Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 463 - You First, You First

Chapter 463 - You First, You First

Chapter 463 You First, You First

Almost instantly, the body of the fat possum was flooded by the lightning rain. The rain wanted to enter its body. However, the possum had lightning G.o.d art as well.

Suddenly, a burst of purple light flashed across the possum’s body. It was an attempt to repel the lightning rain.

On the other hand, the current purple-red lightning G.o.d art was an evolved one, which was extremely powerful. Despite the efforts of the possum to repel Lu Ze’s attack, a trace of the lightning rain remained and continued to pour into the body of the creature.

“Chit chit chit?”

The severe pain made the possum howl in disbelief.

Why was this lightning G.o.d art so painful?

As the purple-red lightning damaged its body, it also became slower.

Seeing this, Lu Ze used his remaining energy to form a lightning spear. “Die!”

The lightning spear instantly penetrated through the possum and annihilated its life force. The lifeless body of the possum crashed from the sky, leaving a crater on the ground upon landing. Lu Ze panted heavily and wiped the sweat from his forehead. His eyes flashed with excitement.

He really managed to kill it!

Understandably, Lu Ze had used up almost all his energy. After all, the possum just now was much stronger than the range rabbit.

He felt great! With this kill, he would have more options for hunting.

Since the level four possum died, those other possums that were watching the scene outside the range of the lightning cloud fled. Lu Ze didn’t follow them anymore due to his depleted energy.

Soon, the carca.s.s of the fat possum turned to dust. Along this process, seven red and six purple light orbs were left behind, along with a lightning G.o.d art and earth G.o.d art.

Lu Ze happily picked them all up. Then, he looked around vigilantly. There was no boss around him currently. He felt that he was quite lucky. The wilderness was so vast, but how come he managed to meet several of them just now? Eventually, Lu Ze didn’t think much of this matter anymore. He proceeded to leave.


Right then, an aggressive growl radiated from heaven and earth. The entire land seemed to be trembling vigorously.

Lu Ze looked into the distance in disbelief.

Four earth pillars suddenly landed from the sky. The top of the pillars pierced deeply through the clouds. Due to this event, Lu Ze immediately felt his body being crushed by an immense pressure.

In just an instant, Lu Ze’s vision went dark, and he lost consciousness thereafter.

When he regained his sight, he was already back in the dao enlightenment room. Even up to this point, his brain still couldn’t grasp what transpired.

s.h.i.+t! Just what was that?

The entire barren lands seemed to have been crushed by that thing. Recalling the scene, Lu Ze felt it was akin to doomsday. That scene was extremely terrifying.

It must’ve been a super boss.

Lu Ze shook his head. Those bosses were out of his league.

He shouldn’t even think about fighting those bosses without reaching the star state or cosmic system state.

It was a good thing he collected the orbs from the fat possum. Otherwise, he would cry to death.

Lu Ze went to check the various...o...b.. he gathered in his mental dimension. After thinking about it, he settled with a level four mortal evolution state purple orb and began to further his understanding of the lightning spear.

13 days later, noon.

A sudden sound echoed throughout the dao enlightenment room.

“Lu Ze, your time in the dao enlightenment room is up. Due to your status as Monarch of the New Dawn, you are ent.i.tled to have your cultivation time extended by three days if there’s a special circ.u.mstance. The amount of contribution needed will be deducted during your following visit.” Lu Ze felt dazed upon hearing the announcement.

As it turned out, there were more benefits in becoming a Monarch of the New Dawn?

Although it would still be deducted from future rewards, such extension privilege would be very useful under special situations.

Nevertheless… Lu Ze didn’t choose to extend the time.

17 days inside the room had already brought him tremendous benefits.

Lu Ze smiled and got up. Subsequently, he opened the door.

“It’s Lu Ze?” someone exclaimed. Lu Ze followed the direction of the sound and looked over. There were two guys and two girls standing outside.

Lu Ze addressed the two people at the front and smiled at them. “My time is up. You can go in.”

Seeing Lu Ze smile at them, the two young girls blushed.

The golden-haired girl spoke to the black-haired girl. “Yixiang, how about you go in first? I’ll wait for the next one.”

Yixiang smiled. “No no no, Lily, we’re good friends. You can go first. I can wait.”

“No no no, you first, you first…” “Oh no, you first…”

Lu Ze: “???”

Since when were girls so polite these days?

Lu Ze frowned. “Time in the dao enlightenment room is precious. How long are you guys going to be like this for? If you’re not going in, then you can let others go in first.”

This caused the other two guys to glance at Lu Ze in surprise. It seemed Lu Ze wasn’t a bad guy.

With an apologetic tone, Lily offered to the two guys behind them, “You guys can enter first.”

As a result, both the guys glanced at each other. Thereafter, one of them went in. Meanwhile, the two girls were planning to talk to Lu Ze. However, two more doors opened during this time. Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha walked out.

Nangong Jing saw these two girls and said, “The door is open. You can go inside…”

Yixiang and Lily: “…”

The two exchanged glances with each other. Both of them wore dumbfounded expressions. They then went inside obediently under Nangong Jing’s gaze.

They didn’t want to get beaten up.

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s go find Lin Ling.”

The three walked toward the spirit gathering rooms.

Lin Ling could only stay inside for 10 days, so they agreed for her to cultivate here first and wait for everyone.Lin Ling was already waiting outside. The group then headed out to the city.

Back at the gate, the stationed guardian was still Derrick. He glanced at Qiuyue Hesha, but seeing that Qiuyue Hesha didn’t even look at him, he smiled at the group without saying anything

Outside the city, Lu Ze and the rest entered the Golden Whirl and flew toward old man Nangong’s shack.

Inside the s.h.i.+p, Nangong Jing lay on the couch and drank a bottle of alcohol.

“Ah- It’s quite refres.h.i.+ng to drink after cultivation!”

Lu Ze, Lin Ling, and Qiuyue Hesha glanced at her speechlessly.

She was beyond help.

On the side, Qiuyue Hesha glanced at Lu Ze. “How did it go, little brother Lu Ze?”