Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 437 - Don’t Believe Her Words Anymore

Chapter 437 - Don’t Believe Her Words Anymore

Chapter 437 Don’t Believe Her Words Anymore

Lu Ze looked at his mental dimension. He thought about it for a moment before he finally decided to use the red orb left by the level one mortal evolution state rabbit with G.o.d art.

He wanted to see the difference between this and ordinary red orbs.

As soon as the red orb entered his body, it turned into dense energy that fused into his body.

Lu Ze discovered that this dense energy was similar to the red orbs dropped by the overlords on the second map. It was more pure and gentle than the ordinary red orbs dropped by range rabbits. At the same time, this kind of energy was more than twice as powerful as the regular red ones.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with joy.


If he used such orbs, then he could cultivate twice as fast. Lu Ze then consumed two more red orbs that were dropped by rabbits with G.o.d art. The powerful force washed over his body while drawing spirit force in.

His cultivation speed really doubled. Lu Ze became quite excited.

Originally, he needed 600 red orbs to gather enough spirit force. Within five hours, he was capable of consuming six. If he used 10 hours to cultivate a day, then he could only consume 12 red orbs. In this scenario, it would take him 50 days to reach the mortal evolution state.

However, using these purer orbs, he would now only needed 20 or so days.

Time was money after all. This difference was substantial.

The stronger he got, the more powerful beasts he could slay in the pocket hunting dimension. He would also improve faster.

Lu Ze suppressed his excitement and went back into cultivation.

Two and a half hours later, Lu Ze finished consuming the three special orbs produced by level one mortal evolution state rabbits. He clutched his fists and gauged his improvement.

Lu Ze felt great. Thereafter, he set his gaze on the special red orbs dropped by level two mortal evolution state rabbits. Will the speed increase much faster this time?

With a bit of antic.i.p.ation, Lu Ze guided a special red orb from level two mortal evolution state rabbits toward his body.

As soon as the orb entered his body, it transformed into a ferocious tide of energy. This energy was even better than the one he consumed previously.

He felt he could still handle some additional burden, so he drew in another special red orb.

Immediately, the powerful force ravaged his body. Blood came out of Lu Ze’s mouth.

This was just about enough. If he added more, then he might end up exploding.

Subsequently, Lu Ze closed his eyes and focused on digesting energy

Two and a half hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes once more.

These two orbs helped him cultivate twice as fast as three special orbs at level one of the mortal evolution state.

Consequently, this should mean that one special orb at level two of the mortal evolution state was equivalent to three orbs at level one of the mortal evolution state.

However, since the quality of the level two orb was higher, it was comparatively better in terms of digestibility. As such, the level two orb brought more improvements. Lu Ze had calculated that his current body could at most handle special orbs at level two of the mortal evolution state. As for a special orb at level three of the same state, Lu Ze wouldn’t be able to handle even one.

At this moment, he realized that he couldn’t even beat rabbits at level three of the mortal evolution state that had G.o.d arts. He shouldn’t even dare to think about those special orbs then.

It dawned on Lu Ze that if he kept using level two special red orbs, then he could break through to the mortal evolution state even faster-it would only take about 10 days.

Lu Ze beamed with pleasure.


He saw that he only had nine of those level two special red orbs. Those would last him about 10 hours.

His schedule was that he would spend 10 hours cultivating spirit force, and the remaining time would be used for things like divine art and G.o.d art.

If he wanted to improve his combat power, then he couldn’t just improve his foundation. The reason he could fight so many opponents that were past his own level was due to his divine art and G.o.d art being so much stronger.

Lu Ze continued his cultivation.

Five hours later, Lu Ze finished the last sliver of energy and slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes flashed with a tinge of pain. He used his body’s toughness to forcefully cultivate. Currently, his body was throbbing.

“Not good, I can’t take it. I need some rest…”

If Lu Ze didn’t pursue cultivation speed, then he could just happily settle with only one orb to cultivate.

However, he needed to pay the price for choosing speed.

Lu Ze then closed his eyes and took a break.

Half an hour later, he got off the bed.

The feeling of satisfaction after a painful sensation was not bad. Lu Ze walked out of his room to take a shower.

As he walked toward the living room, he saw Qiuyue Hesha sitting lazily on the couch while wearing a loose pink bathrobe.

There was a holographic screen projected before her.

Lu Ze looked at it. It was a clip of Qiuyue Hesha wearing s.e.xy clothes and dancing on a stage.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. How was she so excited about watching her own videos?

She was really narcissistic.

Sensing the movement behind her, Qiuyue Hesha looked around and saw Lu Ze. She grinned. “Did you finish cultivating, little brother Lu Ze?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Yes, I’m taking a break. I’m going to take a shower.”

Although with their cultivation level, they could stay clean and immaculate, a hot shower was an enjoyment. Lu Ze wasn’t going to give it up because he was strong. Even Qiuyue Hesha, Nangong Jing, and Lin Ling liked hot showers.

However, she smiled really seductively. She was indeed City Charming.

Qiuyue Hesha immediately offered, “Do you want me to scrub your back?”

Lu Ze: “…”

His mouth twitched once more, and he quickly rejected it with a serious tone. “No, thank you!”

She was very evil! How could she really scrub his back?

He would never believe her words again.

Lu Ze quickly tried to clear his mind.

On the other hand, Qiuyue Hesha smiled once more after Lu Ze’s refusal. “I was thinking that while T-Rex and Lin Ling are cultivating, only the two of us are here. I wanted to give you some benefits, but you rejected it. You have quite some principle.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Looking at her pretty face, Lu Ze was confused about whether she meant it.

Was it too late to regret it now?