Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 434 - Bosses Everywhere

Chapter 434 - Bosses Everywhere

Chapter 434 Bosses Everywhere


Lu Ze had just flown for a thousand kilometers when he heard an angry growl coming from his behind. Along with those sounds, there was this powerful chi approaching him as well.

However, due to the limited increase in speed brought about by the earth G.o.d art, the speed of that level five stone-armored board just then could not even reach level six of the mortal evolution state.

Since its speed could only reach level five of the mortal evolution state, it ended up far behind Lu Ze.

After covering a few thousand kilometers, Lu Ze soon landed on the ground. Subsequently, he used his chi stealth technique. Thereafter, he changed direction and quickly took off.

When Lu Ze had run for nearly ten thousand kilometers once more, he finally couldn’t sense the powerful chi from before. Accordingly, he stopped.

Lu Ze wiped some sweat from his forehead. These boars were much more ferocious than the rabbits. Those rabbits didn’t even chase after him, but these boars did.

Luckily at a far distance, his s.p.a.ce transmission couldn’t be interfered with. It would be more convenient for him to escape with such G.o.d art.

Lu Ze felt great at this moment. He ran super fast!

However, after noticing his depleted energy, his earlier delightful mood sunk again. Without the supply of red orbs, he wouldn’t be able to hold up well if he were to continue running with just his regeneration G.o.d art.

Lu Ze looked around and saw that there was no danger, so he sat down to recover his stamina.

After just a few dozen seconds, Lu Ze had completely recovered. He got up and flew toward another direction.

Lu Ze didn’t dare to give up!

It was impossible that weaker beasts did not exist on this map.

It must be that he hadn’t flown far away enough yet!

Half an hour later, Lu Ze snuck into some dry bushes. He peeked at an enormous figure a few hundred kilometers away.

It was a feline animal-about 30 meters from the shoulder—with a faint golden fur. This creature had extremely sharp teeth.

Every time it raised its claws, Lu Ze could see that such knife-like claws were a few meters long with a faint golden color as well. Its claws sliced across the air, and the air itself seemed to have been sliced apart.

Moreover, every time its thick tail swept, waves of violent winds would be created, blowing the sand away from the ground.

On its back, a row of a few meter tall golden needles was erected.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

He couldn’t mess with this…

Just from its chi, the animal had already reached level six of the mortal evolution state. Even if it didn’t have G.o.d art, Lu Ze might not be able to beat it. On the other hand, if it had G.o.d art, then, in that case, Lu Ze might not be even able to escape.

Was there no ordinary prey for him to hunt?

Lu Ze slowly moved away. After a while, Lu Ze remembered that he hadn’t named the cat yet.

It resembled a tiger, was golden, and had needles. As such, he would call it ‘golden needle tiger’!

Half an hour later, Lu Ze hid at the top of a one-kilometer tall tree and looked at the huge beast on the ground.

That beast was 100 meters tall. Its body was covered in red scales.

In addition, it had thick hind legs and comparatively thinner front legs. Its head had three sharp red horns that looked hideous. Somehow, it was a bit similar to a T-Rex, but it was much more ferocious.

With every step it made, the entire ground trembled. At the same time, the air was twisted around it. Steam was even coming out. Clearly, the temperature was extremely high.

At this moment, the beast suddenly roared.

The terrifying air and sound wave swept over a hundred kilometers. Within the affected range, the leaves shuffled and fell. Even though Lu Ze was a few hundred kilometers away, he could still feel the surrounding temperature rise.

Lu Ze: “…”

When would he be able to beat this?!

Its cultivation level had already reached level eight of the mortal evolution state, and clearly, that beast had fire G.o.d art!

Its power should not be weaker than a mortal evolution state at the peak stage. Perhaps, its power might be even close to the planetary state rather?

Oh my G.o.d…

This map was too dangerous! There were bosses everywhere!

Suddenly, a black beam appeared in the air, instantly penetrating through the head of the beast before Lu Ze. As a consequence, its head hit the ground heavily. Screech!

There was a smooth huge hole left on the ground. Black smoke was coming out of such hole—there wasn’t even a trace of cracks around it.

Lu Ze: “???”

He could only look at the corpse of the terrifying beast. Everything happened so quickly that Lu Ze didn’t have enough time to react accordingly.


How did you die like that, boss??

Lu Ze snuck behind the leaves and tried his best to conceal his chi—not daring to move.

At this moment, a black and white beam flew over and landed next to the beast’s body.

Lu Ze watched silently-leading him to identify the perpetrator. It turned out to be two ma.s.sive snakes. Their bodies were over a thousand meters long. Both appeared to be extremely pretty, as though they were made of white and black jade respectively.


Lu Ze suddenly had the feeling that these two snakes were quite familiar. He seemed to have seen the two on the second map.

They were the ones who were displaying their affections publicly. At that time, Lu Ze sensed that these two bosses were extremely strong. However, he didn’t expect them to be this strong!

Their chi was approaching the planetary state, and by the looks of it, they definitely had G.o.d art.

So… their combat power was not lower than the planetary state, right?

Perhaps they were on par with the alcoholic and fox demon, weren’t they?

Lu Ze could not help but shrink before the domineering beasts. They probably didn’t have an appet.i.te for someone as small as him, right?

Luckily, these two didn’t seem to be interested in him. They immediately flew up, carrying along the body of the dead beast through the black smoke which wrapped around the latter.

Fortunately, he was small.

Lu Ze was proud of his size. After waiting for a while, Lu Ze left the tree and flew off.

In the ensuing three hours, Lu Ze flew over hundreds of thousands of kilometers. He had found several new beasts.

For instance, there was a beautiful fox that was nearly 30 meters tall. Its fur was burning. Hence, Lu Ze named it ‘firefox’.

There was another goat-like beast that had one faint golden horn. It was earth-yellow in color with a height of nearly 30 meters tall. Lu Ze called it ‘golden-horned goat’.

That flock had a few hundred of them. Their manner of walking was extremely c.o.c.ky.

Some beasts lived alone while some lived together. Those beasts who were independent were very strong. They had reached, at least, level five of the mortal evolution state. Meanwhile, those who lived in packs had beasts at level two and level three of the mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze had scoured for a long period of time. As such, he couldn’t help but admit in defeat that he was probably only capable of beating the rabbits and nothing else. This was agonizing for him.

Even that could cost him his life…

So, was he a noob hunter again?After seeing numerous bosses, Lu Ze wasn’t hopeful of leaving the pocket hunting dimension alive. Still, his death should at least be meaningful. He couldn’t just die from killing a level one mortal evolution state range rabbit.

This time, he had to kill two at least.

Soon, he had stumbled upon an extremely wide barren plain. He didn’t sense any danger in the air, so he flew forward. However, he still couldn’t see the border of the plain.

Lu Ze raised his brow. At an extremely far side of the plain, there was an area that was protruding. It seemed like a mountain range. He thought about it for a moment. In the end, he decided to visit that location.

He landed on the ground once more and

meters tall. Lu Ze’s body was completely covered by the gra.s.s.

He slowly walked toward the mountain range. However, Lu Ze halted his movements soon.

Within a thousand-kilometer radius from him, Lu Ze noticed the presence of six chi. Their chi was, at most, at level three of the mortal evolution state.