Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 438 - This Isn’t Being Scared!

Chapter 438 - This Isn’t Being Scared!

Chapter 438 This Isn’t Being Scared!

After glancing at Qiuyue Hesha’s smile for a while, Lu Ze woke up from being dazed. He was a righteous innocent man. How could he get tempted by these minor benefits?

No way!

He was old enough to take a shower by himself

He rolled his eyes and said, “I’m going to shower.”

Then, he went into the bathroom.

Qiuyue Hesha looked at Lu Ze’s back and grinned.

She turned off the projection and went back into her room.

In the shower, Lu Ze relaxed as the hot water trickled down his body. His tense spirit had eased up as well. A hot shower was really comfortable.


wer was

Half an hour later, Lu Ze came out of the shower and saw Qiuyue Hesha wasn’t there anymore.

He didn’t think much about it anymore. Instead, Lu Ze took out Alice’s food for his enjoyment before returning to his room.

Continue cultivation!

Lu Ze sat on the bed and looked at the yellow orb. Should he try digesting it now?

After some time, he decided to use it.

It was just one earth orb. Using it won’t allow his earth G.o.d art to surpa.s.s his other G.o.d arts, but the third map had quite a lot of beasts with earth G.o.d art. It was better to understand it.

Thus, Lu Ze took the yellow orb out of his mental dimension.

Inside his body, the orb turned into a thick and dense special energy.

Lu Ze’s body seemed to have been buried by the earth. Every cell was covered by yellow energy, making them heavier and lose their vitality.

At the same time, knowledge of earth G.o.d art shot into his brain. Lu Ze used another special purple orb that was at level two of the mortal evolution state.

The effects of the special purple orb were very good. Lu Ze immediately felt a clear sensation in his mind as clarity dawned on him.

The profound arcanum of earth G.o.d art had become organized, coordinating perfectly with Lu Ze’s physical body. He could now deeply feel the numerous mysteries of the earth G.o.d art gradually enlightening his mind.

Time flew past. 10 hours later, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. His eyes flashed with the color of the earth as his chi turned heavy.

Earth G.o.d art, learned!

Lu Ze sighed and then waved his right hand. Beams of earth light surrounded it, emitting a strange wave.

So this was earth G.o.d art? With the ground nearby, earth G.o.d art proved to be very powerful whether it was replenis.h.i.+ng energy or buffing G.o.d art.

If one was in an area of dense earth elements, the defensive capabilities of the earth G.o.d art were probably stronger than most G.o.d arts.

However, if one was in s.p.a.ce, the earth G.o.d art would greatly weaken, unless one’s earth G.o.d art could affect planets.

Elemental G.o.d arts would differ in different environments.

Elemental particles were spread out in different places in the universe.


His earth G.o.d art wasn’t strong enough. Still, it could at least weaken the s.p.a.ce interference discharged by the range rabbits.

This time, his running ability improved a little. This could be considered a benefit.

Lu Ze grinned. He looked at the time and saw that there were four more hours before he could enter the pocket hunting dimension. As such, he started learning Blue Bird 1 divine art.

Four hours later, Lu Ze felt the great enhancement of his Blue Bird 1 divine art. In just a few days, he was confident that it would be able to reach experienced mastery.

By that time, his speed could reach level five or even level six of the mortal evolution state.

Then, with his s.p.a.ce transmission, he would be invincible!

Lu Ze collected his thoughts and entered the pocket hunting dimension. When he came in, he saw a patch of forest.

The shortest trees were at least a few hundred meters tall. There were quite some thousand-meter tall trees as well. The canopy blocked out the sunlight. As a result, the light, peeking through the gaps in the leaves, was scattered all around the area.

Lu Ze felt dazed at this scene. He looked around. Behind him was still the vast wilderness, and he was at the border of the wilderness and the forest.

Lu Ze scanned his surroundings and didn’t find any dangerous chi around. He then flew up.

The forest stretched on for over ten thousand kilometers.

He just remembered that the third map was very large, and every time he entered, it was a random location.

So the question was, could he still find that good hunting place from yesterday? With this question in mind, coldness seeped into Lu Ze’s heart.

Not too good. However, there was no point in standing here.

Lu Ze thought about it and eventually didn’t venture into the forest. His instincts told him that the forest was more dangerous than the wilderness.

He had stayed in the wilderness for two days. It felt more familiar to him.

He definitely wasn’t scared!

Then, Lu Ze turned to walk back to the wilderness.

Simultaneously, the place was swept up by a violent power that made the ground tremble.

Extremely far ahead, Lu Ze saw a vibrant red and yellow light flash at the same time.

Subsequently, there were thunderous sounds and shockwaves that reached his current position.

It was thousands of kilometers away, and yet, it could still reach him.

That was a boss for sure.

It was best not to join in the fun.

Lu Ze silently changed directions to flee.

Two hours later, Lu Ze hid in the crest of a tree as he watched 16 wolf-like beasts that were 30 meters tall with red scales pa.s.s by him. He didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

After they disappeared, Lu Ze let out a sigh of relief.

It was another boss! A group of them!

He missed the range rabbits.

He moved off again. After half an hour, Lu Ze suddenly stopped. He looked to the right excitedly.

It was a chi belonging to those who were at level one of the mortal evolution state!

A group of them!

It was the rabbits!

Finally, he found them! Lu Ze happily inched toward them.

After moving nearly hundreds of kilometers, Lu Ze saw a large gra.s.sy plain. There were a few trees growing inside.

He concealed his chi and went into the plains. After evaluating the situation, Lu Ze raised his brow.

He found something strange.

There was much more chi in the gra.s.s plain than the one yesterday.

He sensed nearly 20 chi in the thousand-kilometer perimeter. Although most of them were at level one of the mortal evolution state, two were at level five.

Why were there so many range rabbits? This gra.s.s plain wasn’t even as big as the one yesterday.

Lu Ze was confused, but this was good news for him.

He hadn’t found a level three mortal evolution state up until now. This meant that he didn’t need to run for his life anymore. He had a higher chance of killing more rabbits instead.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze grinned. This was a nice place.

He approached the closest being that had a chi of level one mortal evolution state. Lu Ze still carefully crept up.

When he was only 30 kilometers away from his target, Lu Ze peeped at the range rabbit…


What was that?

It wasn’t the range rabbit but a completely new beast which Lu Ze had never seen before.

It had a round body and sharp ears. Its head was also very round.

Its dark eyes were very cute. In addition, it had short limbs. However, its claws were very flexible. It was grabbing gra.s.s and stuffing it in its mouth with its claws.

This strange animal was only five meters tall. It was much smaller than the smallest range rabbit.

It had smooth yellow fur and a purple stripe at its back, along with a thick, furry purple tail.

Lu Ze felt that it looked like an obese possum.

This animal seemed to be tastier than the rabbits.