn’t comparable to the others.

Even if they were excited, they were merely excited that Lu Ze was back.

After all, they weren’t like the others and were already very close to Lu Ze, especially Lu Li.

The old princ.i.p.al smiled as he looked at the excited audience, then he winked at Lu Ze mischievously and left the stage tactfully.

Lu Ze didn’t know whether to laugh or crythe old princ.i.p.al actually had this side to him.

He looked at the cheering crowd and became confused-what was he going to talk about here?


If he was going to talk about cultivation, Xu Yang and the others had practically covered everything. Tips on the graduation trial or things to look out for during the entrance examination?

He basically winged the graduation trial, and his experience was to just keep charging forward-it wasn’t useful at all for other people.

As for things to look out for during the entrance examination…

He was fighting on the battlefield when other people were taking the entrance examination…

So what should he talk about?

When Lu Ze thought about the battlefield, he immediately recalled those warriors fighting a b.l.o.o.d.y battle in the Xiaer System, and those guards trying to suppress the void beast in the Xigui System and Ena System.

Suddenly, Lu Ze laughed and asked, “Have you guys taken pride in being part of the human race before?”

Lu Ze wasn’t loud but with his cultivation, it was simply too easy for everyone to hear him amidst the cheering.

Lu Ze’s voice had a tone of coercion. After going through so many battles, Lu Ze was too familiar with the murderous air on the battlefield.

Of course, he didn’t dare to release his overbearing pressure completely, otherwise, he might crush everyone to death.

Even so, the auditorium that was initially filled with revelry, now felt like there was a murderous aura around and caused everyone to quieten down instantly.

Everyone felt that pressure and were stunned when they heard what Lu Ze said.

Who would think about whether they took pride in being a part of the human race or not?

Seeing that everyone was silent, Lu Ze didn’t mind it, he laughed and continued, “I’ve destroyed the base of the blade demon race in the Xiaer System before; I’ve also saved a number of people in the Xigui System and killed that planetary-state void beast in the Ena System; I’ve even been given the t.i.tle of Monarch of the New Dawn by the sage personally. I’ve made history in the Federation and when people look at these, everyone thinks I’m awesome, right?”.

The atmosphere was still suppressed, and Lu Ze gradually took the pressure away, there wasn’t a sound in the auditorium.

Although some teachers and the old princ.i.p.al could resist this pressure, they were still looking at Lu Ze happily and didn’t say anything.

Of course, Lu Li and Alice’s strengths were only second to Lu Ze. Accordingly, it didn’t really affect them. They looked at Lu Ze with glistening eyes without saying a word too.

Lu Ze paused before he continued, “But I’ve seen the b.l.o.o.d.y battles in the Xiaer System and the unsung warriors who dragged the blade demon race down with them even when they were dying; I’ve also seen the guards who knew that they were going to die but still fought the strong void beast in order to protect their people; I’ve even seen the wars.h.i.+p that burned in flames in the Ena System’s line of defense…”

“Two thousand years in the history of the Federation, 12 sages fought bloodily to open up new territory, and now, there are 4 left; border warriors died in battle, fighting to their deaths to protect the safety of the Federation.”

With that said, Lu Ze suddenly retracted the pressure, and the quiet and suppressed atmosphere disappeared, but everyone was still looking at Lu Ze in silence.

Lu Ze smiled, and his voice became gentle. “I am very proud to be part of the human race.”

“So whatever I’ve done is what I should have done.”

Truthfully speaking, if the Federation was awful, would Lu Ze care so much? He would simply protect himself first.

But the Federation was much better than he thought. Although there would always be flaws, Lu Ze quite liked the current Federation.

While his thoughts were all over the place, Lu Ze smiled. “The Federation is what it is today, in addition to many people risking their lives and limbs, there are also countless ordinary people performing their duties.”

Lu Ze looked at the audience and smiled, “Everyone is the future of the Federation, and if you’re proud to be part of the human race, please do what you need to do. It doesn’t matter whether it was big or small, do your best.”

Lu Ze obviously wouldn’t encourage them to join the army or anything. Everyone was gifted in their own ways, after all. He couldn’t simply ask those people who weren’t good in martial arts to fight on the battlefield.

However, a race cannot just have warriors, and it was a wonderful thing to have everyone performing their own function. After Lu Ze was done talking, there was still silence in the auditorium.

Everyone looked at Lu Ze with a complicated gaze.

Li Liang looked at Lu Ze proudly.

This was his most outstanding student!

Xu Yang and the rest looked at the back view of Lu Ze and were stunned.

After some time, they looked at one another and laughed helplessly.

Xu Yang sighed, “I’ve got to give it to him.”

Xufang looked at Lu Ze in awe.

Although she was already rejected by Lu Ze, she still couldn’t help herself.

Even Lin Huan who had always been calm was looking at Lu Ze differently.

Ren Zhan sighed softly. “So this is the gap of one semester?” It was merely one semester, yet, they were still thinking for themselves while Lu Ze was already considering the issue from a racial standpoint.

A gap like this was wider than the gap between their cultivation power.

After Lu Ze was done, he sighed. He merely recalled what he had seen on the battlefield and decided to go with it.

After speaking, he felt quite good.

Thereafter, he looked at the silent crowd and felt somewhat awkward.

Was it too heavy?

Should he talk about something more fun to lighten the mood?

But he was now a young duke, he didn’t want to damage his glorious image.

He still wanted some face! With that thought, Lu Ze smiled awkwardly. “It’s a rare chance for me to be back here, and I can’t only talk about something so heavy. Do you guys have any questions for me? Whether it’s regarding cultivation or anything…”

Before Lu Ze was done, someone shouted, “I heard that senior Lu Ze is caught in a relations.h.i.+p with young duke Jing, young duke Hesha, and young duke Lin Ling—is that true?”

The moment that those words fell, the quiet atmosphere disappeared, and the students’ eyes lit up immediately as they stared at Lu Ze.

Among them, there were two most intense gazes coming from the front row of the auditorium.

Lu Li and Alice were initially staring at Lu Ze blankly, but after hearing this question, their eyes lit up.

Lu Ze: “…”

The smile on his face froze.

Why were they asking such a difficult question??

His mouth twitched. “… not going to answer.”

He wasn’t a superstar, and these people actually wanted to hear gossip?!


When they heard that Lu Ze didn’t want to answer the question, they began to speculate.

He didn’t deny it immediately.

It meant that there was a problem, right?

This was big news!

At this moment, there was a beautiful girl who stood up and looked straight at Lu Ze. “What sort of girl do you like then, senior Lu Ze?”

Everybody’s eyes lit up once again.

Lu Li and Alice’s gaze became as sharp as razor blades.

Lu Ze: “…”

His mouth twitched, and he replied, “… not going to answer.”

Can a normal person ask a question instead?!He was distressed!

Just then, a black-haired teenager stood up and asked, “Senior, can I ask you something regarding your cultivation?”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up, and he looked at the black-haired teen.

Finally someone normal, huh? Young man, I think very highly of you!

Lu Ze nodded immediately and smiled. “Sure, go ahead.”

Although Lu Ze didn’t have any cultivation experience in the spirit martial state, his cultivation in the refinement state was very strong

Very soon, the questions were on the right track. Lu Ze answered his juniors’ questions regarding cultivation, and some also asked about the Federal University. The question and answer session lasted for about half an hour, and even though the students didn’t want it to end, the old princ.i.p.al went up on stage and announced that it was over.

Lu Ze’s time was precious, after all, and it was already pa.s.sed the dismissal time.