Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 473 - An Innocent Heart Got Tricked

Chapter 473 - An Innocent Heart Got Tricked

Chapter 473 An Innocent Heart Got Tricked

Nangong Jing’s face went stiff. When she felt the glances directed at her, she looked away in embarra.s.sment. Ze, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He had improved once again without her knowing. This made her lose face.

She was going to beat him up later!

Clearly, Lu Ze had another breakthrough yesterday. Otherwise, his lightning cloud divine art wouldn’t reach its current level.

Nangong Jing had sparred with him numerous times. She knew just how much power his lightning cloud divine art had. With a gloomy voice, Dai Er said, “With just a level one mortal evolution state power, he can instantly kill a level eight mortal evolution state being. This power…”

The golden-haired man glanced at Luo Bingqing. This was much stronger than they had imagined.

Lu Ze’s combat power was approaching theirs. Yet, he had merely reached level one of the mortal evolution state.

Dai Er, the golden-haired man, and Luo Bingqing felt a sudden wave of pressure. If this continued, Lu Ze would soon surpa.s.s them.

Nangong Jing bit her lips. As it turned out, she needed to double her efforts too.

It took her a month to reach the planetary state previously. However, that length of time wouldn’t be necessary anymore. With the help of Lu Ze’s purple orbs, Nangong Jing was confident that it would only take two days. The fox demon wouldn’t be any slower than her.

At this point, the map in the virtual reality changed again.

This time, he appeared above some gra.s.sy plain. Ahead of him, he saw another familiar figure-pretty white face, long green hair, pointed ears, and green armor inscribed with runes.

Lu Ze didn’t expect to encounter the Elf race at the ninth level.

He proceeded to check its stats.

Elf Race Prodigy

G.o.d Art: Wood G.o.d Art, Strength G.o.d Art, Super Agility, Green Battle Body

Cultivation Level: Level 3 of the Mortal Evolution State

Combat Power: Level 9 of the Mortal Evolution State Lu Ze: “…”

Lu Ze could feel the worsening ache in his head. This female elf being was stronger than he had imagined!

So this was an Elf Race Prodigy?

How many of these prodigies did the elf race have?

The people in the examiner’s room had some complicated emotions.

“I didn’t expect seeing the elf race…”

“Their inherent advantage is just too great compared to the human race.”

This type of prodigy was equivalent to the students of the Federal University in the human race.

A prodigy from the human race was already quite terrifying Then, what about the most talented prodigies of the elf race?

Perhaps, it would be possible for them to actually kill a planetary state being even though they had just broken through to the mortal evolution state?

This was something a noob race like the human race couldn’t compare with at all.

Soon, the battle had begun. The female elf being glanced at Lu Ze with her emerald-like eyes. Following this, she flashed with green color, and her chi was enhanced accordingly. Lu Ze saw this. In turn, he activated his black gold battle armor divine art.

Was this the green battle body then?

With a single tap of her feet on the ground, the elf instantly disappeared from her spot silently.

Right away, Lu Ze sensed an incoming huge threat. As the hair on his back stood up, he quickly dodged to the side. Immediately, an immense wave of air and a long white slender leg sliced across the place where he previously stood like a battle-ax. After such, her foot landed with a heavy thud on the ground. Rumble!!

Along with the deafening explosions, the gra.s.s on the land was pulverized. The subsequent release of the violent power repelled Lu Ze’s body, forcing him to be thrown away.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and he stopped the momentum of his body. Then, a lightning cloud was formed above his head.


Purple-red lightning snakes surged.

During this moment, Lu Ze sensed a powerful wave behind him. He stepped to the side and a slender long arm pa.s.sed by his chest. The air pressure made it hard for him to breathe.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with a glint of seriousness. Purple-red lightning swirled around his black gold battle armor. It continued to gather around his fist.

Lu Ze executed a punch toward the elf’s head.

Lightning spear! At the same time, the lightning above formed nets and closed in on the elf rapidly.


Lu Ze’s lightning spear fist proceeded toward the female elf, but in the end, it only hit a shadow.

Once again, he sensed that powerful wave before. It was heading to his right.

He couldn’t dodge this attack at all since he just recently released one.

At this juncture, a lightning arrow shot at the elf being. The elf frowned. The power of this lightning cloud G.o.d art was enough to threaten her.

She quickly maneuvered her body to retreat. The arrow missed. On the other hand, Lu Ze didn’t need to resist. This time, he will be the one attacking.

To be honest, Lu Ze really wasn’t sure whether he could take this. .h.i.t.

Runes flashed in his eyes, and the lightning net shot towards the elf.

Simultaneously, the elf was bombarded by lightning bolts. Lu Ze then rushed forward.




Clashes went on non-stop.

In another confrontation, Lu Ze’s lightning spear fist clashed with the elf’s fist.

The lightning spear was crushed, and the black gold battle armor was shattered by the remaining power, which then seeped into Lu Ze’s right arm.

Immediately, Lu Ze felt an extremely painful sensation. His bone seemed to be broken.

Both Lu Ze and the elf flew back. Following this, a gray light surrounded Lu Ze’s right arm. It then quickly recovered.

At the same time, Lu Ze grinned, and the lightning instantly surrounded the elf. Did he succeed?

Lu Ze panted heavily as he gazed at the lightning coc.o.o.n with a dazed expression.

He didn’t expect that he would be able to fight against a level nine mortal evolution state boss for this long. His combat power had only reached level eight of the mortal evolution state.

Without the aid of his black gold battle armor and super regeneration, that single punch just then would have ended him.

Did this mean a three-month time in the dao enlightenment room for him?

However, a turbulent sound suddenly came from the lightning coc.o.o.n.


Green beams escaped out of the lightning coc.o.o.n.

Once more, Lu Ze’s hair stood up.

He didn’t have the time to think anymore. Just when he was planning to dodge the green wind, a green beam pierced through the lightning and struck him.

Lu Ze’s mind blackout.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

I knew it wasn’t that easy! Lu Ze felt his innocent heart was tricked!

Everyone in the room felt quite complicated. Job sighed. “That elf prodigy’s combat power at level nine of the mortal evolution state is considered the best among the best. It’s already amazing that Lu Ze forced her to use divine art.”

Nangong Jing nodded. “Ze is a level one mortal evolution state while that elf being is a level three mortal evolution state. If they had the same cultivation level, Ze can definitely kill that prodigy instantly.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Reason told them that it was already unbelievable that Lu Ze could kill a level eight mortal evolution state while only being a level one mortal evolution state. Of course, deep inside, they wanted him to slaughter his way up to the planetary state being.

Job asked casually, “What degree did Ze reach in the ninth level?”

The staff extracted the data and answered with a shaky voice, “Nine… ninety-eight percent… that elf prodigy was heavily injured by Lu Ze.”

Everyone glanced at each other.

So close!