Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 472 - Legendary Figure

Chapter 472 - Legendary Figure

Chapter 472 Legendary Figure

Nangong Jing glanced at the shocked group and guzzled some wine. “This is normal. It is nothing to be surprised about, isn’t it?”

Everyone’s mouth twitched.

Was this normal?

What about an advanced one then?

The golden-haired man gasped. “So strong. Those saints were right about him indeed.”

Everyone else nodded in approval. All of them were aware of Lu Ze’s extremely powerful cultivation G.o.d art.

Although they were not certain whether his talent would be sufficient to break through the cosmic system state, they were sure that it was stronger than theirs.

Right at this time, Dai Er looked at Nangong Jing. “I heard Lu Ze has a very powerful cultivation G.o.d art. Is this true? I’ve never seen his divine art before. Could it be…”

As a young duke, her authority wasn’t low, thereby giving her access to various information. However, even she hadn’t seen the divine arts used by Lu Ze.

Job interrupted, “Teacher Dai Er, if you want to know, then you can ask Lu Ze.”

Everyone already had their own speculations, but it wasn’t good to ask directly after all. That would amount to an invasion of Lu Ze’s privacy. Since he was not offering to say it himself, then they would naturally not ask about it.

Moreover, they didn’t believe Nangong Jing would know.

On the side, Nangong Jing was also confused regarding Lu Ze’s divine arts, but after Lu Ze took out those orbs, she guessed that they probably also came from his powerful G.o.d art. She glanced at everyone and smiled. If they knew Lu Ze could give his G.o.d arts to other people, then how would they react? Still, Nangong Jing wasn’t going to reveal anything because she already promised Lu Ze to keep it a secret.

She didn’t even tell her own grandpa. He was starting to get suspicious of her sudden improvement in cultivation speed. Fortunately, she found some good excuses. Otherwise, if the old man knew about it, then she would probably be really tied up to have babies with the kid.

Her mouth could not help but twitch as an image of Lu Ze approaching her with an evil smile popped out in her mind. She was certain that guy was going to flick her head back!

Dai Er suddenly spoke. “Jing, what are you thinking about? Why is your face so strange?”

Nangong Jing smiled in response. “It’s nothing. It’s level 7 now. Let’s watch the exam.”

Currently, Lu Ze was at the seventh level. He appeared in a place filled with rocks.

The sky was dark yellow. Lu Ze felt this environment was quite similar to the third map of the pocket hunting dimension.

In front of him was a hideous creature with a shoulder height of about three meters. It was an insectoid covered in black armor. Its sharp claws stood on the ground as its red eyes radiated a tyrannical chi.

Without hesitation, it charged toward Lu Ze.

In turn, Lu Ze flashed with purple-red light while he formed a lightning spear. Thereafter, he launched it toward the insectoid.

This insectoid sensed the danger and wanted to dodge, but the lightning spear was too quick. If it had reached level eight of the mortal evolution state, then the insectoid might have the ability to avoid it. However, it was just a level seven mortal evolution state.

The lightning spear pierced through its body, destroying it in the process. The carca.s.s fell to the ground with a heavy thud as it emitted a burnt smell.

Another instant kill. The people who were watching felt dumbfounded. Didn’t this mean that Lu Ze could kill level eight mortal evolution states? The golden-haired man looked at Nangong Jing and wanted to confirm his guess. “… don’t tell me he can instantly kill level eight mortal evolution states?”

Nangong Jing grinned. “Don’t worry. He can’t.”

What a joke! She had just beaten up the kid yesterday morning. Although he was practically invincible against level eight mortal evolution states, it was farfetched that he could instantly kill them.

Once again, the scene changed, and Lu Ze appeared on a gra.s.sy plain. When he finally saw the opponent, his eyes could not help but bulge.

It was a creature that was pretty much similar to a human being. It had short white-gold hair and a handsome face. In addition, it was two meters tall.

The only difference between it and a human was the white pair of wings behind its back.

Was this the winged race?

Lu Ze had learned about these creatures from the textbooks. According to the references, they had come to Earth during ancient times. Since ancient times, these winged beings had left legends.

Lu Ze was quite interested in them. He didn’t expect to see one here.

They were legendary creatures.

Even the people watching the exam felt stunned.

Job smiled. “Didn’t expect it to be a winged race? By the way, the Four-Race Social Gathering will be held next year. You will be going to the void border for practice. That will be arranged by Saint Shen Wu for you guys.”

Nangong Jing and the rest nodded. “Understood.”

Dai Er sighed. “It’s the Four-Race Social Gathering again.”

“Lu Ze and Lin Ling will be going too, right?”

“They’re mortal evolution states, so of course, they need to partic.i.p.ate.”

“That would be fun to watch.”

Lu Ze raised a brow. He had just raised the level of his lightning cloud G.o.d art to perfect mastery.

Should he try it out?

The rewards were too great. Hence, he was spurred to go all-out.

Then, in that case…

Accordingly, a complex rune flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes.


A heavy thunder sound could be heard, and the sky darkened. Thereafter, a lightning cloud was formed, which then expanded to cover the surrounding ten kilometers.

The winged race flapped its wings in a bid to fly off.

Do you want to escape?


Tens of purple-red lightning bolts landed from the skies.

Then, the winged race was instantly surrounded by lightning bolts.


The explosions lasted for a few seconds. Subsequently, the lightning dispersed, and a charred body fell from the sky.

Lu Ze scratched his head.

Did he go too hard? They were members of the alliance after all.

But then again, this was just virtual.

He felt quite happy as the lightning cloud was much stronger than he had expected.

If he didn’t use the lightning cloud, he was still confident that he could beat this winged creature. However, he might not be able to kill it.

It seemed the lightning clouds were his strongest means of attack now. Most importantly, it didn’t even consume a lot of energy. He could use it often then.


The examiner’s room fell silent once more. It was as though the lightning struck their hearts instead.

Another instant kill!

Didn’t Nangong Jing say it wouldn’t be like this?

Everyone looked at Nangong Jing with a strange expression.