Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 431 - There’s a Problem With This Map!

Chapter 431 - There’s a Problem With This Map!

Chapter 431 There’s a Problem With This Map!

What will the third map look like? Lu Ze slowly closed his eyes as his consciousness drifted into that familiar dark s.p.a.ce.

Soon, the entrance to the third map appeared. Lu Ze peered in and saw that it wasn’t too similar to the first and second maps.

The inside seemed to contain a patch of barren earth. There were just a few occasional trees and gra.s.s.

He couldn’t see much, but just this small patch of wilderness made Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

It was different! Finally, there was a change.

What other changes would there be?

Lu Ze took a deep breath and connected his mind to the third map. When he regained his vision, he was inside the map.

He then looked around. It was a boundless wilderness. Occasionally, there would be a tree standing there.

Some trees were just a few hundred meters tall, but others were a few thousand meters tall. Their leaves were lush, covering the barren ground like huge umbrellas.

There were also small patches of greenish-yellow gra.s.s. The gra.s.s was only a meter tall.

At the same time, there were violent winds from time to time. They brought up storms of sand and stones.

Lu Ze breathed in the dry air, and he felt great. Amazing! It was finally not the smell of gra.s.s anymore.

New map! New beginnings!

Lu Ze grinned. Shake in fear, prey on this map!

Just as Lu Ze was rejoicing, there was a sudden slight vibration from the ground. In turn, Lu Ze tensed up and looked toward the direction of the movement. A few thousand kilometers away, the dust rolled-forming a huge yellow earth dragon.

There seemed to be a cl.u.s.ter of animals running across the field. Due to their actions, the dust rose up to nearly 100 meters in the air.


The dust storm was rapidly closing in. In just tens of seconds, the dragon was just a hundred kilometers away from Lu Ze.

Lu Ze watched the scene in a dazed manner. There were about 30 huge rabbits happily running. They soon pa.s.sed the area in front of Lu Ze and kept running to his right. The rabbits were constantly running to the point that they had crossed over a few thousand kilometers.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

Fat rabbits! Even in the third map, you can still manage to survive tenaciously!

The rabbits were about 10 meters high at the shoulder. The tallest was not taller than 15 meters. Their entire bodies were earth-yellow in color. Such color was quite similar to the wilderness around them. If it weren’t for Lu Ze’s good eyesight, maybe he wouldn’t notice them at all.

Lu Ze touched his chin. Because they were the first monster Lu Ze encountered on the third map, he should give them a good name.

Since they were rabbits and could cross the wild…

He would call them ‘range rabbits’!

Lu Ze felt disappointed. They clearly pa.s.sed by him, but they didn’t attack him at all?

These rabbits didn’t seem too strong?

Since they didn’t fight him, then he should take the initiative.

He sensed their cultivation level when they ran past. These rabbits were only at level one to two of the mortal evolution state. The one leading the pack, which was nearly 15 meters tall, was only at level three of the mortal evolution state. Lu Ze grinned.

Too weak!

They couldn’t compare with the rabbit boss from the previous map at all.

His body flashed with green light, turning into jade-colored wind blades.

In a short instant, there were more than 100 wind blades around him.

His wind G.o.d art was really strong now too. The power of green jade slash could reach level three of the mortal evolution state.

Green jade slash was enough for these weak rabbits!

Lu Ze said plainly, “Die!”

Subsequently, he waved his right hand, and a group of green jade slash flew toward the range rabbits.

Most of the green jade slash went for the level three mortal evolution state rabbit while the remaining proceeded to cut through the other ones.

The long ears of the rabbits suddenly shot up, and their bodies quickly stopped sprinting.

The leading rabbit turned around and roared, “Gugugu!”

Its body flashed with dense earthlight, which spread to wrap the entire pack of rabbits.

The green jade slashes hacked on the barrier.

Rumble rumble rumble…

Explosions then occurred. The green jade slashes continuously clashed with the barrier until the former finally shattered, creating a powerful aftermath that covered the entire area surrounding them. As a result, a not too deep mark was left on the ground.

On the other hand, the yellow barrier remained unscathed. It didn’t even shake!

Lu Ze looked at this in disbelief.

“It was stopped?!”

Even a level four mortal evolution state wouldn’t be able to block 100 green jade slash so easily.

He looked strangely at the pack of range rabbits. Were they hacking?!

Suddenly, he felt a cold sensation in his heart. His skin crawled, and he quickly teleported a thousand meters away.

In the next moment, without a warning, earth spears of a few hundred meters long soared into the sky. They shot toward Lu Ze’s previous location.

Oh my!

That method of attack contained at least a level six mortal evolution state power!

How was this possible?!

He looked at the leading rabbit as if it was a ghost. Did it just unleash a level six mortal evolution state power while only reaching level three of the mortal evolution state?

Was it a young duke?

Originally, even the alcoholic and fox demon could only barely fight against those who were four levels above. Didn’t this mean that the fat rabbit had approximately the same power similar to the previous capability of the other two?

Those two were already top young dukes. Under normal circ.u.mstances, most young dukes struggled to fight against those who were three levels above.

So in conclusion, most of the young dukes were weaker than a rabbit?!

Lu Ze could feel his mind trembling.

There was a problem with this map, wasn’t there?!

Just a random rabbit was this absurd? How could he even play? Thereafter, he felt a cold sensation again.

He planned to use s.p.a.ce jump to dodge it once more. However, the rabbit suddenly stomped on the ground and roared.

Immediately, Lu Ze felt that the surrounding s.p.a.ce was bound by an invisible force. It became several times more difficult to use s.p.a.ce transmission.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

Lu Ze infused more energy to his power and used s.p.a.ce jump again.

Immediately, earth spears shot out again, barely missing him.

Beads of sweat trickled on Lu Ze’s forehead. This was too dangerous! He didn’t think this rabbit could interfere with s.p.a.ce through its G.o.d art!The rabbit couldn’t completely block the s.p.a.ce around him, but just a small interference was hard enough.

Even with his black gold armor and physical defense, he would either die or be heavily injured from taking a spear.

He could use regeneration G.o.d art to recover, but in the pocket hunting dimension, he couldn’t use red orbs to recover his energy. His recovery wouldn’t’ be able to keep up for long.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. It seemed that the rabbit mastered earth G.o.d art.

Its mastery was rather high, or it wouldn’t be able to fight beyond its level so much.

If its attack could reach level six of the mortal evolution state, then its defenses shouldn’t be far off.

Lu Ze’s heart ached. He might not even be able to beat a rabbit…

But who can tell the results when he hadn’t even tried his strongest attack?!