Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 462 - Not Important if I Can Beat It or Not

Chapter 462 - Not Important if I Can Beat It or Not

Chapter 462 Not Important if I Can Beat It or Not

Ten hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes again. This time a gray rune flashed under his eyes while a gray mist surrounded his entire body.

Super regeneration divine art, experienced mastery!

With just 23 hours, all three of his divine arts had reached experienced mastery. Lu Ze was dumbfounded.

Oh s.h.i.+t, I’m so strong!

Lu Ze pondered about his progress. With four of his divine arts reaching experienced mastery, then his combat power had now reached level seven of the mortal evolution state in all facets. The lightning spear divine art would be stronger due to the evolvement of his lightning G.o.d art. It was even approaching level eight of the mortal evolution state. At the same time, his other divine arts weren’t lacking either. Among those who had reached level seven of the mortal evolution state, he was by no means weak.

Even if Lu Ze didn’t use the lightning cloud divine art, he still had a higher chance of killing a level four mortal evolution state rabbit.

He even felt he could fight those level four mortal evolution state possum at his current state.

Originally, a level four possum was faster than he was, but now, he was confident that he wouldn’t lose in terms of speed.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and checked whether he could enter the pocket hunting dimension. Right at this time, he couldn’t yet. Thus, Lu Ze decided to keep learning the lightning cloud divine art.

Since five special purple orbs that were level four were consumed already, Lu Ze settled with using a level three special purple orb.

It had half the effect, but he could only make do with it now.

An hour later, Lu Ze opened his eyes, wherein a complex purple-red rune flashed.

With this speed, he would be able to reach experienced mastery in three days. He was quite hopeful to see how strong the lightning cloud divine art would be then.

Lu Ze went into the pocket hunting dimension. Before anything else, he peeked around to see if there was a boss.

He was still traumatized from last time. He completely didn’t know when that golden needle tiger even arrived.

Lu Ze concealed his chi and flew off into the distance.

Two hours later, a gra.s.sy plain with a diameter of tens of kilometers was encompa.s.sed by lightning clouds. Thunderous sounds spread throughout the entire area.

Lu Ze flew in the air-easily dodging the earth spears-as he formed a lightning spear and launched such toward the fleeing level four rabbits.


The level four rabbit’s barrier was soon broken. Lightning rain fell on its body as its life force gradually disappeared, accompanied by its distressed moans.

Lu Ze landed from the sky.

With his Blue Bird 1 divine art reaching experienced mastery, his speed had greatly increased. Prior to such, he had to carefully dodge the earth spears. However, he could do it now with ease.

He was becoming more and more familiar with his lightning cloud and lightning spear divine arts. A single level four mortal evolution state rabbit couldn’t escape at all.

Lu Ze gathered the orbs and searched for his next target.

An hour later, Lu Ze looked at a distant gra.s.sy plain. The place was over 100 kilometers in diameter. It had a thousand-meter tall tree. The canopy of the trees covered the sun like a huge umbrella.

Nearly a hundred possums were on the plains.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He hadn’t fought possums yet after learning his new divine art.

Would he be able to beat them?

In terms of speed, attack, and defense, all those level four mortal evolution state possums had a power equivalent to level seven of the mortal evolution state.

He didn’t have as much stamina as they had, so Lu Ze needed to be stronger in order to survive.

Lu Ze soon dismissed his previous thought. After all, he could only find out by fighting. Hence, he flashed with silver light and appeared above the barren plains. Then, the lightning cloud covered the entire place. “Chit?”

“Chit chit?”

The possums looked up dazedly at the lightning cloud. Instantly, lightning rain fell down and landed on the possums. Upon sensing the danger, they immediately started running toward the outside. Those possums with G.o.d art flashed in purple lightning. They were extremely fast. Meanwhile, those possums without G.o.d art had difficulty fleeing.

When the lightning rain hit the ground, those level two and level three mortal evolution state possums with G.o.d art already escaped the range of the lightning cloud. Only those that were level one and without G.o.d art remained, and they died on the spot.

Lu Ze didn’t mind these small fries. His gaze was fixed in the direction of the tree. There was a level four mortal evolution state possum in that place.

That was his target. Rumble!

At this moment, the tree flashed with purple lightning. Thereafter, a beam of purple and yellow darted in his direction with extreme speed.

Feeling this chi, Lu Ze’s eyes focused. The green wind spun as his black gold battle armor formed instantly.


Lu Ze clenched his fist and punched. His fist instantly collided with the possum’s claw. Due to this clash, the lightning rain halted for a moment before dropping down once more.

Lu Ze frowned after sensing the powerful force from his fist.

The star crippling punch couldn’t increase his combat power as much as the other divine arts. A star crippling punch with perfect mastery only bore a power that was at level six, and such level was only attained with the help of his black gold battle armor, which amplified it further. In turn, the black gold battle armor mitigated most of the impact of the power caused by the clash. The remaining power couldn’t even injure him. This time, Lu Ze didn’t use a lightning spear to attack from a distance. The long-ranged attacks wouldn’t pose a threat to the extremely fast possum. He needed to keep the possum busy at a close range. As long as they didn’t leave the lightning cloud’s area, the possum wouldn’t be able to last long with its barrier.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze didn’t need to constantly use energy to maintain the armor.

As such, Lu Ze just used black gold battle armor divine art and star crippling punch to wrestle with the possum. Rumble!!

The sound of the collision and the shock wave spread across every direction, creating craters all over the ground. Even the huge tree was broken.


After tens of clashes, Lu Ze’s armor was. .h.i.t by the huge claws of the possum. As a result, the armor cracked, and a terrifying power poured into his body. Lu Ze felt his bones cracking with a crisp sound as he spat a mouthful of blood. He was forced back more than ten kilometers away before stopping.

Subsequently, his body glowed with gray light.

Super regeneration!

At the same time, the black gold battle armor was reformed. Without a moment of rest, Lu Ze appeared before the possum that tried to escape from the lightning cloud’s range. Fortunately, that possum was slower than Lu Ze due to the interference from the lightning cloud.

As soon as Lu Ze caught up, he punched without hesitation.

Chit chit!

Lu Ze’s fist clashed with the huge paw again.Rumble!

Both of them were repelled by the force of the collision-ending up a few hundred meters away. Thereafter, Lu Ze chased after the possum once more.

It didn’t matter if he could beat it or not. What mattered was that Lu Ze didn’t let it escape from the lightning clouds.

Rumble! Rumble!

In half a minute, Lu Ze and the possum clashed more than a few hundred times. Lu Ze’s armor was crushed five times. His face was pale. In addition, there was blood on his mouth, and his chi was much weaker.

On the other hand, the possum’s earth barrier appeared as though it was about to crack at any moment.

Every time it tried to run, Lu Ze would stop it.

After waves of rain fell on the barrier, the barrier finally shattered upon the final clash.