Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 432 - Abused by Rabbits Again

Chapter 432 - Abused by Rabbits Again

Chapter 432 Abused by Rabbits Again

Lu Ze sighed a bit and gazed at the yellow barrier.

Right now, he wanted to test the strength of this barrier. Just as Lu Ze was thinking about such, that huge rabbit flashed with yellow light again.

Lu Ze didn’t wait for the rabbit to attack. He employed brute force to break through the s.p.a.ce lock and used s.p.a.ce transmission once more.

This time, he appeared only 100 kilometers away from the rabbit pack.

Immediately, he flashed with purple-red lightning and formed a lightning spear.

The lightning spear emitted a terrifying chi. As his lightning G.o.d art transformed into blood lightning to a certain extent, the power of his lightning spear got stronger and stronger.

The power of his lightning spear was approaching level six of the mortal evolution state.

In fact, this was the range of Lu Ze’s power without his combat armor. If he were to add his combat armor, then the overall power of his attack might be even stronger.

The rabbit roared again after sensing the power of the lightning spear.

Following that, the barrier around its pack grew denser in color.

The lightning spear shot out and collided heavily against the barrier.


Rumble!! The violent power surged as bolts of lightning shot in all directions. Simultaneously, the earth sunk while several wide cracks, looking like a spider web, appeared on the ground.

Under the terrifying power of the lightning spear, the barrier trembled violently. Thereafter, slight cracks appeared within the barrier. However, a yellow light flashed in an instant, and then, the previous cracks disappeared.

Lu Ze: “…”

This defense was stronger than he had thought!

His lightning spear was rather strong, and yet, it could only create a mere crack like that? Most importantly, it was repaired all at once in just a blink!?

Lu Ze flashed with silver color and dodged another incoming earth spear.

When he appeared again, he was a few hundred kilometers away. Instantly, he fled from the scene.

These rabbits were too strong.

Lu Ze didn’t even look back as he switched between Blue Bird 1 divine art and s.p.a.ce transmission. After flying out a few thousand kilometers and confirming that the rabbits didn’t chase after him anymore, he finally stopped.

He landed on the ground and panted.

That lightning spear was his full-powered attack. Without the support of red orbs, he could only use a few of those lightning spears. He also kept using s.p.a.ce transmission to run. Right now, he felt he was drained.

After half a minute, Lu Ze slowly recovered.

He frowned as he thought about that battle.

Just then, it was only the leader rabbit who fought against him and defended the entire pack. The other rabbits didn’t attack.

At first, Lu Ze thought they didn’t need to, but when he ran, those rabbits didn’t chase over.

Lu Ze had a guess.

Perhaps those other rabbits were weak, and he just happened to encounter a very strong rabbit? Otherwise, judging from how ferocious they were, there was no reason for them to stop chasing after him when he just launched an attack toward them.

Lu Ze felt he should try finding other living organisms.

Moreover, there was another problem.

Lu Ze furrowed his brows. He then raised his right foot and stomped on the ground.


The ground cracked, spreading out a cobweb-like pattern across a few hundred meters.


The ground was so tough on this map. Lu Ze panted and stop pondering about this matter.

Just like the other two maps, he knew nothing upon entering. As such, he had to explore things himself.

He estimated that this map’s boss was probably stronger than he could imagine.

After all, a rabbit on par with a young duke appeared in just among tens of rabbits. If it was a rabbit overlord…

Lu Ze didn’t feel so good. He was indeed a noob.

Lu Ze flew across thousands of kilometers, but he didn’t find any other beasts.

After flying for another ten thousand kilometers, Lu Ze finally sensed a chi belonging to a beast.

He immediately headed toward that direction, and soon, he found another pack of range rabbits on a gra.s.sy plain. There were around 60 of them.

Lu Ze watched from a tall tree a few hundred kilometers away. From his spot, he found one mortal evolution state at level four, six mortal evolution state at level three, and 21 mortal evolution state at level two. The rest of the rabbits were at level one of the mortal evolution state.

