Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 469 - Doesn’t Include Lu Ze and Lin Ling

Chapter 469 - Doesn’t Include Lu Ze and Lin Ling

Chapter 469 Doesn’t Include Lu Ze and Lin Ling

Four days later, in the morning, in the first-year dormitory area of the elite cla.s.s.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes and grinned.

During these four days, he spent his mornings cultivating at Nangong Jing’s place, afternoons increasing his cultivation level, and nights learning the lightning cloud divine art. Today, he finally raised the level of the lightning cloud to perfect mastery.

Right now, the lightning cloud was his strongest means of attack. It even surpa.s.sed the lightning spear.

At the same time, Lu Ze used some of his time to spar with Lin Ling in virtual reality. The battle between them enabled him to discover his flaws through Lin Ling’s spirit eye G.o.d art. After addressing his weaknesses, he improved quite a lot. At least, those beasts whose combat power was at level eight of the mortal evolution state would not be a threat to Lu Ze anymore.

Up to this day, Lu Ze wasn’t able to test his power against a beast with a combat power reaching level nine of the mortal evolution state, but he was willing to try.

Lu Ze got out of bed and smiled.

Today was the end of the semester examination. After this, there would be holidays!

Lu Ze felt great.

He hummed songs as he went to clean himself.

As soon as he got down, someone rang his doorbell. He opened the door and saw Lin Ling and everyone gathered.

Ye Mu and the rest appeared quite nervous. Lu Ze smiled. “It’s just an end of semester test. Why are you all so nervous?” Ye Mu rolled his eyes. “I heard from the seniors that the rewards were quite bountiful. There was even an opportunity to enter the dao enlightenment room. You two use it as your own home, so of course, you’re not nervous.” It was extremely hard for them with their current power to reserve a time in the dao enlightenment room. As such, the end of semester examination was the best opportunity. The compet.i.tion was intense. Both Lu Ze and Lin Ling felt dazed. “Rewards?”

They weren’t aware of the rewards. After all, they barely attended cla.s.s. Most of their time was spent with Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha.

Lu Ze made some calculations. Most likely, he hadn’t been to cla.s.s for two months.

He felt a little embarra.s.sed.

Xuan Yuqi explained, “The specific rewards are different each semester. They might include dao enlightenment room, spirit gathering room, rare spirit fruits, or academic credits. The teachers would announce it today.”

Lin Ling glanced at everyone and smiled. “You guys are all level nine abstruse martial states. It wouldn’t take you long to reach the core martial state. There should be no one who can match you among your cla.s.s, right? Then, it is highly likely that you would get the rewards.” They were probably the strongest bunch in the cla.s.s.

Everyone then exchanged glances with each other.

Xuan Yuqi said, “I won’t go easy.”

Ian nodded. “Me neither!”

All of them were in agreement.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling smiled without adding anything. Eventually, Lu Ze said, “Let’s go.”


Lu Ze used wind G.o.d art to take everyone to the school building

On the way, students went in either by flying cars or running in groups. Upon seeing Lu Ze’s figure and the rest, they all looked over with admiration. Ye Mu and everyone were really lucky.

Lu Ze and the whole group walked into the building and found that there were only a few people present.

Their speed was much faster than flying cars and people running on the ground.

Soon, they found a corner to sit on, and as time pa.s.sed, people started coming in. Ten minutes later, the cla.s.sroom was filled with first-year elite cla.s.s students. At this moment, a gray-haired, middle-aged man entered.

This was their cla.s.s teacher, Miran Cale. His cultivation level had reached level five of the mortal evolution state. During the entire semester, Lu Ze had only encountered him twice. If today was counted, then now would be the third time.

Miran glanced across the cla.s.s when he got on the stage before speaking. “Today is the end of semester examinations. I believe all of you here didn’t waste time this semester.”

“However, I still must say that there will be excellent students from the ordinary cla.s.s challenging you. If your progress won’t be enough, then you need to move aside.”

“The martial arts elite cla.s.s only needs the strongest, most hardworking, and talented students.”

These words turned the atmosphere tense. There were some changes in the expressions of some students.

Miran continued, “Of course, there are punishments for students who don’t work hard enough, but there were also rewards for those who do.”

“Your talent shouldn’t be bad since you made it here. Show everything you’ve got in the exam and we’ll give rewards accordingly.”

With those words, the atmosphere finally lightened. Most students were rather pleased with their progress.

“Lastly, this is also the most important point.” All the students looked over. Seeing this, Miran smiled. “It seems you have heard your seniors talking about it.” “That’s right, there will be a ranking. The higher you are, then the better the rewards.” “1st place, 10,000 academic credits, two hours in the dao enlightenment room.” “2nd place, 8000 academic credits, one hour in the dao enlightenment room.” “3rd place, 5000 academic credits, half an hour in the dao enlightenment room.” “4th…”

Everyone listened quietly. Only the top three had a chance in the dao enlightenment room. After that, there were other rewards. Still, they had to fight for it.

But… several people looked at the expressionless Lu Ze and Lin Ling. Their eyes showed some helplessness.

Two monsters were in their year level.While their combat power had just reached the core martial state, those two had already broken through to the mortal evolution state. They should eliminate their hopes for the top two and focus on reaching the third rank instead. The top people in the cla.s.s looked at those who posed a threat to them. Simultaneously, they became filled with fighting spirit. Meanwhile, Lu Ze thought, ‘Two hours was such little time.’

He glanced at Lin Ling, who was also bored.

Miran then said, “There’s one more thing that I believe quite some students would be happy to hear.”

Lu Ze looked up with some antic.i.p.ation.

Were there some secret rewards? Miran smiled. “The ranking for the rewards I have just mentioned will not include Lu Ze and Lin Ling.”

Lu Ze: “???”

Lin Ling: “???” Despite the shortness of the period awarded in the dao enlightenment room, it was still an opportunity inside the room after all. Wasn’t it too inappropriate to just exclude them? Lu Ze felt dissatisfied with the unfairness. He and Lin Ling were students of the Federal University as well.

Meanwhile, the other students tried to hold in their laughter. They couldn’t laugh right now. What if Lu Ze and Lin Ling hated them for it?