Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 433 - How Can One Be Scared Without Fighting?

Chapter 433 - How Can One Be Scared Without Fighting?

Chapter 433 How Can One Be Scared Without Fighting?

When he finished a.n.a.lyzing the information on the third map, Lu Ze closed his eyes and began to prepare for cultivation.

Subsequently, his mental force entered his mental dimension. In addition to the blood lightning and lightning divine art rune, there were six more red orbs and five purple orbs.

Their quality was slightly inferior to the ones from the overlords of the second map, but they are much substantial in quant.i.ty.

In general, it would be useful enough for the current Lu Ze.

He then fell into contemplation as he looked at the collection of orbs. When Lu Ze fought against the rabbits, the latter, through their own G.o.d art, constantly interfered with his s.p.a.ce G.o.d art. As a consequence, he had to consume much more energy than usual.

It seemed that these beasts were smarter than void beasts. If only they could be as dumb as those void beasts.

Since his s.p.a.ce transmission was suppressed during combat, he needed to rethink his speed.

Lu Ze was originally planning to improve his black gold combat armor to an experienced level, but now, there was an apparent need for him to enhance his Blue Bird 1 divine art instead.

His cultivation level also needs to advance as well.

As long as he can break through to the mortal evolution state, those level three mortal evolution state rabbits would definitely be no match for him.

Lu Ze looked at the orbs and drew a purple orb inside him. Then, with a clear mind, Lu Ze started learning the Blue Bird 1 divine art.

Eight hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes. He used up four purple orbs. As a result, his Blue Bird 1 divine art improved quite a bit. However, he still needed some time to reach a familiar level of mastery.

Lu Ze sighed and got off the bed. He walked toward the living room. No one was there.

Following that, Lu Ze had some food before returning to his room.

This time, he consumed the red orbs to increase his spirit force. Once he had enough spirit force, he would be able to break through to the mortal evolution state.

Those red orbs at level one of the mortal evolution state weren’t too effective for Lu Ze. Still, they weren’t entirely useless in terms of building up spirit force.

A tinge of pain overtook Lu Ze’s senses. He then raised a brow. This pain was nothing. It was almost like a ma.s.sage.

Eventually, he used his mental force to bring the second orb into his body.

The pain suddenly rose a level, but it still wasn’t intense enough.

Without hesitation, Lu Ze brought the third orb inside. The pain escalated again.

It was fine…

He could still add more if pain tolerance was his only concern. However, if he put another orb, his body might not be able to handle it.

At that point, he would be forced to use his energy to activate his regeneration G.o.d art that will repair the wounds. As such, his current state was much more preferable—it was just right.

Two and a half hours later, he used up the three orbs. Without stopping, he used three more.

Another two and a half hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes and exhaled slightly.

Perhaps his foundation was too solid, the spirit force he needed to break through to the mortal evolution state was too much. The six red orbs, which were at level one of the mortal evolution state, could only account for less than 1% of what he actually needed.

In conclusion, he might need 600 orbs at level one of the mortal evolution state to successfully break through to the mortal evolution state.

This meant about 100 range rabbits which had reached level one of the mortal evolution state.

As it turned out, he was going to become a rabbit hunter once more.

His body underwent some considerable pain after that five hours of intense cultivation. After such, he got off his bed to stretch his body and then took out Alice’s food.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze regained his prime condition and happily sat back on his bed.

His red orbs were depleted, and there was one purple orb remaining, so he closed his eyes to learn Blue Bird 1 divine art.

Two hours later, the purple orb was used up. Accordingly, Lu Ze began to use the purple aperture opening state ones, so he could carry on with learning Blue Bird 1 divine art.

Soon, it was already night time. Lu Ze proceeded to enter the third map.

On the barren land, a fierce glint could be seen within Lu Ze’s eyes. He was going to farm well!

A green light wrapped around Lu Ze’s body, eventually turning him into a green stream. Quickly, he disappeared from his current spot. Although his Blue Bird 1 divine art couldn’t reach an experienced level of mastery, there was still some noticeable improvements. Using just a few seconds, Lu Ze had already crossed thousands of kilometers.

Thereafter, Lu Ze could sense some chi coming from a few thousand kilometers to the left. He immediately flew toward that direction.

Lu Ze landed on the ground and hid behind a tree that was a few hundred meters tall as he peaked at the three huge figures.

They were like boars that were about 20 meters tall and bulky. These beasts were covered in earth-like armor while their fangs protruded more than 10 meters.

Their teeth slid across the earth, and the tough ground was effortlessly sliced open like tofu.

Lu Ze thought he should give them a name.

How about stone-armored boars?

Two of them were at level four of the mortal evolution state while one was at level five of the same state.

Why did he feel that these boars were as strong as the rabbits?

Should he fight them?

Did they have G.o.d art?

Just by judging based on their armors, Lu Ze felt that they had earth G.o.d art. Despite taking such fact into consideration, Lu Ze wouldn’t feel satisfied unless he fought against them.

How could he be scared before fighting?Lu Ze flashed with purple-red light. Simultaneously, a lightning spear was formed, heading toward the level five mortal evolution state boar.

On the other hand, the boars immediately noticed Lu Ze. His target then raised its ma.s.sive head. That level five boar subsequently roared, and similar to the rabbits previously, a barrier that had the color of the earth was formed.


An ear-deafening sound occurred as the lightning spear clashed with the barrier.

However, Lu Ze didn’t even stop to check the aftermath. Instead, he directly flashed out a few hundred kilometers away.

It was the boss!

A level five mortal evolution state beast with earth G.o.d art! Meaning, its attack and defense would reach level seven of the mortal evolution state-if not eight.

Run quickly!