Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 481 - Deliver a Speech

Chapter 481 - Deliver a Speech

Chapter 481 Deliver a Speech

Lu Ze was quite surprised to b.u.mp into Xu Yang and the rest.

After all, he came to visit Old Li and the old princ.i.p.al—he didn’t expect that they would be here as well.

Since he saw them, he obviously had to say h.e.l.lo.

Lu Ze also recalled that these people hadn’t contacted him for a long time, right?

They were all from the Dawn System, after all, and it was nice to get together once in a while.

In the end, the moment he walked over, he heard their discussion.

To Lu Ze, things like leagues didn’t matter at all.

Anyway, he had the pocket hunting dimension, and everyone in the human race, no matter who it was, would never be able to cultivate as quickly as he did, so did he need to care about this when he’s making friends?

In his opinion, what mattered was that they could get along well.

Just like how he gave Ye Mu and the others some academic credits; he wasn’t trying to gain anything out of them and was merely doing it because he wanted to.

If he didn’t want to, who can force him?

No matter what he did, he just had to make sure that he didn’t let himself down.

If he had to consider whether it was a gain or a loss to him every time, wouldn’t it be very tiring?

When Xu Yang and the rest heard Lu Ze’s voice, they froze up, then turned around and looked at Lu Ze with a tinge of surprise and awkwardness in their eyes.

There was total silence, and Lu Ze’s mouth twitched, “Am I some devil?”

Was he that terrifying? He wouldn’t even eat them up.

When Xu Yang and the rest saw that Lu Ze could still joke around with them, the awkwardness soon dissipated. Xu Yang burst out laughing and said, “You’re now the Monarch of the New Dawn, we would definitely react differently when we see you now.”

Xufang looked at Lu Ze with glistening eyes, there was also a smile on her cute round face. “We feel a lot of pressure facing you right


When Lu Ze heard that, he grinned. “Seems like I am indeed too brilliant, huh?”

As he spoke, he looked at everyone.

Thousand Sun University was also a famous school in the Dawn System. They were just like the Federal University, and one needed to work hard to earn academic credits to cultivate. Also, Teacher Qiu Dongyi mentioned that they were also elite cla.s.s students, so they were under quite a bit of pressure too.

Everybody seemed to have matured quite a bit since high school.

The last time Lu Ze saw Ren Zhan, the corners of Ren Zhan’s smile still had a hint of arrogance but now, he seemed much calmer than before.

He probably had a few setbacks in the Dawn System. Also, they were much stronger than before, and everyone was already in the abstruse martial state.


Although they had just entered the abstruse martial state and couldn’t be compared to Ye Mu and the others, they were in different schools, after all. They should be considered quite outstanding in Thousand Sun University, right?

Lu Ze smiled. “I b.u.mped into your martial arts teacher in the Gracious System previously; otherwise, I wouldn’t have known that you guys are in Thousand Sun University.” Hearing that, Xu Yang laughed in embarra.s.sment. “It cannot be compared to the Federal University, so we were too embarra.s.sed to tell you.”

After all, they were aiming to get into the elite cla.s.s. If they enrolled in the Federal University, they might only be a.s.signed to the ordinary cla.s.s. Since that’s the case, they might as well enroll in Thousand Sun University and have the chance to enter the elite cla.s.s.

As he spoke, he changed the subject. “Oh right, Ze, why are you back here? Fetching your younger sister?”

He knew that Lu Ze’s younger sister, Lu Li, hadn’t graduated and thought that he was here to pick her up. Lu Ze smiled and looked at them, but he didn’t answer Xu Yang’s question. “What are you guys here for?”

Leo scratched his head and smiled. “It’s rare that we came back, so we’re here to see Old Li.”

As a teacher, Li Liang had fulfilled his duty, and many students still remembered him.

Lu Ze obviously didn’t forget how embarra.s.sing it was when he said Li Liang’s palm was poisonous during their spar.

Thinking about it now, it was quite funny.

Hm, he was simply too funny in the past! He wasn’t as mature and modest as he was now, was he?

Lu Ze laughed. “I’m also here to visit Old Li and the princ.i.p.al.”

Seeing that Lu Ze actually came back to visit Old Li, Xufang and everyone were surprised.

After all, with Lu Ze’s current status and position, he didn’t really need to come all the way back personally to visit Li Liang.

He could simply make a call, and it was giving Li Liang face already. After some time, Xufang laughed. “Let’s go together, then. Old Li should be ending his lessons soon.” Lu Ze smiled and nodded.

Subsequently, all of them began walking toward Li Liang’s office.

On the way, they talked about some things in school, and slowly, they realized that Lu Ze didn’t look down on them or distance himself from them on purpose. Due to this, they weren’t as reserved as before anymore.

“Old Li is now a dean because of you, but he’s still in charge of teaching third-year students. He has a big office now, much better than the original one.”

Xu Yang, who came back once before, led the way in front and smiled as he spoke to Lu Ze.

