Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 468 - Almost Didn’t Beat It

Chapter 468 - Almost Didn’t Beat It

Chapter 468 Almost Didn’t Beat It

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched, and he took out another regeneration G.o.d art orb. “Yingying, do you want more?” Yingying answered, “Yes!” Once more, Lu Ze fed the orb in his hands to Yingying.

After ten more orbs, Yingying finally shook her head. “That’s enough. I’ve learned it already.”

Lu Ze: “…”

It was no wonder she was born a cosmic realm state being.

Lu Ze gave the other G.o.d art orbs to Yingying. Soon, she learned all the G.o.d arts that Lu Ze knew. This entire process took less than five minutes. Lu Ze felt a painful ache in his heart. How long did it take for him to learn everything? Suddenly, he felt as though he was stupid. Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling were also dumbfounded. They suddenly lost so much confidence. However, Yingying was from the star spirit race after all. She was different from humans. There was no point in comparing.

Lu Ze smiled. “Okay, there’s no more left. That’s all I have.”

Nangong Jing also said, “Yingying, you can remove the force field now.” Yingying nodded. Accordingly, the starlight field disappeared.

It was already night time outside. Lin Ling said, “I’ll go cook dinner first.”

After dinner, Lu Ze and Lin Ling left Nangong Jing’s home. Meanwhile, Yingying stayed to sleep there. Lu Ze and Lin Ling flew in the night sky. The wind blew past their faces, soothing their skin. Lu Ze could even smell the faint aroma from Lin Ling.

At this moment, Lin Ling suddenly said, “Ze.”

Lu Ze looked at her. “What’s up?” Lin Ling opened her mouth, but then, she looked away in the next second. “No, nothing.” Lu Ze: “???”

During this time, Lin Ling spoke again. “I’m a mortal evolution state, so can we spar tomorrow?”

“Sure.” Lu Ze nodded. So that’s what she wanted to say? “Mhm, see you tomorrow.” They had arrived at the dorms. Lin Ling waved her hand to Lu Ze as she proceeded to her dorm.

Back in his room, Lu Ze cleansed himself and sat on the bed.

His Blue Bird 1 divine art, lightning spear, super regeneration, and black gold battle armor had all reached perfect mastery. He could control them freely and utilize every ounce of power efficiently. Even if he used a few of them at the same time, there wouldn’t be an unnecessary waste of energy. Perfect mastery of divine art was indeed extremely powerful.

As for lightning cloud divine art, it was still stuck at familiar mastery, but it wasn’t far from perfect mastery. It could allow Lu Ze to move faster while remaining more stable. Of course, it was also very strongalmost on par with the lightning spear in terms of power.

If his lightning cloud divine art reached perfect mastery, then he would be able to fight a level nine mortal evolution state, right? A level one mortal evolution state being fighting against a level nine mortal evolution state! Surely, this would seem absurd to others.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

On the barren lands, Lu Ze opened his eyes.

He looked around and noticed that there were no wild beasts present, so he concealed his chi and flew off.

With his combat power reaching level eight of the mortal evolution state, he could kill level five mortal evolution state rabbits and possums, but they weren’t the best option anymore. Four hours later, Lu Ze landed under a huge tree and saw a huge figure. It was a huge fox that was over 100 meters long and 30 meters tall.

Its fur was burning like flames. Simultaneously, its resting figure also seemed very elegant. Level 5 mortal evolution state firefox! Lu Ze’s eyes turned cold as he flashed with silver light.

s.p.a.ce transmission G.o.d art!


A small figure appeared above the napping fox. Such a figure was Lu Ze. Lightning crackled and gathered on Lu Ze’s right hand.

Sensing this threat, the fox immediately looked up at Lu Ze mercilessly. Thereafter, the flames on its body began to burn intensely.

The scorching fire waves penetrated through Lu Ze’s body.

So powerful!

Lu Ze felt stunned. This firefox’s combat power was definitely nearing level nine of the mortal evolution state.

A deep grunt came from its throat as it opened its mouth. Thereafter, a swirling fireball formed.


A vibrant red pillar shot out of its mouth. Lu Ze’s eyes went cold as a black gold battle armor formed.

At once, the lightning spear that formed on his right hand collided against the fire pillar. Rumble!!

Along with the shocking explosion, fire and lightning spread across everywhere. The huge tree instantly turned to dust under this inferno. Violent spirit force ravaged the area. Lu Ze didn’t stop at all. He appeared to the left of the fox’s stomach. Purple-red lightning crept all around his body.



He aimed his fist and punched the fire fox’s stomach.


The fox maneuvered its body, and the huge flaming tail swept at Lu Ze.


Another clash and the two retreated tens of kilometers each. The wilderness was utterly destroyed by the fire and lightning. While retreating, a complex rune flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes.

Rumble!! A patch of lightning clouds formed above Lu Ze’s head. Lightning surged and a green flow of light flickered in Lu Ze’s eyes. He disappeared from the spot and launched an attack toward the firefox. The speed of the lightning cloud was only at level six of the mortal evolution state, but the lightning bolts were much more powerful than before. It struck the firefox with such power.


After clas.h.i.+ng more than a few hundred times, Lu Ze’s black gold battle armor was riddled with cracks. His face had also turned pale. The pretty fur of the fox was scorched. Purple-red lightning jumped around its elegant body. With every jump, it would shudder lightly. The pain caused by the evolved lightning G.o.d art was very intense. Even this fox couldn’t handle it well. Accompanied by a furious roar, flames slithered around the fox’s paw as it hit Lu Ze’s body.

Lu Ze surged with a beam of lightning once more.

Lightning spear! Rumble!

Even though Lu Ze’s small figure couldn’t match the size of the fox’s paw, the clash of his fist and the latter’s paw reached a stalemate. Suddenly, three purple-red lightning bolts shot down from the clouds and burrowed deeply on the back of the fox. Immediately, its back was scorched.

The fox wailed as its chi went chaotic. Lu Ze instantly appeared behind its back and threw out a lightning spear! Thereafter, the huge fox was buried into the ground by Lu Ze.

Seeing the fox still struggling in the trench, Lu Ze flashed with lightning. Subsequently, he struck down, despite feeling weak. His feet carried violent power, which then trampled the fox’s back.


The cracks in the ground spread even further. By now, the fox was dead.

Lu Ze panted as he watched the fox turn to dust.

He almost didn’t beat the fox.In this situation, Lu Ze couldn’t even run as he didn’t have enough energy. It would be up to fate whether he would live or die.

Lu Ze looked at the eight red orbs, seven purple ones, as well as the vibrant red fire G.o.d art orb. Then, a smile crossed his face.

His fire G.o.d art hadn’t improved for a long time!

He picked up the orbs and quickly flew off with the energy he just recovered.

Before Lu Ze could finish thinking, a distant heavy growl could be heard. Accordingly, he felt an extremely hot chi rapidly closing in, and his vision went dark.

When Lu Ze woke up, he was back in his room.

Which boss was it this time?

Indeed, with the increasingly chaotic fluctuations brought about by his battles, more bosses were likely alarmed. Nevertheless, Lu Ze didn’t have any means to prevent that. When the pain dissipated, he used a special purple orb from the fox and began learning the lightning cloud divine art further.