Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 479 - My Disguise Is Perfect

Chapter 479 - My Disguise Is Perfect

Chapter 479 My Disguise Is Perfect

Four days later, a faint golden s.h.i.+p and a golden-red s.h.i.+p exited the warp tunnel. Both of the s.h.i.+ps headed toward the Telun System.

In the couch, Lin Ling bit her lips and glared at Lu Ze. Meanwhile, Lu Ze grinned back at her.

“How is it? Do you like it?”

Lin Ling gritted her teeth. “Yes!”

“Good!” Lu Ze smiled.

Yingying was lying on the couch. She looked at Lu Ze and Lin Ling. Thereafter, she scolded Lu Ze. “Lu Ze, you can’t bully sister Lin Ling!” Lu Ze smiled and took out a purple orb. “Open wide.”


Immediately, Yingying looked very satisfied.

Lin Ling covered her face. Lu Ze was an evil b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Lu Ze rubbed Yingying’s face. He wasn’t really trying to anger Lin Ling, Upon boarding the s.h.i.+p, they made their cultivation plan for these few days.

In the morning, they would spar in the virtual reality pods. In the afternoon and night, they would cultivate alone.

The reason Lin Ling was so mad was that every time she tried her best, she couldn’t even make Lu Ze treat her seriously.

Lin Ling calmed herself down and looked outside. “We’re almost there.”

She looked at Yingying and smiled. She was going to give great grandpa a surprise.

Lu Ze nodded and looked hopefully at the Telun System.

His eyes flashed. He had some business to sort out with Li and Alice!

Soon, they arrived at the system border checkpoint. Following that, Lin Ling took out her own s.h.i.+p and split off with Lu Ze.

Their destinations weren’t the same, after all, since Lin Ling resided in another planet.

New Dawn traveled extremely fast. Soon, he had reached the atmosphere of planet Lan Jiang Lu Ze didn’t park the New Dawn at the s.p.a.ce station. It would cause too much commotion. He found an abandoned area to park his s.h.i.+p instead. Subsequently, he put it away and flew toward home.

In a few short minutes, Lu Ze reached his home.

Lu Ze smiled and landed from the sky. He opened the door and noticed that the house was empty.

It was just midday. His parents were probably at work and Lu Li was still in cla.s.s.

He looked in his room. His bed was already made and kept the same as when he left. Clearly, it was frequently organized. Lu Ze looked at the familiar ceiling.


Lu Ze sniffed the room. As a result, he discovered Lu Li’s lingering scent.

She used her G.o.d art to clean it up. If his cultivation level wasn’t so high, he wouldn’t be able to sense it at all.

Why was she in his room?

Lu Ze immediately became vigilant.

Things didn’t seem to be so simple!

Lu Ze checked his room and swept every nook and cranny with his mental force. In the end, he didn’t find anything.

Did her conscience hold her back at the last moment, so she didn’t do anything?

Lu Ze relaxed on the bed for a while and sat up.

He wanted to go visit his high school.

Although he had graduated already, there were a few teachers who were quite nice to him-for example, Li Liang and the princ.i.p.al.

The princ.i.p.al gave him a level three cultivation serum. Despite him not using it, Lu Ze still remembered this favor.

Lu Ze thought about it and put on a face mask before leaving his home. He first headed to the official department of the Federal Martial Artists Site.

It was a hundred meter-tall building.

Lu Ze came to the foyer, which was about a few hundred square meters. There were a few stations that had smart a.s.sistants serving as receptionists.

Lu Ze proceeded to a station that had no smart a.s.sistant. He then had his palm scanned.

At the very top level in a huge office, a golden-haired, middle-aged man was looking down at the huge city.

He smelled the green liquid he was holding and showed an expression of enjoyment.

The planet’s Tune tree tea was very sweet. It had a lasting aftertaste. This tea was considered a luxury drink. 500 grams cost around 20,000 star coins.

Only someone like him who was a core martial state and was the manager of this building could occasionally enjoy it. Just when he was about to enjoy the drink, an alarm went off from his table. “Beep beep beep! An important figure has come. He is identified to be a Level 2 Federal Honor Badge owner, Monarch of the New Dawn Lu Ze. Branch leader Li Qi, please greet him immediately!”

Hearing this, Li Qi’s hands shook, and he spilled some tea on his mustache, but he didn’t care about it anymore. Instead, he charged out of the door.

When he got to the door, he realized that he was still holding his cup of tea, and the tea that was supposedly contained by the cup had already spilled.

His mouth twitched, and he quickly placed the teacup into his storage ring and went out.

He cleaned himself on the way and fixed his appearance. As the elevator dropped quickly, he put on a polite smile.

Lu Ze was confused regarding the girl who suddenly came out.

What did he do?

He just wanted to buy something. This girl kept asking whether he wanted to rest for a while, eat fruits, and drink anything!?

Other people didn’t seem to receive this kind of treatment.

Sensing everyone’s strange glances, Lu Ze didn’t feel at ease.

Was he spotted?

No way!

His disguise was perfect!

Unless someone swept his or her mental force toward him.

However, if someone really did that, then he would beat them up.

Suddenly, a golden-haired, middle-aged man in a slim black suit came out quickly.

He signaled to the young girl, who then bowed and left. Li Qi bowed as well. “Honorable Sir, I’m the manager of this Federal Martial Arts Building, Li Qi Arnold. I will be serving you.”His actions made the foyer go quiet. Even the little girl who just left looked at Li Qi in shock. She just received information that she must take care of this strange clothed man.

However, seeing the prideful branch leader acting like this, she realized that things weren’t so simple.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

Alright, his disguise was exposed.

Lu Ze nodded. “Thank you.”

“No problem, please come with me.”

Noticing that Lu Ze was easy going, Li Qi relaxed a little.

He didn’t know Lu Ze well. Li Qi only knew that he came from planet Lan Jiang. He had presumed that it would be hard to deal with him since he was the Monarch of the New Dawn. As it turned out, his worry was unfounded. It seemed it was quite easy to communicate with the Monarch of the New Dawn.