Lu Ze smiled while he listened and realized that Old Li was doing pretty good himself, wasn’t he?

Very soon, they reached Li Liang’s office while Ren Zhan and Lin Huan went off to look for their own teacher.

They weren’t in the same cla.s.s, after all.

The office door was still closed and just as everyone was planning to wait, Li Liang walked in their direction.

When he saw them, he froze slightly then revealed a bright smile. “Xu Yang, Xufang, Leo, why are you guys here?”

He greeted them and looked suspiciously at Lu Ze who was wearing a mask, then asked, “This is… your cla.s.smate?”

When Lu Ze heard that, he smiled and removed his mask. “Teacher Li Liang, it’s been long since we last met.”

After seeing Lu Ze remove his mask, Li Liang’s eyes widened. Thereafter, he stiffened on the spot as he looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

There was silence, and only the boisterous sounds of students from afar could be heard occasionally.

After a long silence, Li Liang finally came to his senses. He opened his mouth and said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Lu… Lu Ze, no, Monarch of the New Dawn? No… Star…”

“Stop!” Lu Ze saw that Li Liang was somewhat stunned and wanted to call him by his young duke t.i.tle, so he quickly called out, “Old Li, you’ll regret it if you call me by my young duke t.i.tle! Just call me Lu Ze.”

If Li Liang called him by that, he wouldn’t be receiving a gift. When Li Liang heard what Lu Ze said, he came to his senses. Even so, he was still in disbelief. “Lu Ze… you came to find your sister?”

He simply couldn’t believe that Lu Ze came to visit him. After all, Lu Ze was now the Monarch of the New Dawn. Even if Lu Ze didn’t visit him, it was already considered an honor to have groomed a student like him.

Li Liang was doing so well now, mostly because of Lu Ze.

Lu Ze smiled. “I’ve come to visit you and the princ.i.p.al, then fetch Lu Li home.”

Li Liang’s eyes reddened slightly when he heard that Lu Ze came to visit him.

Li Liang blinked and composed himself, then smiled and said, “Come on in.”

As he spoke, he opened the office door, and everyone went in.

Lu Ze looked around Li Liang’s office. The decoration was nice, and there were also various medals around. He could tell that Li Liang should be doing quite well.

Everyone sat on the sofa in the office, and Li Liang brought them tea. Time went by quickly as they talked about their high school days and over half an hour soon pa.s.sed. Then, Li Liang looked outside and smiled. “Lu Ze, cla.s.ses are ending soon, don’t you need to visit the princ.i.p.al as well? The princ.i.p.al’s office isn’t far from mine. I’ll bring you over.”

When Lu Ze heard that, he nodded and smiled. “Alright, sure.”

Then, all of them left Li Liang’s office and walked toward the princ.i.p.al’s office.

When they arrived at the princ.i.p.al’s office, Li Liang knocked on the door, and an old voice could be heard. “Come in.”

Li Liang opened the door and led everyone in.

The princ.i.p.al was seated behind his desk, and when he saw Li Liang entering, he smiled. “Li, what’s the matter?”

As he spoke, he turned and looked at the people following behind Li Liang.

When he saw Lu Ze, the smile on his face froze.

Lu Ze?

Am I that old?

I actually had this sort of illusion.

The princ.i.p.al sighed, closed his eyes, and rubbed them with his right hand. Before he opened his eyes again, he heard Lu Ze’s voice.

“Princ.i.p.al, your eyes are uncomfortable?”

When the old princ.i.p.al heard Lu Ze’s words, his hand shook, nearly poking his eye. It’s really Lu Ze?

He couldn’t care less about the pain from his eyes and quickly opened them as he looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

“Lu… Lu Ze? Why are you here?”

Before Lu Ze could reply, the old princ.i.p.al jumped out of his seat excitedly and ran to Lu Ze. He grabbed Lu Ze’s hand, and his face turned rosy, “You came at the right time. I need your help with something.”

Lu Ze was puzzled and looked at the princ.i.p.al’s excited and flushed face. “What is it? I will not decline as long as it’s within my means.”

The princ.i.p.al nodded. “It isn’t anything difficult for you at all.”After pausing, he smiled and said, “Since you’re back, I’m thinking of gathering all the students in the auditorium and get you, as their senior, to deliver a speech to your juniors. Consider it a motivation speech before their exams, what do you think?” Lu Ze: “…”

Lu Ze’s eyes widened, and he looked at the princ.i.p.al in disbelief without being able to get his words out for a long time. The first thing that they wanted him to do after coming back was to motivate the students for their exams??

Doing this was a bit of a show-off.

Li Liang’s eyes widened. Suddenly, he was ashamed of himself

He actually didn’t think of this just now!

As an outstanding educator, he was negligent in his duty.

Indeed, old ginger is spicier than a new one.

Xu Yang and the others glanced at one another, then looked at Lu Ze’s stiff expression. They wanted to laugh, but they didn’t dare to.