Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 474 - Everyone, Get Hurt Together

Chapter 474 - Everyone, Get Hurt Together

Chapter 474 Everyone, Get Hurt Together

In truth, the people from the surveillance room didn’t expect the turn of events. It seemed a bit surreal that Lu Ze could almost defeat an elf prodigy who was at level nine mortal evolution state.

We’re talking about a prodigy of the Elf race!

The golden-haired man laughed. “The young duke celebration next semester will be interesting.”

Dai Er smiled. “I’ll go visit as well then. Jing, remember to tell Lu Ze to send me an invitation.”

Nangong Jing grinned. “No problem.”

She would be collecting wine, so the more number of people attending, the better.


Nangong Jing bit her lips. She must try to reach the planetary state!

Lu Ze walked out of the virtual reality pod in the cla.s.sroom.

He looked around. It seemed he was the only person who had come out. Even Lin Ling was nowhere to be seen.

Since the examination was conducted through virtual reality, there were no supervising teachers around.

Lu Ze walked to the side and sat down to wait for people to come out.

Not long after he sat down, a pod opened and Lin Ling stepped out from it. She bit her lips. Her exquisite face revealed some dissatisfaction.

Lu Ze asked, “How did you do?”

Lin Ling approached him and sat down. “Mhm, I didn’t pa.s.s level six of the mortal evolution state. I was so close, but I already used up my energy.”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “You’re only at level one of the mortal evolution state, alright? It is already considered amazing that you can beat a level five mortal evolution state opponent. How would others feel?”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “How many levels did you pa.s.s?”

Lu Ze: “Eight.”

Lin Ling: “…”

Right after, another virtual reality pod opened. Ian exited with a disappointed expression.

Lu Ze asked in confusion, “What’s wrong, Ian?”

Ian’s eyes were wet. He closed the distance between them and said, “I have only pa.s.sed level three of the core martial state.”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling exchanged glances with each other. They didn’t even know whether that was considered good or not.

What can they say?

Lu Ze smiled and attempted to comfort Ian. “Don’t worry. Perhaps other people will do worse than you.” Lin Ling: “…”

Was this how you comfort someone?

Ian felt stunned, and then, his eyes became wetter.

That was an opportunity to cultivate in the dao enlightenment room!

Lin Ling smiled. “The results aren’t out yet. Just wait and see first.”

Ian nodded and sat down. After a while, Ian looked up at the two and asked, “How did you guys do?”

Lu Ze smiled. “I pa.s.sed eight levels.”

Lin Ling answered, “I pa.s.sed five. I was so close to pa.s.sing the sixth!” Ian: “…”

Lin Ling pa.s.sing five levels meant an opportunity to stay at the dao enlightenment room for three days. As for Ze, since he managed to pa.s.s eight, then he would be granted a month in the dao enlightenment room.

Ian: “…”

He felt he was stabbed in the chest. Soon, the pods opened one by one. Xuan Yuqi came out too.

She walked over, and Lin Ling asked, “How did you do, Yuqi?”

She smiled. “I pushed my limits to the extreme.”

Xuan Yuqi had no regrets.

Ian asked, “How many levels did you pa.s.s?”

Xuan Yuqi smiled. “I failed to pa.s.s level three of the core martial state.”

Ian couldn’t quite believe it. The disappointment in his face was washed away.

This time, it was Xuan Yuqi’s turn to look at Ian. “What about you?”

Ian replied, “I… I pa.s.sed level three of the core martial state.”

A bit of hope ignited in Ian’s heart. In this case, can he perhaps reach the top three? Xuan Yuqi smiled. “Congratulations.”

Ian scratched his head and didn’t know how to respond.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling glanced at each other. Thereafter, Lin Ling dragged Xuan Yuqi over. “The results aren’t out yet. We should wait and


Xuan Yuqi nodded plainly. Then, she looked at Lu Ze and Lin Ling. “What about you guys?” Lu Ze responded, “Eight levels.”

Lin Ling replied, “Five levels.”

Xuan Yuqi: “…”

Half an hour later, all the students of the elite cla.s.s had come out.

After conversing, they realized that other than Ian, everyone just managed to pa.s.s level two of the core martial state.

When they asked Lu Ze’s and Lin Lings’s result, they received another mental blow.

Soon, the examinations were over. Everybody returned to the cla.s.sroom.

Miran was already waiting for them there. After everyone sat down, Miran smiled, “First, congratulations! You’ve pa.s.sed your first semester in the elite cla.s.s of the Federal University, where the most elite people of the entire Federation are at.”

“The ranking has come out, and this includes all the freshmen students.”

Accordingly, Miran projected the rankings.

1st, Ian Harrison

2nd, Ji Zhengtian 3rd, Xuan Yuqi

4th, Ye Mu


Ian and Xuan Yuqi reached the top three. Both of them were now ent.i.tled to cultivate at the dao enlightenment room. The rest of the people on the list managed to secure a rank. Nevertheless, they were still a little disappointed.

The students discussed among themselves. Numerous glances were thrown in the direction of Lu Ze and his group.

Ian and Xuan Yuqi might not be weak, but in the cla.s.s, they weren’t among the top three students. Yet, during this examination, they got first and third place respectively.

Clearly, this was due to Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s help, right?!

They were very envious. Meanwhile, those who were ranked at the very bottom had pale faces. Miran spoke, “Ren Wenhan, Phillip Hawker, Howard Karter, your results aren’t very ideal. There are three people in ordinary cla.s.ses who have higher grades than you do. Tomorrow, they will get the chance to challenge you. If you are defeated, then you will be demoted to the ordinary cla.s.s, and they will replace your spot in the elite cla.s.s.”

Those three people looked worried.

The battles in virtual reality were mostly a reflection of their actual power. This meant that they were quite possibly not a match for those three ordinary students. Miran continued, “Likewise, if you disagree with the top ten, then you can also challenge them tomorrow. If you beat them, you can replace them.”

Miran’s words made those few powerful students surge with fighting spirit.