Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 480 - Different Leagues

Chapter 480 - Different Leagues

Chapter 480 Different Leagues

After Lu Ze left with Li Qi, the noise in the originally quiet hall gradually returned.

However, perhaps they were worried about inadvertently disturbing the big shots who had left, so their voices were still quite soft.

“Did you see that person just now? Who is that? I know Li Qi—he knows how to sail with the wind very well and for him to treat someone like that, who could that be?” “I don’t know. He was totally covered up. Who could see him?”


“n.o.body even dared to look, alright? If we offend someone, it wouldn’t be good.”

“But… he sounded a bit young, judging by his voice.”

“That’s right, he should

Just as everyone was whispering among themselves, Lu Ze had already followed Li Qi into an exclusive lift that led to the top floor.

In the lift, Lu Ze smiled. “Li Qi, how did you recognize me?”

Lu Ze was quite curious since his disguise should have been perfect.

When Li Qi heard that, he bowed slightly. “When you registered at the hall, your ident.i.ty was recorded, and the system notified me.”

Lu Ze then understood what happened.

‘So it was the ident.i.ty authentication.’

He thought that his flawless disguise was exposed.

It gave him a scare.

Very soon, the lift reached the top floor, and Lu Ze followed Li Qi to his office.

Li Qi smiled and asked, “Mr. Lu Ze, do you want something to drink? I have top-notch Tune tree tea here.”

As Li Qi said this, his heart ached a little.

Nevertheless, he didn’t have a choice. For a big shot like Lu Ze, he had to entertain him with Tune tree tea, and this might even be a bit too shabby for him.

With that thought, Li Qi was somewhat uneasy, afraid that Lu Ze would be unsatisfied with his service.

Lu Ze was taken aback when he heard that.

Tune tree tea?

What is that?

He hadn’t heard of it before.

However, he was in a rush, and it was already almost three o’clock. Hence, the sooner he bought the stuff, the sooner he could return to school before cla.s.ses ended.

With that thought, Lu Ze smiled. “No need, but thank you. Let’s just go straight to proper business.”

Li Qi’s heart thumped hard when he heard Lu Ze’s response.


The tea was too beneath him?

Of course, why would Lu Ze like a beverage like this?

He usually drinks spirit tea for sure, right? Beads of perspiration appeared on Li Qi’s forehead. He was afraid that Lu Ze would say that he didn’t do a good job, but he didn’t dare to delay further.

He nodded continuously and ushered Lu Ze to sit on the sofa. “What business would you like to do?”

“I would like to buy something,” Lu Ze replied and paused, “that can be used in the spirit martial state and abstruse martial state, like a spirit fruit or cultivation serums, things like these.”

Since Lu Ze had always been using red orbs and his power was already at the abstruse martial state, he had no idea about things regarding the abstruse martial state.

Li Qi was taken aback.

Wasn’t Lu Ze already at the mortal evolution state?

And his power was quite strong in the mortal evolution state too, right?

As a core martial state martial artist, he wasn’t very familiar with the mortal evolution state, but he felt that Lu Ze was very powerful.

This was why Li Qi thought it was weird for Lu Ze to buy things meant for spirit martial state and abstruse martial State.

However, he obviously didn’t dare to question it further.

Li Qi smiled and said, “Mr. Lu Ze, please take a look at the spirit fruits and cultivation serums we have in stock here.”

As he spoke, a screen appeared before Li Qi and rows of information about the spirit fruits and cultivation serums were presented.

Lu Ze merely took a quick glance, and his eyes widened.

So cheap!

Even the most expensive one was less than 100 federal contribution points!

How could they be so cheap??

Lu Ze was very used to seeing things like divine arts which cost hundreds of thousands of academic credits and was a bit taken aback upon seeing things that cost only about 10 federal contribution points.

Still, Lu Ze came to his senses very soon. These were low-grade items, after all, so it was quite normal.

Since he wouldn’t be using them for himself, he basically bought spirit fruits and cultivation serums that had higher usability; he bought hundreds of them in total and only spent about 5,000 federal contribution points.

“Alright, I’ll get these then.”

Lu Ze was very pleased.

‘Wow, these things are too cheap eh?’ Although his rewards were all in academic credits, he still had more than 570,000 federal contribution points, which were awarded to him at the Xiaer System. During his time at the Federal University, he didn’t have to use the federal contribution points at all. He only spent his academic credits.

Just as Lu Ze was done with his purchase, he turned and looked at Li Qi who was quiet the whole time and realized that his expression looked quite stiff.

Lu Ze couldn’t help but ask, “Li Qi, are you alright? Are there no stocks?”

When Li Qi heard Lu Ze’s question, he returned to his senses and shook his head. “There are, there are, please give me a moment, Mr. Lu Ze, I’ll get them ready in about 10 minutes.”

He was completely stunned.

5,000 federal contribution points!

This was a total of 5,000 federal contribution points!

