Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 485 - A Heavy Sense of Duty!

Chapter 485 - A Heavy Sense of Duty!

Chapter 485 A Heavy Sense of Duty!

Planet Lan Jiang, Chang Yang High School.

Lu Ze returned backstage after his speech. After bidding farewell to the princ.i.p.al, Old Li, Xu Yang, and the rest, Lu Ze snuck out of the auditorium from the back door.

He didn’t have a choice, after all, the juniors were all too enthusiastic. If he simply walked out like that, he would definitely be surrounded.

When Lu Ze covertly proceeded to the school entrance, he saw the two girls standing at the entrance, and a smile spread across his face.

“Li, Alice.”

Hearing Lu Ze’s voice, the girls, who were waiting for Lu Ze, turned around and looked.

Lu Li crossed her arms. She had a gentle smile on her face. “You didn’t inform me beforehand that you’re coming back, did you?”

Alice flashed her signature bright smile and waved toward Lu Ze. “Senior, it’s been long since we last met.” Lu Ze looked at the gentle smile on Lu Li’s face, recalled that faint fragrance in his room. He suddenly became vigilant.

Was this girl scheming something in her head? With that thought, Lu Ze got anxious. Only the smile on Alice’s face could bring him a little warmth.

He had to say that Alice really looked like a little angel when she smiled.

Completely different from the black-hearted Lu Li!

Lu Ze complained in his head while he said, “Let’s get going first.” He could already feel a huge swarm of students getting nearer, and it would be bad if they didn’t start moving.

Lu Li and Alice naturally understood, so they nodded.

Alice giggled and lifted her arms. “Senior, senior, we can now fly too, let’s fly back!”

When Lu Ze heard that, he sensed these two girls’ cultivation and realized that they had already reached the aperture opening state and was close to 100 apertures.

He couldn’t help but laugh in his heart-these two girls were much stronger than he was before.

But Lu Ze didn’t find it strange at all. After all, the orbs he gave them previously were at the aperture opening state level. As long as they weren’t lazy, it was normal for them to reach their current condition.

When they graduated, they would definitely be able to reach the mortal evolution state.

By then, it would probably shock everyone, huh?

As long as they contributed to society, they might even become young dukes, right? Lu Ze’s thoughts ran wild as he smiled and nodded. “Sure.”

As they spoke, the three of them charged into the sky.

In the school, as Lu Ze had left, the students could only head home reluctantly.

After the princ.i.p.al and Li Liang bid farewell to Xu Yang and the rest, they also returned to their respective offices.

The moment Li Liang opened the office door, he was stunned to see a pile of gift boxes on his desk.

When were these placed here?

Did someone deliver some gifts to him?

He was doubtful as he opened the gift box, and when he saw the various spirit fruits and cultivation serums in the gift box, he froze completely.

So many precious spirit fruits and cultivation serums??

Who placed these here?

Did someone make a mistake??

Just then, his phone rang and Li Liang quickly took a look and realized that it was a message from Lu Ze.

“Elder Li, these are for you. Don’t feel too touched.” Li Liang stared at the message on his phone and didn’t say a word for a long time—there was silence in the office.

After a moment, he reached out to rub his reddened eyes and clenched his teeth. “Brat, who’s touched, huh? There’s just something in my eyes.”

At the same time, the old princ.i.p.al looked at the pile of gift boxes on his desk, then looked at the message on his phone and took a deep breath. “This child…”

The office remained silent for a very long time until night fell.

In the sky, Lu Ze was all smiles as he kept his phone.


If he delivered them personally at that time, he felt that Elder Li and the princ.i.p.al wouldn’t accept them for sure.

So he secretly placed the gifts on their desks, and now that he had explained it to them, they wouldn’t be able to reject them, right?

He was simply too smart!

Lu Ze was very pleased with himself.

When Lu Li saw how happy Lu Ze looked, her lips curved upwards, and she narrowed her eyes. “Lu Ze, who did you send a message to? Why are you so happy?”

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He’s smiling so widely! He must be sending a message to those three vixens!

Lu Li indicated that she was rather mad.

Alice kept looking at Lu Ze and said faintly, “He must be sending a message to big sister Jing, right?”

She was thinking the same thing as Lu Li. After all, Lu Ze clearly looked like he was chatting with a girl.

Lu Ze smiled and replied, “Not with the alcoholic… *cough* Teacher Nangong and the others. I’m sending a message to teacher Li Liang and the princ.i.p.al.’

