Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 458 - This Is Probably a Fake Old Man

Chapter 458 - This Is Probably a Fake Old Man

Chapter 458 This Is Probably a Fake Old Man

Lu Ze picked up a Xingzhan fruit pancake and started eating it happily. Coupled with the soft texture, the flavor of the food evaporated in his mouth. It was really amazing! Each of the five people managed to consume two pancakes. When Nangong Jing was finished eating, she gobbled down the last sip of wine and stood up.

“Okay, let’s head off.”

Nangong Jing took out the Golden Whirl, Accordingly, everyone boarded the s.h.i.+p.

The s.h.i.+p then soared out of the atmosphere and soon entered s.p.a.ce. Half an hour later, they arrived at planet Jinyao.

Golden Whirl landed near the small wooden shack of old man Nangong.

Since they were going to the dao enlightenment room and Yingying wasn’t sleeping now, they needed to send her in the care of the old man first.

Lu Ze and rest alighted the s.h.i.+p. Yingying was carried by Qiuyue Hesha in her arms. Her face was still expressionless, but her eyes revealed some happiness. She hadn’t been here for a long time. She would soon be able to eat roasted fish once more!

Birds chirped in the forest around the shack. Next to the river, a skinny figure sat while holding a fis.h.i.+ng rod.

Yingying’s eyes lit up when she saw old man Nangong. She immediately ran next to the river, then, she looked down into the water.

She asked, “Grandpa, did you catch a big fish?”

Her voice was soft as though she feared scaring the big fish away.

Naturally, the old man already noticed the group. He looked amicably at Yingying and smiled. “Grandpa will catch you a big fish for


Yingying quickly nodded. Thereafter, she thought of something and asked, “Where’s is my little fis.h.i.+ng rod, Grandpa? I’ll help you fish as well.”

The old man smiled as he reached out his hand. A small fis.h.i.+ng rod appeared in his dry palms. He pa.s.sed the rod to Yingying and said, “Yingying is really nice, you know to help grandpa.”

Yingying had some pride in her eyes as she sat next to the old man. In a very familiar manner, she threw the hook out.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched upon seeing this scene. Why was she so familiar with it? It seemed she had fished quite a lot last time she was here. However, looking at the old and young figure sitting down together, the four smiled. They really did seem like a grandpa and granddaughter pair.

Lu Ze and the group walked over and sat next to the two.

Nangong Jing grinned. “Old man, we’re going to the dao enlightenment room to cultivate. Yingying can play here.”

The old man didn’t even look at Nangong Jing and just stared straight at the fis.h.i.+ng hook, fearing he would miss a movement.

He waved his hand with annoyance. “I know, go do what you need to do. Can’t you see I’m busy?”

It was rare for Yingying to come. He was very satisfied to catch fish for her and see her happy.

Nangong Jing: “???”

She looked dazedly at this old man, doubting things weren’t too real.

This was probably a fake old man?

He didn’t push for me to get married? Oh my G.o.d!

Nangong Jing felt that bliss came too suddenly. Perhaps, she was dreaming. She had made up her mind that if she ever came here again, she must bring Yingying along.

The other three also looked at the old man in disbelief. This wasn’t right!

Lu Ze sunk into thought as he wondered whether he should remind the old man. He was no match for the alcoholic and she messed with him before. Now, he wanted to see her being messed with too.

Life felt lacking if the old man didn’t urge the alcoholic to get married.


If he dares to remind the old man now, he could already foresee his forehead being in pain for a long time.

Lu Ze was hesitant, but Qiuyue Hesha grinned. “Old man, about Jing Jing’s marriage…”

“Old man, we’ll be going first!”

Nangong Jing was supposed to send a signal for everybody to leave. However, this fox demon dared to sell her out!?

She was going to duel with her to death when they got back!

She glared at Qiuyue Hesha and ran off back to the s.h.i.+p.

The old man was attentively watching the hook. Right then, he was planning to pull, but Nangong Jing’s yell made the fish scurry away.


Who did I mess with?

I’m just trying to catch a fish for my granddaughter and I would get disturbed?

Lu Ze and everyone quickly escaped. When the old man turned around, everyone was long gone.

His mouth twitched, and he threw the hook back in the water again.

As soon as they got back in the s.h.i.+p, Nangong Jing glared at Qiuyue Hesha. “Fox demon, how dare you!!”

Qiuyue Hesha showed a regretful look. “I’m doing this for your benefit. After all, you’re not too young. It’s time to get married and have a kid. Otherwise, the old man would be very worried.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Lin Ling: “…”

At this time, old man Nangong frowned. He seemed to have forgotten something. He thought about it for a moment. Then, he remembered that there was something he needed to say.

After all, he felt Jing Jing and Lu Ze could try having a kid. He was planning to send a hint to Lu Ze, but Yingying came over, and he was too happy that he forgot about this matter.

Seeing Yingying sit nicely next to him, the old man smiled gently. Nevermind, there will be an opportunity in the future.

The Golden Whirl stopped outside Jinyao City’s s.p.a.ce station. The group got off and walked toward the city.

At the city gates, Derrick was sitting with his eyes closed. Sensing the presence of other people, he opened his eyes.

When he saw who they were, he grinned. “Lu Ze, Lin Ling, congratulations on becoming young dukes.”

He looked at Lu Ze and said with flas.h.i.+ng eyes, “Lu Ze, congratulations on becoming the first monarch of the Federation.”

He also watched the live broadcast. Derrick was in disbelief when Lu Ze was appointed as Monarch of the New Dawn. After all, as a prodigy with a young duke level, he didn’t feel convinced.

However, when he heard that Lu Ze used just two days to break through to the mortal evolution state, he felt completely dazed.

It took him 19 days! This was above average among young dukes. Lu Ze was nearly ten times faster than he was. His skin crawled.

Was the difference between them really this huge?

He grinned. “Lu Ze when are you holding a monarch appointment celebration? To be honest, I believe that you do deserve the young duke t.i.tle, but as for becoming a monarch, I don’t feel so satisfied. I’m going to test your power at that time.” Lu Ze felt stunned. He didn’t expect Derrick to be this straightforward, but at least, this was brought to the surface. He didn’t feel any unhappiness.

Lu Ze had already antic.i.p.ated that people would be dissatisfied with his appointment as a monarch. After all, this was the first in Federal history. There were so many prodigies out there. How could they admit defeat?

Nevertheless, Lu Ze didn’t mind. He would use power to make them admit his status instead.

Lu Ze smiled. “The celebration will be held next semester. Please come, teacher Derrick.”

Derrick smiled. “Don’t worry, there will be a lot of people coming. Of course, I won’t miss

out.”Then, Lu Ze said, “By the way, you must remember to bring rare foods for gifts. Otherwise, I won’t welcome you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Ze suddenly felt the gaze of the alcoholic. His mouth twitched. “Ah, and wine…”

Nangong Jing nodded with satisfaction.

Derrick: “???”

He suspected that he heard it incorrectly.

Rare food and wine for gifts?

What sort of gift was this?

Shouldn’t it be cultivation resources, weapons, armors, or even divine arts?