Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 470 - This Mental Fortitude Needs Practice

Chapter 470 - This Mental Fortitude Needs Practice

Chapter 470 This Mental Fort.i.tude Needs Practice

Ye Mu and others looked at Lu Ze and Lin Ling with strange expressions. They then s.h.i.+fted their gaze at Miran, not knowing what to say. Excluding Lu Ze and Lin Ling from the ranking would be beneficial for them. However, considering their friends.h.i.+p, this was indeed unfair.

Miran smiled. “Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s situations are special.”

“A student becoming a young duke during his first year has never occurred in the history of the Federal University. As such, the standard for their test should be separate from the others.” Basically, it was an implication of Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s superiority over the other students. It had reached a point wherein it would be considered unfair to hold them under the same standards.

Although it was reality, it was still hard to face it.

Then, Miran said, “Since Lu Ze was appointed as Monarch of the New Dawn, he would receive five hours in the dao enlightenment room. On the other hand, Lin Ling’s appointment as a young duke, despite being a first-year student, ent.i.tles her to the same hours in the room as well.”

Immediately, everyone looked at Lu Ze and Lin Ling with green eyes. They were envious of the two! While they had to fight so hard for the two hours in the dao enlightenment room, Lu Ze and Lin Ling didn’t even need to do anything, and they would instantly receive five hours.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling smiled. They were quite satisfied with this.

Miran continued, “Other than this, if both of you perform exceptionally at the martial arts test, your time in the dao enlightenment room would increase accordingly.” “If you beat a level two mortal evolution state opponent, the time would increase to 8 hours. If the opponent was level three mortal evolution state instead, then you would have 12 hours. Level four mortal evolution state would give you one day while level five mortal evolution state would be equivalent to three days. Level six mortal evolution state then would be a week.

“Lu Ze, Lin Ling, you brought great fame to the Federal University. This is the school’s reward for you.”

“How is it? Are you happy?” Lu Ze: “…” Lu Ze asked, “Then, what about opponents above level six of the mortal evolution state?” Naturally, even Lu Ze desired an opportunity to cultivate in the dao enlightenment room a lot. A time inside the room worked perfectly with his purple orbs. Hence, for Lu Ze’s best interest, he had to clear things up right off the bat. Facing Lu Ze’s question, Miran’s smile froze. He looked at Lu Ze in confusion.

He was well aware that Lu Ze was extremely strong and capable of killing a planetary state void beast. However, that should only be possible with the help of his combat armor and his extraordinary move, right?

The rewards this time were decided by the high-level authorities of the school. They failed to mention anything beyond level six of the mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze looked hopefully at Miran. He wanted to know how much cultivation time he would get for beating a level seven mortal evolution state.

Moreover, what about a level eight mortal evolution state?

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed. The strongest she could face with her current power was only a level five mortal evolution state.

After a while, Lu Ze looked toward Miran in confusion.

What happened? Did he have to look dazed for a long time?

Should he remind him instead?

After all, the exams were about to start soon, right? During this time, a warm voice could be heard at the door.

“If you managed to beat a level seven mortal evolution state, then you will be granted 2 weeks in the dao enlightenment room. Level eight mortal evolution state will grant you 1 month while level nine mortal evolution state gives you 3 months. If you can beat a planetary state, then the dao enlightenment room will be your home from now on.”

The voice just then caused everyone to look over. A handsome golden-haired man smiled as he looked at Lu Ze. Miran’s eyes widened, and he walked up with respect. “Vice-princ.i.p.al Job, why are you here?” This is a high-level planetary state individual!

Usually, it would be quite difficult to find him.

Did he come here for Lu Ze and Lin Ling?

But then, Miran realized that with Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s talent, they would definitely become star states in the future. Even the saints felt Lu Ze had the potential to reach the cosmic system state. It was no wonder that Vice-princ.i.p.al Job came. Job smiled. “I’m just pa.s.sing by.”

He was sent by old man Nangong to protect Lu Ze, but ever since the latter came back, Job didn’t need to follow him anymore. After all, the Dawn System was old man Nangong’s territory.

Job was merely bored, so he came over to look around. He didn’t expect there was an opportunity for him to enter the scene.

He smiled at Lu Ze. “Lu Ze, is this reward good enough?” Job was quite shocked. Since Lu Ze dared to ask, then it should mean that level six mortal evolution state wasn’t a match for him. Meaning, Lu Ze was confident that he could beat those level seven or higher.

Lu Ze had only broken through to the mortal evolution state for around half a month. Being able to beat those who were at level seven or above of the mortal evolution state was extremely shocking. If Lu Ze could really defeat a planetary state, then even the sage, Jinyao, would definitely allow Lu Ze to enter the dao enlightenment room at any time. Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “It’s very nice. Thank you, Vice-princ.i.p.al Job.” During this moment, he felt regretful. If Lu Ze could really beat a planetary state, then the dao enlightenment room would become his home. However, he really couldn’t defeat a planetary state now.

Lu Ze’s heart was bleeding.Job nodded and waved his hand. “No need to mind me. You guys, continue.” Thereafter, he walked away leisurely. Miran glanced at the door for a moment before looking back in the cla.s.sroom. He said, “Alright, all that needed to be said has been said. It’ll depend on your performance from now on.”

“There’s half an hour until the theoretical tests. Prepare yourselves.” All the martial arts students of the Federal University, whether they were from the elite cla.s.s or the ordinary one, were taking the exam together. The subjects of the exam in the morning included Universal Common Language, Blade Demon Language, Elf Cosmic Region and Races, and so forth.

The exam was conducted in the cla.s.sroom. Everyone had a computer.

It was so much harder to cheat in this era. The defenses of the Dawn Network was so insane. If someone could bypa.s.s it, then why would he need to be a student?

Lu Ze had self-studied all the theories and answered the questions with ease.

Two and a half hours later, it was 12 o’clock in the afternoon.

Lu Ze and the rest went to eat lunch first. Thereafter, they proceeded to the virtual reality cla.s.sroom.

Now, it was time for the martial arts examination.