Lu Li: “…”

Alice: “…”

The moment Lu Ze said that, there was total silence.

Lu Li’s mouth twitched. She looked weirdly at Lu Ze as she laughed mischievously. “Lu Ze, I didn’t expect that your taste has become so unique, huh?”

Lu Ze: “???”

That girl actually dared to mock him like that??

He felt unhappy.

“What are you thinking? I came back to visit them and gave them some gifts, so I’m just informing them now!” He, Lu Ze, was a straight man!

Lu Li was obviously joking, but when she heard Lu Ze’s explanation, her lips curled up. “Is that so? I thought you became a warm-hearted and compa.s.sionate man eh.”

Lu Ze: “…”

This girl was hopeless!

At the side, Alice didn’t really understand. She could only blink her eyes. “Li, what is a warm-hearted and compa.s.sionate man? Isn’t it a good thing?”

Lu Ze looked at Alice’s pure eyes and said plainly, “Alice, don’t ask this question, don’t learn from Li.”

Compared to Lu Li, Alice was simply too pure.

She cannot be influenced by Lu Li!

Lu Ze suddenly had a heavy sense of duty!

Alice looked at Lu Ze, then looked at Lu Li and nodded. “Oh.”

Since senior Lu Ze said that she shouldn’t know about this, then she shall not ask.

Then, she revealed a bright smile. “Senior, I’ve learned many new recipes during this period. I’ll cook something delicious for you tonight!”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up instantly. “Sure, sure!”

Lu Ze’s eyes were filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Just then, he heard Lu Li’s gentle voice. “Alice and I will be cooking together tonight to celebrate your new young duke t.i.tle.” Lu Ze: “?!?!”

He trembled and recalled Lu Li’s horrifying skill in cooking, and his face turned pale.

Seeing how pale Lu Ze looked, Lu Li was so mad that she nearly wanted to cook that same dish again and even add some other ingredients to it.

She took a few deep breaths and finally managed to calm herself down. Thereafter, she forced a gentle smile. “Don’t worry, big brother, I’ve been learning how to cook from Alice whenever I’m bored.”

Lu Ze looked at Lu Li. He felt surprised. “Really?”

He knew how mean Lu Li was.

What if this girl was just lying to him to make him let his guard down, huh?

After all, this girl’s dish appeared quite delicious but was horrible when he ate it.

Lu Li: “…”

Seeing how Lu Ze was on his guard, she felt that she could maybe consider adding some other ingredients?

Just then, Alice giggled. “Senior, don’t worry. Li’s cooking is not bad. I’ve tried it before. They’re edible.”

Lu Ze heaved a sigh of relief.

Even the angel Alice said that, so it shouldn’t be a lie, right?

He didn’t believe that a kind and cute little angel like Alice would lie to him.

When Lu Li saw how Lu Ze relaxed after listening to Alice, Lu Li narrowed her eyes. Dumb Lu Ze, hehe… hehehe..

Just at this moment, Lu Ze smiled and looked at Lu Li. “Didn’t expect that you actually learned how to cook, huh? I’ll need to have a good taste of it later.” As Lu Li was very talented, beautiful, and was a darling to everyone who met her, she was naturally a little willful.

Lu Ze didn’t expect that this girl actually learned how to cook. He wondered what she will be cooking?

Lu Ze was rather excited.

Lu Li: “…”

She looked at how eager Lu Ze looked and was taken aback, then she tidied her black hair and said plainly, “You’ll find out when you try it later.”

Alice looked at Lu Ze, then looked at Lu Li. Her eyes glistened.

Although she didn’t really want to teach Li how to cook, those dishes that she cooked for senior Lu Ze were exclusive after all. However, Li gave her very awesome stuff, so she couldn’t reject her.

The sun went down, and the sky became a shade of dark blue, only the horizon still had a golden glow. Alice turned to look at the sunset and smiled. “Senior, this sunset is a bit like the picnic we had on the gra.s.sland previously. How beautiful!”When Lu Ze heard that, he looked at the sunset and smiled. “That’s right.”

Then, he looked at Alice. “But this time, you’ve recovered.”

Previously, this girl told him that when her mother recovers, her source flame would awaken as well, right?

Compared to her life before which was like a setting sun, she had a boundless future right now.

Lu Ze was happy for her.

When Lu Li heard that, her brows became raised.

She obviously knew what happened previously. Lu Ze didn’t hide it from her.

But the two of them having a picnic… Lu Li glanced at Alice and wasn’t in a good mood.