Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 482 - It’s… Senior Lu Ze?

Chapter 482 - It’s… Senior Lu Ze?

Chapter 482 It’s… Senior Lu Ze?

Just as Xu Yang and the rest were holding their laughter, the old princ.i.p.al turned toward them.

“Xu Yang, all three of you as well. You guys will have your speech before Lu Ze, and Lu Ze will do the finale.”

After all, Lu Ze was too gifted and was no longer considered an ordinary person.

Lu Ze would do the finale to maintain the students’ enthusiasm. The talents of Xu Yang and the others were normal people’s talents. Their experience would be very useful for students.

The moment the old princ.i.p.al said that, Xu Yang and the others were stunned.

They didn’t expect that they had to give a speech as well?!

Going before Lu Ze was definitely better than going after. However, with Lu Ze around, their speech would just be unnecessary, right?

The three people looked at one another awkwardly.

Although compared to ordinary students, being able to get into a renowned school in the Dawn System was already not bad. Still, compared to Lu Ze, who was the same age as them and was crowned the Monarch of the New Dawn, they were nothing. The old princ.i.p.al smiled when he saw the awkwardness among the three people. “Don’t worry, before Lu Ze goes up, we will not be announcing that he’s giving a speech.” As he spoke, he turned to Lu Ze and asked, “Lu Ze, what do you think?”

Lu Ze remained quiet.

Although Lu Ze was embarra.s.sed to give a speech, this was still his alma mater, after all. Giving a speech to his juniors wasn’t a big deal, and he didn’t have a reason to reject it.

Lu Ze nodded and smiled. “I’m fine with it.”

Seeing that Lu Ze had agreed, the old princ.i.p.al got very excited and said to Li Liang, “Li, inform all the teachers and gather all the students in the auditorium.”

The third-year students were the graduating cohort, but it was rare for Lu Ze to be here, and they might not have a chance like this in the future. Hence, they obviously had to gather the first-year and second-year students as well.

At the same time, Li Liang nodded excitedly. “I’ll go right away.” Whether it was Lu Ze or Xu Yang and the others, they were all his students, and now that his students were going to give a speech to the entire school, he was really proud.

In one of the training grounds in the school, Lu Li and Alice came out together.

Behind them were the martial arts teacher and their cla.s.smates. All of them looked at Lu Li and Alice with a little awe.

On the training grounds, they never had to use any strength and merely used the refinement state’s cultivation to fight. Even so, their teacher could feel the immense pressure from their strength. That was the power of an abstruse martial state.

No matter how many times they did it, it would always shock them.

They knew that only senior Lu Ze could display the power of the abstruse martial state in the refinement state.

But these two actually managed to do it.

And one of them was senior Lu Ze’s younger sister.

No wonder they are siblings, huh?

Just then, an announcement was broadcasted throughout the school. “All teachers and students, please gather in the central auditorium! All teachers and students, please gather in the central auditorium! All teachers and students, please gather in the central auditorium!”

The announcement was repeated thrice, causing everyone to stop in their tracks and to feel puzzled.

Lu Li and Alice looked at one another. Both were confused.

Lu Li touched her black hair and raised her brows. “Why are they asking us to gather all of a sudden?”

She didn’t enjoy herself to the fullest when she fought with Alice in school, but she didn’t have a choice.

With their current strength, if they really fought seriously, the entire school would be destroyed, so they could only put on a show.

Alice blinked and shook her head. “No idea.”

Just at this moment, the martial arts teacher following behind them smiled. “Since it is an emergency announcement, let’s go to the central auditorium right now.”

Everyone turned around and headed to the auditorium.

The central auditorium was a white cube-like building that took up a huge area-it could hold all the teachers and students inside. At this moment, Lu Ze, Xu Yang, Xufang, Leo, Ren Zhan, and Lin Huan were in the backstage.

At first, the old princ.i.p.al didn’t know that Ren Zhan and Lin Huan were here too. After realizing their presence, he naturally pulled them over to do the speech together.

At this moment, all of them looked at each other with a strange look. Lu Ze was still alright, but Xu Yang and the rest were under a lot of pressure.

If Lu Ze wasn’t there, they would be quite willing to give the speech.

After all, being able to gain the respect of their juniors was a good thing.

But with Lu Ze around, if they were to be compared to Lu Ze, they would really want to die.

Even when they had calmed down a bit, but the proud Ren Zhan was still looking at Xu Yang unhappily-why were they dragged into this?

