Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 436 - Did I Encounter a Ghost?

Chapter 436 - Did I Encounter a Ghost?

Chapter 436 Did I Encounter a Ghost?

Two hours later.




Earth spears flew around non-stop around the gra.s.s plain. Violent chi and roars spread across the entire region.

Currently, Lu Ze’s chi turned weak. His body flashed in silver color. Subsequently, he appeared a few hundred kilometers away in an instant.

Thereafter, he used Blue Bird 1 divine art to run away ceaselessly-leaving the plain quickly.

Behind him was a rabbit that over 20 meters tall. Its chi was at level four of the mortal evolution state. Accordingly, the power emitted by the earth spear was extremely alarming

He would definitely die if he took one.

Lu Ze gritted his teeth and drew out his power as much as possible. He switched between s.p.a.ce transmission and Blue Bird 1 divine art as he fleed. It took him over a few thousand kilometers before he could escape the hunt.

He panted on the ground with some residual fear in his eyes. Lu Ze didn’t expect the arrival of a terrifying rabbit on the outskirts of the plains. He almost died.

As he recovered his power, he looked at the direction of the plain. In the depts of the plain, a mountain range could be found. Lu Ze felt that he would be caught before even reaching that place.

That rabbit just then was too powerful. Perhaps, even those stone-armored boars will not be sufficient to beat it.


Lu Ze also gained a lot.

In these two hours, he focused on hunting range rabbits that were at level one and level two of the mortal evolution state. He managed to kill 12 ones that were level one. Among those, three of the rabbits had earth G.o.d art.

As for level two mortal evolution state rabbits, he ended up killing 10. Two among those had earth G.o.d art. Every time he encountered a rabbit with G.o.d art, he needed to cause a big commotion to kill them. Therefore, he had to run six times.

He collected at least a hundred red and purple orbs. His only regret was that he wasn’t able to obtain earth G.o.d art orbs.

Lu Ze suspected that the pocket hunting dimension devoured it.

Did he have to be on the side to get the G.o.d art orbs?

If that was the case, then he wouldn’t be able to get any in a short while.

Lu Ze recovered while pondering. Soon, he was well-rested again. He then crept toward the body of that rabbit once more.

After discovering Lu Ze, the rabbits were quite alert. Still, they couldn’t see the orbs after all. Lu Ze moved carefully toward the location of the body.

However, when Lu Ze saw the orbs, his eyes bulged with joy. There were six red, five purple, and one yellow orb.

Earth G.o.d art orb?


It seemed that he was going to have one extra G.o.d art!

He had been poked by earth spears from these rabbits non-stop. He wanted to try it himself!

Thinking about this, Lu Ze happily collected the orbs.

A while ago, he a.s.sumed that the pocket hunting dimension consumed the G.o.d art orbs already. In this case, was there a probability that there was a drop rate for G.o.d art orbs?


This rate wasn’t high. He had already killed five rabbits with G.o.d art, and yet, only one had dropped!?

Lu Ze touched his handsome face. Would one’s luck drop for being too handsome?

This wasn’t right!

There must be a pattern. He just couldn’t grasp it yet.

Lu Ze shook his head and surveyed the surrounding chi. The rabbits were very alert, so he could only go somewhere else.

He slowly moved out. However, just when Lu Ze was only a few hundred kilometers from the outside, he felt the ground tremble.

Lu Ze felt stunned. All the rabbits seemed to have received some order because they approached the mountain range in an orderly fas.h.i.+on. In turn, Lu Ze carefully avoided a few rabbits pa.s.sing by him.

He became confused. Since when were rabbits so orderly?

What were they planning to do? He looked into the distance. The sun was setting, and the sky was red.

It was getting dark?

Lu Ze raised his brow.

This was his first time experiencing the night on this map. Would beasts be more ferocious?

Lu Ze slowly followed. He thought that he wouldn’t be able to enter that mountain range for a long while. Yet, there was such an opportunity here.

In that case, he would follow suit.

Lu Ze followed behind the rabbits. When all the rabbits entered the mountain range, Lu Ze had also approached the mountains.

Now, the sky was dark.

Unlike the second map, the night here was pure darkness. There was no light in the sky at all.

Even with Lu Ze’s current power, he could only see an area of less than one kilometer.

He carefully inched toward the mountain ranges. After tens of kilometers, Lu Ze had successfully entered.

In the area, Lu Ze could only see that the mountains were piled with several yellow rocks. These rocks were uneven. At the same time, some weeds were growing around the corners.

Lu Ze climbed the rocks. He encountered some caves along the way. Some of these caves were only more than ten meters in diameter, and some managed to exceed fifty meters in diameter.

However, the inside of the caves appeared to be extremely quiet at this moment. No sounds could be heard at all.

Lu Ze went around the caves and kept climbing toward the top of the mountain.

Soon, he reached the peak.

Lu Ze then looked around. All he could see were mountains, but these mountains weren’t high. Some were just a few thousand meters. On this map, even the trees were a few thousand meters tall. Instead of calling it a mountain, it was more like a hill.

From the looks of it, this hill was the hive of the rabbits.

It must be!

Back then, he was a frequent visitor of rabbit hives.

Mhm… he would be the guest at this rabbit cave.

Just as Lu Ze had such thoughts, a painful sensation overtook his senses. Thereafter, he woke up back in his room.

Lu Ze blinked his eyes.

What happened?

What attacked him?

He was on high alert!

Still, he didn’t sense anything at all.

Lu Ze: “…”

Did he encounter a ghost?

Thinking about this, Lu Ze didn’t feel too good. But then, his eyes flashed with sharpness. Even if it was a ghost, it was still inside in the pocket hunting dimension after all. There would be more chances to encounter it later.

Then, he would see what the ghost looked like!

Now, it was time to count the harvest

He checked his mental dimension. Subsequently, he counted carefully. Among the level one mortal evolution state orbs, 69 of them were red while 62 were purple.

Out of those red ones, 17 were dropped by rabbits with G.o.d art while 16 out of the purple ones were also dropped by such rabbits. They were different.

Meanwhile, in terms of level two mortal evolution state orbs, 53 were red and 50 were purple. 11 of the reds ones were dropped by rabbits with G.o.d art while nine of the purple ones were dropped by the said creatures.

There was also an earth G.o.d art orb.

Lu Ze counted this and smiled vibrantly.

This was a huge earning! At least, it was enough for the next few days of cultivation!

Would this be enough for him to break through to the mortal evolution state?