Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Resort to the second best choice

The staff member looked at Lu Ze.

His mouth spasmed slightly. Lu Ze was the person who wanted to die the most.

Wasn’t living any good?

Was life not worth it!?

He glanced over Lu Ze’s data. Lu Ze was indeed just a level nine martial warrior.

There were abstruse beasts there!

Why was a noob like you wanting to roll around in front of them?

He slowly said, “Sorry, student, I can’t teleport you there. It’s too dangerous.”

If something really happened, he would be held responsible.

He didn’t want to expand his wings on the border of the law.

“Yea, Ze, abstruse beasts are too dangerous.” Xu Yang, Leo and Xufang looked at Lu Ze worriedly.

“Pfft!” there was a sneer, “Lu Ze, your confidence has bloated too much. Do you think that you’re invincible just because you’re first in the school?”

Lu Ze looked up and saw Ren Zhan with his arms crossed looking at him.

Lu Ze barred his lips. “You’re no match for me anyways. Oh, by the way, bow.”

I didn’t go and find you, did you have to come to me and bow?

Hearing this, Ren Zhan’s face froze. He hadn’t seen Lu Ze for so long that he forgot all about this.

Last time, it was just in front of the seed contestants, but now, it was in front of his entire cohort. He wanted to cry.

If he remembered this, he wouldn’t have even come out.

But, Ren Zhan was annoyed at Lu Ze. This guy completely disregarded him. He would do it again.

When he surpa.s.sed Lu Ze, he would disregard Lu Ze and encourage him to work harder after beating him.

Thinking about this, Ren Zhan felt relieved. His power was even freer.

At this moment, Lin Huan said, “Lu Ze, how about we team up? We’re the only three with spirit martial state power in the school. We need to work together to get a good score.”

Lu Ze smiled. “You guys team up without me. I’m really going to the Floating Light Forest. I have something important to do.”

This forest was the place with the most ingredients. It was a place of great importance to him!

The other reason was for the guaranteed entry. He promised his dad and there was also the bet between him and Lu Li.

Lin Huan heard this and sighed helplessly.

Clearly, she knew that she couldn’t change Lu Ze’s decision.

The others had complicated expressions too.

Lu Ze was a bit too c.o.c.ky in choosing the Floating Light Forest.

His results concerned the ranking of their entire school and that was related to the resources they got. If he was immediately disqualified, it would be a huge loss.

The atmosphere was tense.

People no longer looked at Lu Ze with respect and instead, some blame could be seen.

Only Lu Ze’s cla.s.smates looked at him worriedly. “Brother Ze, are you okay?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Do I look not okay? Don’t worry, if I can’t win, I can just run.”

He didn’t learn the wind element G.o.d art for no reason. He had the confidence to run even when facing an abstruse beast.

“Sigh, student, the department has a rule that we can’t deploy students to the Floating Light Forest. It’s too dangerous for you guys.”

f.u.c.k, this guy’s brain is damaged!

He was really planning to go.

He could only bring up the education department’s rules.

Lu Ze felt confused when hearing this. He looked at the staff member’s expression and couldn’t tell if this rule was real or fake.

He tested, “Um… brother, if we don’t speak of it, no one will know…?”

The staff’s mouth spasmed.

“Hurry up and choose one that’s not the Floating Light Forest or you can return with me,” the staff member said.

“Then… I choose the Yellow Stone Forest.”

Lu Ze could only resort to the second best choice.

“The Yellow Stone Forest…” The staff member’s face froze.

He felt a headache. He looked at Lu Ze’s hopeful eyes and realized that this guy probably planned on running to the Floating Light Forest.

The Yellow Stone Forest was the closest area to the Floating Light Forest. It was an extremely dangerous area where high-level spirit beasts often appeared.

But since this guy was so determined to go, he wouldn’t going to try to stop him anymore.

If something really happened, everyone here was a witness that he could use.

At this moment, the s.h.i.+p entered the atmosphere.

Soon, the s.h.i.+p arrived at a barren place covered in yellow stone pillars that were tens to hundreds of meters tall.

This region of s.p.a.ce had a radius of a few hundred kilometers. Fierce gusts of wind circulated around the stone pillars. There were very little water and plants.

After finding an empty s.p.a.ce, the s.h.i.+p stopped. Lu Ze said goodbye to everyone and got off.

Seeing Lu Ze leave, the staff member felt relieved. Any longer and he would’ve died from anger.

“Rise, keep deploying,” the staff member said into his communication device.

It was dusk and the stone pillars drew out long shadows under the dusk sun.

Lu Ze glanced up at the rising s.h.i.+p and completely released his tense mouth. He tapped the ground and instantly disappeared.

The wind element was very active here; it was his type of place.

Thinking about the ingredient list Alice gave him, there were quite some good food ingredients here. For example, stone root herb, rock heart fruit, yellow stone crystal beast…

Alice also specifically mentioned a spirit herb called yellow crystal vine. It’s said to taste very well.

Lu Ze licked his lips and planned to gather a lot to take back.

Lu Ze immediately used the wind to sense the few hundred meters surrounding him.

Moments later, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed and he disappeared from the spot. When he appeared again, he was a few hundred meters out.

He found something!