They were happily grazing on the gra.s.s.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed, and he locked his eyes on the level one mortal evolution state rabbit on the side.

He didn’t feel that all the rabbits knew G.o.d art, but what if they did?

In that case, a rabbit who had a power at level two of the mortal evolution state would release an attack at level five of the mortal evolution state.

The only one he could take on easily was a level one mortal evolution state rabbit.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze wanted to cry.

Outside, he could even fight a planetary state void beast, but on the third map, he could only fight a level one mortal evolution state.

The reality was tough. Lu Ze stared at the rabbit. Subsequently, he flashed with a silver light. He crossed a few hundred kilometers instantly and appeared next to the rabbit that was his target.

Then, he released a purple-red lightning spear!


Before the rabbit could even react, the purple stream instantly penetrated its body, annihilating its life force.



The other rabbits looked over and were furious.

Lu Ze felt a s.h.i.+vering sensation before he could rejoice. He quickly flashed in silver light and disappeared.


Tens of earth spears shot up, and a few of them even reached a power at level seven of the mortal evolution state!

s.p.a.ce was twisted from the stirring of these earth spears. Most of their power was at level six of the mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze appeared a thousand meters away. Before he could even rest, he felt the same sensation once more, and he quickly used s.p.a.ce transmission.

Right now, Lu Ze sensed a far stronger s.p.a.ce interference than before. He gritted his teeth and used his G.o.d art frantically.

Finally, Lu Ze moved a few hundred meters away, barely dodging tens of earth spears.

Lu Ze’s face became pale. These rabbits weren’t rabbits at all! How were rabbits this fierce??

The interference in s.p.a.ce was clearly done by several rabbits. Just moving a few hundred meters consumed an energy equivalent to moving tens of kilometers.

If this continued, he would soon run out of energy…

Once more, a familiar sensation dawned on Lu Ze. He could only use s.p.a.ce jump in response. In a short while, Lu Ze s.p.a.ce jumped ten times.

His face was getting paler and paler. With the constant depletion of Lu Ze’s energy, he was getting weaker and weaker.

At this moment, Lu Ze glanced at the place where the rabbit died. He could see the dust on the ground, along with six bright red orbs and five mysterious...o...b...

He rejoiced and quickly jumped toward that location. Subsequently, he grabbed all the orbs as fast as he could.

As soon as he was done, he felt a petrifying sensation once more.

Before he could move, more than ten spears penetrated his body.

Lu Ze’s vision went dark. Soon, he was back in his room.

His face was pale from all that pain. This was just from a level one mortal evolution state rabbit.

He had killed so many mortal evolution state bosses on the second map, and yet, on the third map, he was bullied by rabbits again?! Half an hour later, Lu Ze recovered, but he didn’t get up immediately. He thought about this hunt.

The beasts on the third map were infinitely much stronger than he had imagined.

Along with a G.o.d art, range rabbits that reached level three of the mortal evolution state possessed a defense that was at the peak of level six of the mortal evolution state, as well as an attack at level six of the mortal evolution state.That last level four mortal evolution state rabbit had an attack that was at level seven of the mortal evolution state. Its defense might be unknown, but it was probably not lower than level seven of the mortal evolution state.

Despite this… not all range rabbits knew earth G.o.d art. Moreover, not all level three mortal evolution state range rabbits had G.o.d art.

Back then, he was secretly observing while he attacked. Based on his findings, only those rabbits which were at level three and level four of the mortal evolution state had earth G.o.d art.

If that was the case, then next time he would need to find a pack where the strongest was at level two of the mortal evolution state.

Otherwise, he would have to settle for other beasts.

Despite everything, there was still an advantage for Lu Ze. At least, the beasts on the third map weren’t ferocious. They didn’t attack him on sight.

Perhaps, the beasts on the third map weren’t inherently cruel?

Lu Ze was a little moved by this.