Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 460 - Strength and Weakness

Chapter 460 - Strength and Weakness

Chapter 460 Strength and Weakness

At this moment, another level four mortal evolution state rabbit noticed that something was amiss. Immediately, it sustained another earth barrier. The original barrier immediately crumbled and the lightning rain fell against the newly-erected barrier.

Lu Ze’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He originally thought that he was close to killing off these rabbits, but he didn’t expect the sudden developments.

However, Lu Ze sensed his remaining stamina. Right now, he still had more than half left.

We’ll see who can last longer today!!

At this moment, the rabbits suddenly roared. Thereafter, the two rabbits that were at level four of the mortal evolution state took the other five rabbits as they run toward the distance.

Although their speed was reduced due to the bombardment of lightning rain, they still managed to cross tens of kilometers in an instant.

After covering some distance, these rabbit bosses brought up an earth dragon that took them away into the distance.

Lu Ze felt a little confused while looking at the earth dragon. He thought he was going to fight until the end with these rabbits. Yet, they ran off.

Where was their honor as bosses?!

Lu Ze was planning to follow suit, but he came to realize that if he desired to move while maintaining the stability of the lightning clouds, then his speed would be greatly reduced. In that case, such a speed would only be equivalent to level three of the mortal evolution state.

If he went any faster, the lightning clouds would probably collapse. It wasn’t too plausible to catch them with such a speed.


But soon, Lu Ze grinned pridefully. He was quite strong now.

If it was yesterday, then even if he just encountered one rabbit that was at level four of the mortal evolution state, there would be a need for him to run. However, now, he chanced upon two, but they were the ones that had to run.

Soon, he landed on the ground and picked his...o...b.. while evaluating his new divine art.

He only had one word for it.


Although in terms of instantaneous explosive power, it would be no match for the lightning spear. However, this was natural since his level of mastery over the two divine arts differed. He only had familiar mastery for it while his lightning spear had already reached the experienced level.

The most important thing was that the new divine art can absorb spirit force from s.p.a.ce to sustain itself.

For this powerful divine art, Lu Ze only needed to supply around one-third of his energy.

The energy that Lu Ze used was allotted to stabilizing the cloud and extracting the spirit force from s.p.a.ce. Most of the energy of the cloud came from s.p.a.ce.

It was really powerful!

His other divine arts all required him to provide the energy.

Moreover, even though the divine art was capable of executing a powerful ranged attack, the energy consumed was not more than that of Blue Bird 1 divine art.

Even if Lu Ze used them simultaneously, he was confident that he could last ten minutes.

However, this divine art had its drawback as well.

If he wanted to move the lightning cloud, his divine art mastery needed to reach the experienced level.

If he wanted the cloud to follow him however he wished, then he would probably need to wait until reaching perfect mastery.

Lu Ze was aware that it would probably be difficult for him to kill level four mortal evolution state rabbits with just the lightning clouds alone.

In his current situation, the only threat he can pose against level four rabbits with G.o.d art was lightning spears. Lu Ze’s eye flickered slightly. An idea had dawned on him.

He intended to combine the lightning spear and the lightning cloud. In this case, he might have a chance of killing a level four rabbit.

As for a level four possum, Lu Ze didn’t plan to attack it for the time being. It had earth and lightning G.o.d art after all. As such, it would have much stronger resistance against lightning G.o.d art. Furthermore, it was faster than the range rabbits.

Lu Ze flew off into the distance in search of more prey. He could only beat the range rabbits and fat possums now.

As for other beasts like the stone-armored boars, Lu Ze hadn’t seen one lower than level three of the mortal evolution state. In addition, they lived in groups that had a boss which was at least level five of the mortal evolution state. Lu Ze couldn’t mess with them at all.

Lu Ze dodged bosses wave after wave and sneaked attacks on small groups of rabbits and possums.

Two hours later, he looked at a distant gra.s.sy plain. There were tens of huge rabbits eating there. One of them had reached level four of the mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze flashed above the plain.


Lightning cloud spread across the entire gra.s.s plain, covering the sun along the way. As a result, the gra.s.s plain became pitch-black. The rabbits looked up at the lightning snakes in the lightning cloud and immediately planned to flee.

However, the rain fell and instantly covered all the rabbits. Those rabbits without G.o.d art were killed almost instantly.

Moments later, only three rabbits with G.o.d art that was at level three of the mortal evolution state and one with G.o.d art that was at level four of the same state managed to survive.

They bared their sharp fangs at Lu Ze. Thereafter, Lu Ze felt a terrifying wave from the earth. Earth spears with a power that had reached level seven of the mortal evolution state shot toward Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was ready for this as green light flowed across his eyes. He dodged the spears one by one.

Although his speed didn’t reach level seven of the mortal evolution state, the long-distance attacks gave him more room to evade.

At this point, the lightning clouds began to shrink. The remaining three rabbits that were at level three of the mortal evolution state could barely move without the barrier propped up by the level four rabbit.

The level four rabbit noticed this. It immediately wanted to go and save his little brothers.Currently, Lu Ze’s eyes went cold as a hundred-meter long lightning spear appeared before him.

Lu Ze felt his energy drop by a huge amount, but he didn’t have the time to care anymore.


This purple-red beam shot toward the level four rabbit.

The rabbit growled and stomped heavily on the ground. Earth spears shot up, which then proceeded to greet the lightning spear.


This clash disturbed the lightning rain in all directions. However, in an instant, the rain covered the entire place once more.

Those rabbits were struck by the rain. Accordingly, their barriers shattered.