Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 461 - Body and Psychological

Chapter 461 - Body and Psychological

Chapter 461 Body and Psychological


After the barrier was broken, countless raindrops fell on the three range rabbits. The purple-red lightning poured into their flesh and destroyed it.

These three rabbits that were at level three of the mortal evolution state weren’t able to last long. Upon the barrage of the violent lightning, their life forces were completely wiped out in a short time.

On the other hand, Lu Ze’s lightning spear clashed against all the earth spears. After such a collision, the lightning spear turned extremely dim, but its trajectory didn’t stop as it proceeded to hit the heavy barrier set up by the level four rabbit with the lightning rain.


An explosion reverberated. The barrier shook for a few times, but it soon regained its st.u.r.diness.

Lu Ze felt this was normal. It wouldn’t be too plausible for the weakened lightning spear to break the barrier in one go.

Moreover, on the ground, earth G.o.d art had a great advantage.

Lu Ze wasn’t too worried since there was only one level four mortal evolution state rabbit this time. Without its friends, no one would be able to erect another barrier anymore if the strength of the level four rabbit was drained.

The wave at this moment was balanced!


The rabbit wanted to run outside the lightning clouds.

Lu Ze was speechless watching it struggle. They were all so timid.


Lu Ze grinned. If he let it flee like that, how could he be a cold and merciless jungler?!

Lu Ze instantly appeared in the direction where the rabbit ran.

As long as he didn’t move the lightning cloud, Lu Ze’s speed would be equal to level six of the mortal evolution state. Meanwhile, the rabbit boss became even slower under the bombardment of the lightning rain. It was too easy for Lu Ze to stop it.

“Get back!”

The lightning spear gathered and instantly shot toward the rabbit boss.


The rabbit roared furiously as an earth wall formed from the ground, blocking the lightning spear.

A terrifying explosion occurred, but Lu Ze didn’t even look at it. He circled around the earth wall while keeping his eyes on the rabbit boss. He feared it would fly off in another direction.

If it ran outside the lightning clouds, Lu Ze didn’t have much hope in dealing with it.

Indeed, as soon as Lu Ze went around, he saw the rabbit sneaking toward another direction.

“Go back!”


Another lightning spear was launched at the rabbit boss.

At this moment, the lightning spear also broke the earth wall and attacked the yellow barrier.

The force of the spear and rain made the rabbit stop for a moment. Consequently, the barrier shook vigorously. “Gu!”

Feeling the lethal threat, the rabbit shot out earth spears once more. Rumble!

Another clash occurred as the lightning spear crushed the earth spear. Without stopping, it heavily struck the barrier.


The barrier then shattered like gla.s.s, and the endless rain landed on the rabbit’s huge body.

The lightning produced sizzling sounds as it covered the rabbit’s earth-colored body.

The rabbit slowed down even more. Its body started trembling intensely.

It moaned painfully. Unlike the level three rabbits before, its body was strong enough to not die instantly.

In just a few seconds, the rabbit’s chi started to slowly dissipate. Eventually, it fell on the ground with a heavy thud. Its pretty earth-colored fur was burned, quickly turning black as its body emitted an enticing aroma.

Lu Ze looked at the lifeless rabbit and felt relieved. He dispersed the clouds in the sky.

His face was a little pale, and his chi was weakened.

During the whole process, Lu Ze had used three lightning spears. If it were just the lightning cloud alone, he would be able to hold on for 10 minutes. However, that time was greatly reduced with the use of the lightning spear.

At most, if he were to release seven lightning spears, then he wouldn’t be able to sustain his lightning cloud divine art.

Sure enough, such duration was lacking.

Lu Ze was a bit helpless, after all, his cultivation level was still low at the moment.

Still, he managed to kill the level four mortal evolution state rabbit boss with the three lightning spears.

Looking at the body of the rabbit, Lu Ze felt elated. He could actually kill a level four mortal evolution state rabbit boss!

As the body turned to dust, six vibrant red and five purple orbs remained. There was also another earth G.o.d art orb.

Lu Ze grinned.

Level four mortal evolution state orb would provide him huge improvements.

Lu Ze quickly collected these orbs and the other ones.

Just when he was about to leave, he turned around and saw a two hundred meters tall golden needle tiger looking at him.

Lu Ze: “…”

Oh s.h.i.+t! When did this boss come over?

While Lu Ze was frantically complaining in his heart, the tiger roared. Violent and sharp air current flowed out of its mouth, which then swept over Lu Ze’s body like iron knives.

Lu Ze felt extreme pain all over his body. He wanted to hold on, but he soon lost his consciousness.

Back in the dao enlightenment room, Lu Ze opened his eyes.

His body ached, but such pain wasn’t comparable to the psychological damage he received

He was roared to death by a boss.

Could you believe that?!

He couldn’t even survive a roar?

He was really a noob.

However, looking at the orbs in his mental dimension, he felt better. In time, that golden needle tiger boss would only be lying dead in front of him.

Lu Ze still had 14 days left in the dao enlightenment room. He needed to improve all his divine arts to perfect mastery.

The lightning spear had reached experienced mastery. It was difficult to raise it to perfect mastery, so he could only put it aside for the moment.

The lightning cloud divine art was at a higher level than the other divine arts and harder. He could let it go for now.

Lu Ze had Blue Bird 1 divine art, black gold battle armor, and super regeneration divine art. They were all at familiar mastery. It wasn’t hard to bring them to the level of experienced mastery.

In the end, Lu Ze selected the special purple orb that was at level four of the mortal evolution state. He then started learning the secrets of the Blue Bird 1 divine art further.Six hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes.

Blue Bird 1 divine art, experienced mastery!

Lu Ze almost couldn’t believe this speed!

He closed his eyes once more and began learning the black gold battle armor divine art again!

Seven hours later, his black armor appeared. It became more exquisite and detailed. Lu Ze immediately had a violent and domineering chi.

Black gold battle armor divine art, experienced mastery!

The corners of Lu Ze’s mouth rose crazily. This speed was so much faster than he had expected.

There were two of those purple orbs left. He closed his eyes and continued.