Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 435 - A Different Orb

Chapter 435 - A Different Orb

Chapter 435 A Different Orb

Lu Ze thought about it for a moment and moved closer to the chi that was at level three of the mortal evolution state.

Soon, he discovered the owner of the chi by peering through the gra.s.s. It turned out to be a grazing range rabbit. Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. After seeing so many bosses, he realized just how cute these range rabbits were.

Up until now, he had only found range rabbits that were at level one of the mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze decided to accept the fate of being a rabbit-killer.

He then silently retreated because he didn’t know whether this range rabbit had earth G.o.d art. If it did, then he could still flee. However, running away would be a waste of time, and it wouldn’t provide any benefits to Lu Ze.

Right now, his target should be those rabbits that were at levels one and two of the mortal evolution state. They were easy to kill and wouldn’t cause a ruckus.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze moved away. Soon, he found his target.

It was a rabbit that had only reached level one of the mortal evolution state. Within the thousand-kilometer vicinity of the level one rabbit, only two other mortal evolution state rabbits were present-one was level two while the other was level three.

Lu Ze smiled while looking at the rabbit. It was you!

His eyes went cold as he flashed in silver light. He instantly appeared next to the rabbit.

Green jade slas.h.!.+


The green jade wind blade sliced into the rabbit without resistance. This entire process was very smooth.

For Lu Ze, forming a lighting spear would require a moment. However, this wasn’t the case for the green jade slash. He could use the slash as he will because he had already perfected its mastery.

Moreover, the lightning spear caused too much commotion. It might startle the other rabbits. In comparison, the green jade slash was almost a silent attack.

Sure enough, even when his target rabbit turned to dust, the other two rabbits didn’t notice anything.

Lu Ze picked up the five red and purple orbs and smiled.


He could secretly hunt mortal evolution state rabbits that were level one and level two, allowing him to slowly acc.u.mulate more orbs. By the time he reached the mortal evolution state, he would show those level three mortal evolution state rabbits what’s up.

Soon, Lu Ze found another level two mortal evolution state rabbit. There were also no rabbits above level three of the mortal evolution state within its thousand-kilometer vicinity.

Lu Ze grinned and used s.p.a.ce transmission to appear next to it.

Green jade slas.h.!.+


Just like before, the green jade slash wiped out the rabbit’s life force.

As Lu Ze watched the body slowly turn to dust, he felt great. It wasn’t too hard.

Soon, he could be invincible!

The orbs from the level two mortal evolution state rabbits were bigger than the level one orbs. Their colors were deeper.

Keep it coming!

The plains were vast. Soon, Lu Ze found another rabbit.

It was a level one mortal evolution state range rabbit.

Lu Ze grinned and used the same tactic.

Green jade slas.h.!.+

At this moment, a yellow barrier appeared around the rabbit. The green jade slash created a shocking sound when it slammed against the barrier. The violent clash of power spread over tens of kilometers.

In turn, this violent chi naturally caught the attention of the other rabbits.

Black gold battle armor appeared around Lu Ze to block this shockwave.

However, he felt stunned. Even level one mortal evolution state rabbits could have earth G.o.d art?

He had always thought that such G.o.d art could only be owned by rabbits at level three and above of the mortal evolution state.

Several beings with chi were now approaching toward Lu Ze’s location. Few of them were at level three of the mortal evolution state.

Not good. There were bosses coming.


At this moment, Lu Ze felt the vicious chi from the ground.

Immediately, he moved a few hundred meters, dodging the rising earth spears.

He looked coldly at the rabbit attacking him. How dare this little thing do that!

If it was a level three mortal evolution state boss, he would run, but this rabbit was only at level one of the mortal evolution state!

Lightning spear!


The lightning spear pierced through the range rabbit, finally wiping out its life force.

At this juncture, Lu Ze felt a cold sensation in his heart. He quickly disappeared from the spot in silver light.

Immediately, a few hundred-meter long earth spears flew into the sky.

Lu Ze dashed toward the outside of the plain without hesitation.

Eventually, Lu Ze crossed a few thousand kilometers. Those level three mortal evolution state rabbits couldn’t keep up with Lu Ze at all. Later on, he couldn’t detect their chi anymore after leaving the plain.


Lu Ze wiped the sweat from his forehead and sat on the ground while panting.

He didn’t even have sufficient time to pick up the orbs dropped by that rabbit which had an earth G.o.d art.

What a pity!


He still managed to kill mortal evolution state rabbits that were level one and level two respectively. That was enough resources for a day of cultivation!

This was acceptable!

Lu Ze felt happy again.

Simultaneously, he planned to go back to that place. Perhaps, the orbs were still there.

After half a minute, Lu Ze recovered and concealed his chi. Thereafter, he crept toward where the rabbit died.

A few minutes later, Lu Ze carefully moved to the location of the body.

There were six red and five purple orbs. These orbs were similar to the ones dropped by ordinary level one mortal evolution state rabbits. However, in the center, the vigorous red energy seemed to have condensed into a vibrant red liquid.

The purple orbs also condensed into a drop of mysterious purple liquid?

Would it be better in quality?

Lu Ze was hopeful.

However, Lu Ze became disappointed after discovering no G.o.d art orbs were present.Still, since he got orbs with better quality, Lu Ze was pretty satisfied.

At the same time, he had a bold idea. Since these drops wouldn’t disappear, he could kill those rabbits with G.o.d art and then flee.

That way, he would acquire much more.

Thus, Lu Ze began to execute his plan.

Perhaps due to his ambush, the rabbits weren’t so dispersed. They ate gra.s.s in groups of twos and threes.

Lu Ze didn’t mind. He could still change places.

Ten thousand kilometers later, the rabbits in this region weren’t so alert. Most of them were alone.

Seeing this, Lu Ze’s smile became evil.