Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 456 - What Happened Just Then?

Chapter 456 - What Happened Just Then?

Chapter 456 What Happened Just Then?

An hour later, a grin crossed Lu Ze’s face as he looked at the gra.s.sy plain tens of kilometers away.

Found it! On that particular plain, 12 earth-colored rabbits could be seen.

Among them, the strongest was a level three mortal evolution state range rabbit. Two of the rabbits were at level two of the mortal evolution state while the other nine were at level one of the mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze discovered that a small group of rabbits, as compared to a large pack, were typically stronger.

In a relatively large group of rabbits, such as one with 12 members, a level three mortal evolution state wouldn’t normally appear in their ranks.

Still, this was beneficial for Lu Ze. At least, he could hunt level three mortal evolution state rabbits in peace now.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze’s eyes slowly turned cold. A silver light flashed across and he disappeared from the spot. Thereafter, he appeared in front of that happily-grazing level three mortal evolution state rabbit.


Purple-red lightning went to surround Lu Ze’s entire body, burning the air and making it sizzle. Quickly, the lightning condensed and transformed into a lightning spear-a terrifying chi came along with it. The range rabbit was rather alert while it grazed the land. The moment Lu Ze first appeared, the long ears on the back of its head stood up. The rabbit then turned to look at Lu Ze.

The instant the lightning spear was formed, the rabbit’s body flickered with an earth-colored light. Lu Ze, who had just condensed the lightning spear, suddenly felt the violent fluctuation under his feet.

It was the earth spear of the range rabbit!

Once more, Lu Ze disappeared from his position as the light flashed in his eyes. Simultaneously, the lightning spear in front of him was launched toward the range rabbits.


Sensing the threat of the incoming lightning spear, a thick earth barrier emerged to cover the entire pack of rabbits. Consequently, the lightning spear collided heavily against the barrier.

Rumble!! The impact produced a deafening sound, and the purple-red sparks spread across all directions as incessant sizzling sounds filled the area. The sparks left a trail of burnt gra.s.s in its wake.

At the same time, the violent spirit force ravaged the earth, sweeping past toward the distance.

One rabbit that was at level two of the mortal evolution state whined as the residue of the lightning swept across the barrier, causing the latter to fluctuate.

Without hesitation, the rabbit ran off into the distance.

However, at this juncture, another lightning spear was launched across the air, instantly piercing through the runaway rabbit.

Since the rest of the rabbits didn’t possess G.o.d art, they were fried upon being hit by the lightning, quickly turning into charcoals and instantly dying! At the center of the collision, the barrier erected by the level three mortal evolution state rabbit was shattered. Even though the lighting spear was greatly weakened, a piece of it still remained.

The surviving spear struck heavily on the rabbit’s body.


The huge body of the rabbit was forcefully thrown away due to the impact. It plowed through dozens of kilometers of land before gradually stopping. The body of the rabbit left off a smell of burnt meat, which wafted across the air.

Lu Ze couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. This smelled really good! He really wanted to eat it, but he couldn’t!

However, after seeing the body of that rabbit turn to dust, Lu Ze smiled. He managed to kill a level three mortal evolution state rabbit with G.o.d art!

During his previous hunting experience, he was confined to being chased around by those kinds of range rabbits.


Soon, Lu Ze realized something. The stronger the beasts were, the more vigilant they were. As soon as Lu Ze appeared, the rabbit reacted accordingly. It directly sent an earth spear toward Lu Ze, who, in turn, failed to form his lightning spear at its peak state.

Lu Ze’s ability to kill the rabbit could only be attributed to his much-improved power. However, it would be an entirely different outcome if the opponent was a level four mortal evolution state rabbit. It wouldn’t work if he wanted to use s.p.a.ce G.o.d art to get closer.

It seemed that he couldn’t probably ambush a level four mortal evolution state rabbit. Even so, Lu Ze still wanted to try and see whether he could fight a level four mortal evolution state boss.

While Lu Ze was having such thoughts, the corpse of the rabbit turned to ashes, and a group of orbs was revealed.

Six red ones and five purple orbs, as well as an earth G.o.d art orb.

Lu Ze happily collected all his loot.

Then, he flew off into the distance.

Two hours later, Lu Ze looked at a group of 23 rabbits pa.s.sing by in the distance. His eyes exhibited a solemn expression.

In a span of two hours, he came across three more waves of rabbits and possums, but the strongest among those groups had only reached level three of the mortal evolution state.

Although this loot could be considered good for Lu Ze, it was not sufficient to satisfy him.

But this time…

The leading rabbit of this pack was a level four mortal evolution state. It was over 20 meters tall. This rabbit possessed a powerful chi.

It was a boss for sure!

Lu Ze grinned and put up his 1st s.h.i.+eld. He reappeared above the head of the level four mortal evolution state boss that was more than 100 kilometers away.


A lightning spear was formed.


The rabbit suddenly stopped.

Suddenly, Lu Ze felt a powerful ripple from the ground.


Four of the twenty-three rabbits flashed with an earth-colored right.

Other than one rabbit that was at level four mortal evolution state, there was also one that was level three and two ones that were level two.

The earth spears instantly flew out and shot toward Lu Ze.

The powerful forces twisted the air.

In an instant, the lightning spear proceeded to face the strongest earth spears. At the same time, a breeze circulated around Lu Ze. Instantly, he disappeared from his spot.


When both of the spears clashed with each other, a violent vibration was created.

At this moment, Lu Ze appeared before the level four mortal evolution state rabbit. Right then, he let out a punch.

Star crippling punch! Rumble!

The black and gold fist force hit the earth barrier heavily.

Even with a perfect level of mastery, the star crippling fist could only make a ripple on the barrier.

Lu Ze frowned slightly as he planned to attack again. Suddenly, he felt another ripple from the ground.

Once more, Lu Ze managed to dodge it.

Multiple spears plunged toward his original position.


Lu Ze’s battle against the level four mortal evolution state rabbit made the surrounding few thousand-kilometer areas tremble. The center of their battle had turned into a hundred-kilometer wide ditch.

Only the rabbits with G.o.d art managed to survive from that group. The rest of them had all died.

After another collision, Lu Ze frowned. His full-powered lightning spear crushed the earth spear, but the remaining lightning spear could only create a fluctuation on the barrier.

In the end, he couldn’t kill it. Its defenses were too strong. Lu Ze suspected that even if the earth spear didn’t collide with his lightning spear, its power would only be enough to break the barrier.

Its defense was near level eight of the mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze considered killing the level three rabbit first, but each time, his lightning spear would be weakened to the degree that they couldn’t sufficiently kill level three rabbits.

This was quite embarra.s.sing.If this continued further, he felt that he would be fatigued to the point of death.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched as he flashed with a green light, immediately flying off into the distance.

The two furious rabbits wanted to keep chasing, but they could only watch as Lu Ze went farther and farther away.

They might be rabbits, but earth G.o.d art could only contribute a little boost to speed. It was impossible for them to catch Lu Ze.

Lu Ze heard the furious roars behind him. He then raised his mouth slightly.

Catch me if you can!

However, a light swept up Lu Ze’s vision, and a painful sensation overtook his body. The next thing he knew, he was already back in his room.

What happened just now?