Gone in a blink of an eye?

How long must he save up to have so many contribution points ah!

But judging at the way Lu Ze was acting, the latter thought that the items were too cheap?

Li Qi had served several people before, so he obviously had a rough gauge in his heart.

Lu Ze was a big shot, indeed.

When Lu Ze heard Li Qi’s reply, he nodded slightly and laughed. “I’ll have to trouble you then.”

“It’s no trouble, no trouble at all. I’ll go get everything ready for you then.”

Li Qi forced a humble smile after responding.

Lu Ze nodded.

Thereafter, Li Qi left the office.

10 minutes later, Li Qi returned and placed a large pile of items that were already packed properly in front of Lu Ze.

He smiled and said, “Mr. Lu Ze, the things you bought are all here, please check.”

Lu Ze glanced at him and smiled. “I believe you wouldn’t make a mistake.” Li Qi smiled as well. “Thank you for your trust.”

He wouldn’t dare to, even if he was given a hundred guts ah.

Lu Ze smiled and kept the items. “I’ll get going, then.”

Li Qi hurriedly walked forward and opened the office door for Lu Ze. “I’ll walk you out.”

“No need. I don’t want to attract too much attention.”

When Li Qi heard that, he looked at Lu Ze’s disguise and hurriedly nodded. “Sorry, I was rude. Take care then.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Subsequently, he entered the lift, and as the lift door closed and went down, Lu Ze rubbed his forehead.

He didn’t expect that his high position would give him such a benefit. Seeing someone so much older than him being at his beck and call, Lu Ze felt somewhat uneasy.


The lift reached the first floor and Lu Ze walked out to the hall. The originally noisy hall that began to hush down gradually before was now completely silent.

Lu Ze looked at how everyone was casting weird glances at him, and his mouth twitched as he walked out quietly.

After getting the gifts, Lu Ze tossed everything that happened just now at the back of his head and found a corner to take off, flying toward Chang Yang. A few minutes later, Lu Ze arrived at the sky of Chang Yang high school. Seeing this familiar campus, that teaching building and martial arts hall, Lu Ze couldn’t help but sigh.

It has only been a semester, yet, it felt like a lifetime ago.

Lu Ze had gone through too much during this semester.

However, he was very strong, and with the pocket hunting dimension, he would see and experience more in the future. Lu Ze shook his head slightly and didn’t contemplate anymore. He descended from the sky and went into the campus happily.

This feeling of walking outside while others were still having cla.s.ses was amazing!

Just at this moment, Lu Ze saw a few familiar figures at the field a distance away-Xu Yang, Xufang, Leo, Ren Zhan, and Lin Huan.

Currently, they were strolling on the field as they chatted.

Xu Yang’s voice was still very clear. “Didn’t expect that Old Li is actually having a cla.s.s right now, what a bad time to visit.”

Xufang smiled. “It’s been so long since we came to school, walking around feels quite good too.”

Ren Zhan laughed. “Xufang is right, we should relax a little.”

Lin Huan nodded and didn’t say anything. Then, Leo chuckled. “I wonder if Ze would come back to visit Old Li?”

Leo’s words made everyone silent.

After some time, Ren Zhan grinned and looked at Xufang. “Xufang, I heard that you still have a crush on that Lu Ze guy?”

Xufang’s expression remained unchanged. “So what? The number of people who have a crush on him right now could fill up our entire planet. It didn’t matter if I did or not. Also…”

After pausing, she smiled widely. “Also, that chap rejected me immediately, and I should thank him for that.”

Xu Yang glanced at Ren Zhan and teased, “Ren Zhan, you even overestimated your strength and challenged Ze previously, didn’t you? I still remember all your bets.”

Xu Yang’s words caused Ren Zhan to tremble, then he replied indignantly, “What about that? At least, I can say that I was defeated by the Monarch of the New Dawn, can you?”

As to what Ren Zhan said, everyone merely laughed and didn’t disagree with it.

Being defeated by Lu Ze, others would only look up to you.

Not everyone could be the opponent of the Monarch of the New Dawn.The atmosphere turned silent once again, and everyone remained strolling. After some time, Xuyang sighed. “I wonder if that guy still remembers us?”

Lu Ze flew too high and too quickly. At first, there were still some people whom he wanted to chat with and spar against, but now, the gap between them was too wide. Xufang laughed. “Don’t talk nonsense, didn’t Teacher Chu say something about it previously? Ze asked about us when he was at the Gracious System.”

Leo scratched his head. “The Federal University is also having their holidays now, right? Should we contact him?

Everyone became quiet once more.

The gap is too wide. It would be different even if they contact him again. Previously, they could chat and mess around innocently, but right now, things were different.

After a moment of silence, Xuyang lifted his head and looked in the direction of the cla.s.srooms, then said slowly, “… we’re in different leagues already.”

“What different leagues?”

Just at this moment, a voice could be heard from behind them.