Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 439 - Scared Into a Ball

Chapter 439 - Scared Into a Ball

Chapter 439 Scared Into a Ball

Lu Ze watched the strange beast, but his eyes gradually went cold.

This little thing looked cute, but he was a ruthless jungler! He wasn’t going to be tricked by appearances. In his eyes, this little thing was red and purple orbs—perhaps even G.o.d art orbs.

His body flashed with silver light as he instantly appeared before the strange little beast.

It was clearly immersed in its food and didn’t notice Lu Ze’s arrival.

Green jade slas.h.!.+

A green beam instantly annihilated this little thing.

Lu Ze looked around and didn’t find any beast noticing his actions. He didn’t know what was special about this beast, but as long as he could hunt it, then it was good.

Seeing the body turn to dust and drop five red and purple orbs, Lu Ze felt happy.

Perhaps he didn’t need to run today! There weren’t any level three beasts around! This was heaven for him.

There would be a huge harvest today!

Thereafter, Lu Ze moved toward another chi that was at level two of the mortal evolution state.

When he neared it, he discovered an eight-meter tall and fat possum.

Lu Ze didn’t hesitate to repeat the hunting process.


The fat possum died!

Lu Ze happily picked up the six red and five purple orbs. Following this, he soon came before another level two possum.

Green jade slas.h.!.+


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At this moment, the possum was covered with a yellow barrier.

Lu Ze was very familiar with this situation. Without hesitation, he formed a lightning spear.

However, what made Lu Ze dazed was that after the possum blocked the strike, it flashed with lightning and darted away. It was extremely fast, even reaching level five of the mortal evolution state!

Lu Ze watched the events unfold as he felt dumbfounded. However, he immediately came back to his senses.

Lightning spear!

The purple-red stream shot toward the fat possum that was 100 kilometers away.


“Chit chit chit!!” the possum squeaked as it erected the barrier once more. Its body swerved to the left as it attempted to avoid the incoming attack. Rumble!!

The lightning spear clashed with the barrier, and in an instant, the barrier shattered. The violent power caused the possum to fly upside down. However, since it managed to dodge in time, coupled with its lightning G.o.d art, the remaining power of the lightning spear didn’t fatally injure it. At most, the possum’s fur was only burnt. In turn, the possum squealed and wanted to keep running.

At this moment, Lu Ze flashed with silver light and appeared next to the possum.

Lightning spear!


The second lightning spear formed and pierced through the possum, annihilating its life force.

Watching the possum slowly drop, Lu Ze was a bit stunned.

Two G.o.d arts and both of them were so strong??

Its defenses reached level five of the mortal evolution state. It was the same case for its speed. If the possum used both G.o.d arts, then its attack might be able to reach level six!?

Oh my! This fat possum was too strong.

He was certain that rabbits of the same level couldn’t beat the fat possum!

This possum even had some of his demeanor! Except for its physical body, it was very strong in all aspects. He wondered whether this fat possum was just a special one or there were also other beasts with two G.o.d arts.

If there were, this third map was stronger than he had imagined.

“Chit chit!!”


At this moment, a violent squeal could be heard. Lu Ze sensed a suddenly rising chi a few thousand meters away. It quickly flew toward his location.

Level three of the mortal evolution state?

Lu Ze’s skin crawled. It wasn’t possible for him to beat it. He then looked at the body that hadn’t turned to ashes yet. At this juncture, he could only bite his teeth and move immediately.

If he didn’t run now, he wouldn’t be able to escape. The level three mortal evolution state possum probably had a speed that was at level six of the mortal evolution state. Even if he used s.p.a.ce transmission and Blue Bird 1 divine art together, he wouldn’t be able to shake it off.

If he was caught in a deadlock and his power was exhausted, then he would have to die.

He used s.p.a.ce transmission to jump 1000 kilometers and then flew off with Blue Bird 1 divine art.

After flying for a few thousand kilometers and using the chi stealth technique, Lu Ze finally got it off his tail.


Lu Ze, feeling a bit speechless, collapsed on the ground. He was wrong. This heaven was too perilous!

It seemed rabbits were better indeed. Their speed was far slower than the obese possums.

Lu Ze missed them, but a night in the pocket hunting dimension seemed extremely dangerous. He didn’t even know if he could survive until daylight. There wasn’t much choice left. The day time should not be wasted on finding a hunting ground. As a consequence, Lu Ze could only keep fighting fat possums.

Soon, Lu Ze recovered and secretly moved toward that body earlier. Luckily, he didn’t sense the level three mortal evolution state possum nearby.

When he looked at the drop, his eyes flashed with surprise and joy. Six red and purple orbs, as well as a flas.h.i.+ng lightning G.o.d art orb!

Lu Ze suddenly jumped and gathered the orbs.


There was a lightning G.o.d art orb drop! Sure enough, the fat possum was better.

Lightning G.o.d art was his strongest G.o.d art right now. If it could improve it, then his offensive power would be enhanced as well.

He had decided to stay here!


Didn’t the possum also have earth G.o.d art? Why was there no orb for it? He thought about this for a while, but eventually, he decided not to dwell on it further. After all, if he kept hunting, he would eventually get those kinds of orbs. There was no point in thinking too much.

Lu Ze picked up his loot and began hunting again. After the ruckus just then, the possums went in threes. Lu Ze felt it was funny thinking about the chubby figure of the possum. They appeared like a ball when scared.

This wasn’t too much of a problem for Lu Ze since there was no level three mortal evolution state nearby. Even if he failed, then he could just run.

Later on, he encountered a possum squad, which consisted of two possums that were at level one of the mortal evolution state and one possum that was level two.

s.p.a.ce transmission!

Green jade slash x3!

The three possums died without making a sound. Subsequently, Lu Ze picked up the drop and changed his targets.


Two hours later.

Lu Ze happily picked up the 20 red and 18 purple orbs from the ground. In just two hours, Lu Ze had succeeded in harvesting more orbs than yesterday! So far, he had killed five possums that were at level one of the mortal evolution state and two ones with G.o.d arts that were level two. He also got another lightning G.o.d art and earth G.o.d art orbs.

Although it was riskier than yesterday, Lu Ze took pride in his ability to escape level three evolution state possums time and time again. The loot today made him laugh his head off.


Lu Ze then found another pack of threes and used green jade slash x3!

Violent chi surged, and Lu Ze launched a lightning spear.


The lightning spear instantly penetrated through the level one mortal evolution state possum.

Chit Chit chit!

There was a furious squeal from afar. Sensing the approaching chi, Lu Ze’s face stiffened.

Oh s.h.i.+t! A level five mortal evolution state boss?!

Lu Ze broke out in a cold sweat. He didn’t even dare to look at the bodies as he disappeared from the spot. When he emerged once more, he was already 1000 kilometers away.

At this moment, Lu Ze sensed a chi rapidly closing in. His mouth twitched, and without hesitation, he kept flying.

Tens of seconds later, Lu Ze saw a 30-meter tall extremely fat possum before him.

He opened his mouth, but before he could even speak, he was enveloped in purple lightning