Right then, the old princ.i.p.al smiled. “Alright, since all the teachers and students are here, which of you is going up first?”

The old princ.i.p.al looked at Xu Yang and the rest.

Other than Lu Ze being the last, the sequence of the others didn’t matter at all.

Xu Yang and his group looked at one another. After some time, Lin Huan said plainly, “I’ll go first, then.”

In the auditorium, Lu Li and Alice were seated in the first row. They were taken aback.

Just now, the teacher mentioned that some outstanding seniors who had graduated would be giving a speech to talk about their experience during the exams and give them some cultivation tips? Both of them looked at one another awkwardly.

After a moment of silence, Li Li’s expression was strange. “I don’t think the cultivation of those seniors is higher than us, right?”

This was a good thing, but both their cultivations were already at the aperture opening state already. They probably didn’t need the tips from these seniors, huh?

Alice giggled. “Didn’t my father say it before? Our current strength is currently the top among the third year elite students in the Federal University. If it was Lu Ze, it’s still alright, but the cultivation of the others wouldn’t be as high as ours I guess?”

With that said, her eyes lit up and she looked at Lu Li. “Li, do you think senior Lu Ze came?”

When Lu Li heard that, she became stunned, then, her eyes glistened, and she curled her lips. “That fella probably wouldn’t come so quickly? He has the company of three beauties in school, so why would he want to return?”

Dumb Lu Ze, could it be that he really came back?

Although that was what Lu Li said, she was still hoping that Lu Ze had really returned.

Hearing that, Alice thought about Nangong Jing and went silent. Then, she stuck her tongue out and smiled brightly. “Even if it isn’t senior Lu Ze, he should be coming back soon, right? I’ve learned quite a number of new dishes recently. I’ll cook them for him when he’s back.”

Lu Li smiled warmly. “I’ll prepare them with you.”

During this period of time, she used her precious treasures in exchange for a chance to learn how to cook from Alice. After a period of tough training, she was confident that the food she prepared would no longer be like before! Just then, a young blue-haired girl walked out from the backstage.

Many people started whispering the second she appeared.

“It’s senior Lin Huan.”

“I think she enrolled in Thousand Sun University’s elite cla.s.s? That’s a renowned school in the Dawn System!”

“Didn’t expect that an outstanding senior like her would give us some tips. It’s our lucky day!”



When Lu Li and Alice realized that it wasn’t Lu Ze, they immediately lost interest.

Lu Li curled her lips slightly.

Dumb Lu Ze, he must be flirting around with those three vixens in school!

A hint of disappointment flashed across Alice’s eyes as well. Eventually, she didn’t think further about it anymore.

Lin Huan gave some tips about cultivating. She also gave some information about the graduation test and things to take note of during the college entrance exams.

Ten minutes later, Lin Huan was done with her speech, and Xu Yang walked out of the backstage. He then added things that Lin Huan didn’t talk about.

Everyone had a different way of learning, after all, so their focus was naturally different.

After that, Ren Zhan, Xufang, and Leo went up one by one and finished their speech.

The students listened intently. These seniors were the students from Thousand Sun University’s elite cla.s.s. With that in mind, everything they said was relatively useful to them.

Even some teachers found it very helpful. One must know that other than a few teachers in the school, most of the teachers’ cultivation was only at the spirit martial state while Xu Yang and the rest were already at the abstruse martial state, so everything they mentioned was obviously beneficial to them.

After everyone was done with their speech, the old princ.i.p.al walked up to the stage and smiled. “Other than the few outstanding students who had given their talks, we have also invited a special graduate.”

Many people got curious. Senior Xu Yang and the others had already surprised them; other than them, who else was a special graduate? Seated right in front, Lu Li and Alice, who were almost dozing off, froze up when they heard what the old princ.i.p.al said.Both of them looked at one another, and there was a tinge of eagerness in both their eyes.

Was it him?

The old princ.i.p.al smiled when he saw the curious and eager looks on the students’ faces. “Next up, let’s invite the most outstanding graduate in the history of Chang Yang High School, Monarch of the New Dawn Lu Ze!”

The old princ.i.p.al’s words caused the entire auditorium to be in silence, and everyone stared at the stage in disbelief. Monarch of the New Dawn Lu Ze?

After a moment of silence, someone said hesitantly, “It’s… Senior Lu Ze?”

This voice led everyone to regain their senses, and there was a sudden outburst of cheers in the auditorium.

The noise was so loud that it could probably blow the auditorium ceiling off.

“Senior Lu Ze! Senior Lu Ze is here!”