Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 471 - I’m Not Surprised at All

Chapter 471 - I’m Not Surprised at All

Chapter 471 I’m Not Surprised at All

Upon the commencement of the martial art examination of the first-year martial arts students, the atmosphere in the vast examiner’s room turned silent.

At the moment, the staff responsible for monitoring the virtual arena was a bit nervous because, in addition to the teachers who will be supervising the event, several powerful figures had also attended.

Among those figures were the four honorary young duke teachers at the Federal University. At the same time, some high-level officials of the Federal University were present. Their powers had all reached the planetary state. Even Job, who was the vice-princ.i.p.al, was also here. Naturally, all of them came to watch the performance of Lu Ze and Lin Ling. This was, after all, the first martial arts compet.i.tion between Lu Ze and Lin Ling after being appointed as young dukes. They had to pay attention to the two prodigies. Job laughed. “It’s been 10 years since we’ve last gathered to watch the student martial arts examination, right?” A white-haired old man smiled and glanced at Nangong Jing. “The last time was when you were a second-year student, right, teacher Nangong?”

When Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were appointed as young dukes during their second year, several people came to watch too. Nangong Jing laughed. “Old man Wen, I can’t compare to Ze.” Everyone felt dazed. They could not help but look strangely at Nangong Jing who was laughing. They were well-acquainted with Nangong Jing’s pride. Not a single young duke from the current generation had entered her eyes, and yet, she was now openly admitting that Lu Ze was better than she was!?

Due to her actions, everyone’s curiosity regarding Lu Ze was more piqued. Even Luo Bingqing glanced at Nangong Jing, but he didn’t say anything. Another beautiful black-haired woman looked at Nangong Jing and smiled. “Little Jing, I heard you’re very close to Lu Ze. Some people also say that Qiuyue…” “Hey! Dai Er, don’t say that! It’s people spreading rumors!” Nangong Jing argued. “Is that so?” Dai Er grinned. “The fox demon isn’t here, so just tell me about it.” Nangong Jing rolled her eyes and began to ignore the other party. The handsome golden-haired man next to Dai Er smiled. “I’ve been hearing about Lu Ze non-stop all this time. Now, I’m curious about him as well.”

He glanced at the expressionless Luo Bingqing and grabbed his shoulder. “Ice block, you’ve seen Lu Ze, right? What do you think?” Luo Bingqing replied plainly, “Extremely talented.” It had only been a semester since he first saw Lu Ze, and now, even he couldn’t believe Lu Ze’s progress.

It was too fast.

He didn’t know what cultivation G.o.d art Lu Ze had, but it was definitely stronger than all the G.o.d arts of the young dukes. The man and Dai Er stopped breathing for a moment. First, it was Nangong Jing, and now, Luo Bingqing too. Their rating of Lu Ze was extremely high. Clearly, this person was stronger than they had thought.

The golden-haired man grinned. “Interesting, the exam is about to begin. I’m getting more and more curious about this kid.” Nangong Jing said nothing. Soon, this man wouldn’t be so calm.

“It has begun!” Someone said. Subsequently, everyone turned their attention to the screen.

Inside the virtual reality, Lu Ze appeared on a rather dry barren land. There were distant volcanoes erupting. Simultaneously, the air was filled with the scent of sulfur.

A few hundred meters in front of him was a ma.s.sive figure.

Its appearance was akin to a huge humanoid creature that was made up of dark gray rocks. It was five meters tall, and like a statue, it was standing still amidst the wilderness. Lu Ze looked at the information.

Kaka Race, Silicon-Based Life Form: A race from the Elf Cosmic Realm. This race wasn’t far from the Milky Way galaxy. G.o.d Art: Earth G.o.d Art

Combat Power: Level 1 of the Mortal Evolution State

Lu Ze just realized that he had seen this life form in the Martial Trial Tower before-although the one he fought was only an abstruse martial state.

Right then, the Kaka being moved. A red light similar to lava flashed along the cracks of its stone body as a violent chi emerged from within.


Its dark red eyes were like two gems embedded on its oddly-shaped head.

At this juncture, a green beam sliced past the neck of the Kaka Race.

Immediately, the roaring stopped, and its head fell off.

Its body turned to a pile of lifeless rocks.


Moving on to the next level, the map remained the same, but the opponent was different.

Lu Ze was now facing a three-meter tall bulky humanoid that had metallic armor and gray skin. There was just one vertical eye on its body and a huge mouth was placed under it.

Dark Metal Demon Race: A race with immense strength and strong defenses.

G.o.d Art: Can turn into steel; Strength G.o.d Art.

Combat power: Level 2 of the Mortal Evolution State

This was a race near the blade demons. It wasn’t far from the territory of humans.

The demon bared its fangs and roared at Lu Ze.

Again, Lu Ze sent out his green jade slash, which then sliced the demon in half.

Unlike his previous opponent, the Dark Metal Demon had blood akin to gray metallic water. Lu Ze didn’t have much interest in delving further.

Second level pa.s.sed.




Lu Ze pa.s.sed every level easily.

The moment Lu Ze managed to kill a level five mortal evolution state blade demon with relative ease, everyone was dumbfounded-even though they thought they had prepared themselves well. Dai Er sighed. “A level one mortal evolution state instantly killing a level five mortal evolution state creature. It is rare in the entire human history for someone to swiftly kill an opponent that was four levels above one’s level, especially in the mortal evolution state.”

Even the strongest bunch of young dukes found it hard to fight those who were four levels beyond their own.

None of them could do it.

The golden-haired man smiled. “I’m not surprised that he can do this. After all, he was appointed as Monarch of the New Dawn by the saints. What happens next is the critical part.”

Everyone nodded at his remark. Now, the opponent was going to be a level six mortal evolution state. This was the final target that the high-level authorities set for Lu Ze.The current scene was in deep s.p.a.ce. In front of Lu Ze was a five-kilometer-long void beast.

It had tens of thousand meter-long tentacles. Its head and mouth were hideous. Its dense rows of red eyes could trigger trypophobia.

The ones he saw in Ena System were much better than this.

Special waves were emitted by the void beast. Such waves attempted to provoke Lu Ze’s mental force. At the same time, its tentacles swept at Lu Ze. The violent chi created storms in the universe.

Lu Ze’s face remained calm. Purple-red runes flashed in his eyes. Accordingly, a lightning spear was formed, which then pierced through the ma.s.sive body of the void beast.

Sixth level pa.s.sed.

The people who were watching this in the examiner’s room were stunned. Their mouths could not help but twitch.

They knew Lu Ze was capable of killing a level six mortal evolution state opponent. However, his manner of directly killing the enemy was too absurd.