Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Region of the abstruse beasts

Entering the inspection center, Lu Ze arrived before a blue scanning pod under the guidance of the personnel there.

The staff member pressed a b.u.t.ton and the pod slowly opened, showing a small, narrow s.p.a.ce.

Then, the staff member smiled. “Lu Ze, please enter the scanning pod. On top of that, place your storage type device on the stand to the left. It needs to be scanned too.”

Then, his eyes glanced across Lu Ze’s black storage ring. He could tell that this was a storage device.

Lu Ze nodded and went into the pod.

Then, he took off his storage ring and placed it on the stand.

Inside was only the clothes that his mother prepared for him. He didn’t really care.

The main reason he brought the ring was to store the ingredients!

But now, Lu Ze felt a bit worried.

He didn’t know how this scanning pod worked. There was a strange dimension in his mind. Would that be discovered?

But clearly, Lu Ze had worried too much.

In just ten seconds, there was a beep and the screen displayed that everything was normal.

The staff member returned the black storage ring to Lu Ze and smiled. “Lu Ze, the inspection is done. Please put on this bracelet. This bracelet contains a map of the planet and will record your location as well as your points. You’re a seed, so there will also be a live broadcast of you.”

Lu Ze looked at the dark bracelet and felt shocked. Was this thing really that powerful?

He wondered if there were beauty filter effects.

But then he thought, he was already so handsome. Even without a filter, he could charm thousands of girls.

The staff member continued explaining, “At the same time, if the wearer receives a lethal attack, the bracelet will release a spirit power s.h.i.+eld that can block the attacks of level nine spirit beasts. It will also send a help signal to the rescue center. There are rescue personnel that will come to help you.

“Of course, if the defense s.h.i.+eld is activated, it means your trial is over.”

Lu Ze nodded and put on the bracelet.

Then, the staff member said that he could leave.

Lu Ze left and headed towards the resting hall of their school.

As soon as he entered, he saw quite a few students muttering as they looked outside the window at the distorted time and s.p.a.ce which was a result of the warp drive engine.

“How long will it take to reach planet Nanfeng?”

“I checked before coming. Our warp drive isn’t very powerful, so it will take six hours. This amount of time is just enough for all of us to get checked.”

“When we get to planet Nanfeng, it will be night.”

“Pretty much, but the department of education probably wants to test our adaptability. After all, nighttime is more dangerous than day.”

“Adaptability? How? I’ll go find a place to hide until day arrives. Whoever survives till the last is the winner!”

At this moment, Xu Yang saw Lu Ze walk in and waved his hand.

As soon as Lu Ze walked over, Xu Yang dragged him over to the screen. “Ze, look, on the level ranking of students in this trial, the first is spirit martial state level five!”

Lu Ze looked up and saw a leaderboard. The very top showed the ten people with the highest cultivation states.

The first was Kaqisi, spirit martial state level five. The second was Tao Dao actualisation, spirit martial state level four. The third was Lin Ling, spirit martial state level four.

The fourth to tenth were all spirit martial state level three. As a level nine martial warrior, Lu Ze didn’t even know what ranking he could reach.

So these guys were all this strong?!

He heard that Ren Zhan and Lin Huan were only in the spirit martial state.

“Ze, I heard that your power is beyond spirit martial state level one, are you confident in taking them on?”

Lu Ze smiled. “I haven’t fought them yet, so I don’t know.”

Soon, the mothers.h.i.+p left warp drive and the scene outside went from a twisted s.p.a.ce tunnel back to the vibrant cosmos.

“Students, please return to your own s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. We will be deploying soon,” a soft voice sounded from the speakers.

Everyone went back to their s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps through the buses.

Then, s.h.i.+ps left the huge Telun 1 one by one.

“Look!” many people exclaimed.

People saw that there were two same-sized mothers.h.i.+ps nearby.

There were also dense cl.u.s.ters of s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps leaving the mothers.h.i.+ps like locusts.

“They’re the s.h.i.+ps of the students from planet Hei Yan and Jing Ping, right?”

Everyone looked at the scene in awe.

All the s.h.i.+ps flew in the same direction and soon, they saw a completely green planet that was decorated with a few spots of blue.

This was the site of their graduation trial grounds, planet Nanfeng.

“Okay students, we’ve arrived at planet Nanfeng. You will be deployed on the planet, so you must make a decision on where to be deployed. Where do you want to be deployed?”

A staff member walked inside the s.h.i.+p and asked.

Everyone looked at Lu Ze.

After all, he was the strongest in their school.

He should be the first to pick.

Seeing all of the students look at someone who wasn’t even a spirit martial state warrior, the staff had a sliver of interest in his eyes. “Student, which region will you choose?”

Lu Ze smiled. “I choose the floating light forest.”


Everyone, including the staff, burst out in shock.

That was the only region with abstruse beasts on the planet.

Abstruse beasts were beasts on par with abstruse martial state warriors.

It should be a restricted area that no one goes to.

But Lu Ze chose his first stop to be there.

No one dared to believe this.