Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 457 - Remember This

Chapter 457 - Remember This

Chapter 457 Remember This

Lu Ze sat on his bed with a dazed expression, completely unaware of how he died just now.

His body was convulsing in pain, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He couldn’t help but fall back on the bed, looking lifeless.

Whatever. He died already. He was used to this.

Half an hour later, the pain on Lu Ze’s entire body subsided. He then closed his eyes and looked at the orbs in his mental dimension.

He killed four rabbits and possums, which had reached level three of the mortal evolution state and had also possessed G.o.d arts. In sum, there were 25 special red orbs that were level three and 24 purple orbs.

As for the earth G.o.d art orbs, he had managed to gather three, while for the lightning G.o.d art orb, he had one.

The level two mortal evolution state beasts with G.o.d art also dropped tens of special red and purple orbs.

At this point, Lu Ze didn’t need level two special red orbs for cultivation anymore.

His body grew many times stronger when he broke through to the mortal evolution state. He was confident that he could easily handle the energy of the level three special orb.

As for the special red ones that were at level two and level one, Lu Ze planned to give them to Lin Ling and spare a portion for Alice and Lu Li.

He was going to enter the dao enlightenment room tomorrow. He could use the G.o.d art orbs there, so right now, he just focused on increasing his cultivation level.

Lu Ze drew in a level three special red orb to test the waters.

As soon as the orb entered his body, Lu Ze felt a gentle and powerful force entering his body. Countless spirit force was drawn inside him from s.p.a.ce, which then entered his Ren and Du meridian, leading into the formation of planetary seeds.

Lu Ze felt that one wasn’t enough for him, so he drew in another one. Even with that, it still didn’t feel good enough, so he brought in an additional.

The energy contained in those three special red orbs that were level three was akin to a tide. It even made his current body feel some piercing pain.

However, this pain was nothing for Lu Ze. He didn’t even frown.

Two hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes and checked his progress. According to this speed, he would only need a month to reach level two of the mortal evolution state.

This was rocket speed. After all, he was referring to the mortal evolution state.

Who dared to make small-scale progress in the mortal evolution state within a month? Even the alcoholic and fox demon needed a few months to break through to a slightly higher level.

This wasn’t even Lu Ze’s fastest speed.

By the time his divine art reaches the perfect level of mastery, Lu Ze is confident that he could kill level four mortal evolution state beasts with G.o.d art. At that point, his cultivation speed would be even faster.

Would he be able to reach the planetary state before finis.h.i.+ng his first year?

At this speed, he could probably reach the star state before graduation?

Early the next morning, Lu Ze got down the stairs. Subsequently, he heard a knock. Accordingly, he opened the door and came face to face with Ian who was blus.h.i.+ng as usual.

Ian looked at Lu Ze with admiration.

Lu Ze: “…”

Lu Ze took a step back. He then realized Ian had company. Ye Mu and the rest were present as well. He smiled at everyone, “Come in, what’s up?”

Ye Mu rolled his eyes. “You made such a commotion as soon as you got back. The internet is filled with news about you.”

Xuan Yuqi grinned. “Monarch of the New Dawn Lu Ze just used two days to break through to the mortal evolution state. People are going crazy.”

Ian said with excitement, “Ze is really amazing!”

Tianyuan Qianhua stared at Lu Ze for so long that he felt embarra.s.sed. Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “Why are you looking at me like this?

Tianyuan Qianhua sighed. “I really want to know how you were born. Why are you such a prodigy?”

What could he do about this?

All these achievements were made possible in exchange for dying every night.

Xavier smiled at Lu Ze. “Ze, we’ve discussed throwing a celebration for you and Lin Ling. What do you think?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Sure, but it’ll have to wait until next semester. We’re entering the dao enlightenment room these few days. By the time we come out, it would be the end of the semester examinations.”

These people listened with envy. It was just one semester, and yet, Lu Ze and Lin Ling nearly stayed there for two months. It was like the dao enlightenment room was their own home.

Who wouldn’t be envious? Still, they knew this was due to Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s contributions.

At this moment, Lu Ze said, “By the way, Lin Ling and I will be holding a celebration for becoming a young duke, you guys can come too.”

“Hehe, I’m going to ask everyone to prepare rare foods for us as gifts. Oh, and wine too since teacher Nangong requested for that.”

Everyone: “…”

Seeing the proud look on Lu Ze’s face, everyone felt confused.

So these are the thoughts inside the head of a prodigy? They were indeed different. As such, they didn’t know what expression to look at Lu Ze with.

After some period of silence, Ye Mu smiled. “We’ll be attending the cla.s.s first. Lin Ling still seems to be cultivating. You can tell her about the celebration. Anyways, hehehe….”

Ye Mu revealed a somewhat lewd smile.

Lu Ze looked at him with pity because Lin Ling was standing at the door. They failed to notice her presence since their backs were facing the door and Lin Ling was so much stronger than they were.

Ye Mu turned around and planned to leave, but when he saw Lin Ling standing at the door expressionlessly, his smile immediately disappeared.

Ye Mu’s mouth twitched. He then said, “You don’t need to do anything, I understand!”

Immediately, he ran out of the room and jumped into the lake.

Everyone was speechless at his actions.

Right then, Lin Ling said to the others, “I heard about the celebration.”

Tianyuan Qianhua blinked her eyes and smiled. “Lin Ling, we’ll be going to cla.s.s first. We won’t disturb you two.”

Lin Ling: “…”

Did Ye Mu infect her? Things between her and Lu Ze weren’t what they thought it was.

Why did they all give her a look like that? Lin Ling nodded.

Ye Mu climbed out of the lake at this juncture. On the side, Lu Ze was speechless. He remembered how this guy was copying the cold demeanor of Luo Bingqing, but it seemed he had completely given up on it now.Lu Ze let out a smile. “Let’s go too.”

Lin Ling nodded.

They were going to planet Jinyao now for solitary cultivation.

They proceeded to Nangong Jing’s home.

Upon arrival, Qiuyue Hesha, Nangong, Jing, and Yingying were already there. They were eating Xingzhan fruit pancakes happily.

Nangong Jing saw the two enter and smiled. “I always feel that when I’m eating this, I remember your young duke t.i.tle. It’s like eating you.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He was going to remember this.