Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Special Effect, Explosion!


In the depths of the endless gra.s.sy plain, an explosion suddenly rose.

Lu Ze was completely turned into a crystal color. In a huge pit, he watched as the four black hounds slowly turned to dust.

In just one attack, the black hounds that chased him so happily were killed on the spot.

He looked down at his crystal hands. He used his power so freely… more so than ever before. This satisfaction made him want to keep fighting.

Additionally, it was much easier to fuse the mind, body, and technique now.

Lu Ze could easily use twice as much power than his body actually possessed.

Although this would greatly use up his stamina, the increase in battle power was terrifying.

Along with his gradually complete wind element G.o.d art…

After some careful thinking and a.n.a.lysis, Lu Ze suddenly came to this conclusion: d.a.m.n, he was really strong!

Not good, he must go find some boss to crush his bloating confidence!

Otherwise, he might even try to take on an abstruse martial state warrior.

They were powerful people who turned spirit chi into liquid.

Each black hound gave him four red light orbs and one faint purple orb.

They didn’t drop orbs that contained information about G.o.d arts.

Clearly, the black hounds were weaker than the green wolves.

He picked up the orbs and kept searching for his prey.

Now, his targets were those green wolves that were over two meters tall or those flame lions.

Only prey such as these would teach him to calm down.

An hour or so later, Lu Ze had killed more than ten black hounds and ordinary green wolves.

Then, he finally found a 2-meter tall green wolf in a patch of gra.s.s where it was over knee height.

The green wolf was very vigilant. When Lu Ze saw it, it was already watching Lu Ze with its cold eyes.

The man and wolf stared at each other. There was no extra pause as they instantly charged at each other.

Lu Ze’s eyes were cold. He used all his power and his body turned to crystal.

Under the sun, Lu Ze was s.h.i.+ning.

He couldn’t use his weak wind control G.o.d art against such a huge green wolf. In that case…

Double power!

Mental power fused with his body and then combined with his technique. The crystal color dimmed down, but instead, Lu Ze’s speed instantly rose.

A distance of a few hundred meters seemed like just an inch. In the next moment, Lu Ze’s crystal fist collided with the green wolf’s sharp claw that had wind circulating around it.


The wind on the claw rippled out and the clas.h.i.+ng point created airwaves, spreading out in all directions.

All the gra.s.s in a hundred-meter radius was sliced and diced.

Lu Ze could feel the terrifying power of the claw entering his body.

This power had spinning wind attributes. It was spinning fast, but also sharp.

The huge amounts of power pushed him back. At the same time, the wind-like power ravaged the insides of his body.


Lu Ze retreated tens of meters before stopping.

He spat out crystal colored blood. The slicing in his body made his face even clearer.

f.u.c.k, his bloating confidence was instantly broken!

But compared with getting sliced to pieces with one claw, he had made a huge improvement.


Before Lu Ze could calm down the injuries, the green wolf charged again.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed and turned to run.



Lu Ze ran as he dodged the green wolf’s attacks.

After two attacks, Lu Ze’s mouth seeped out more blood.

He wanted to cry.

He could neither beat the wolf nor run away. He was in deep despair.

At this moment, the green wolf howled and green light appeared all over its body.

Lu Ze’s face froze. As a wind element user, he could feel countless wind element energy gather around the green wolf.


When he turned around, he was so scared that his face turned transparent.

Above the green wolf, there were more than a thousand faint green one-meter long wind blades.

The sharpness of the wind blades made screeching sounds in the air.

Then, the green wolf howled and all the wind blades charged at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was completely stunned.

What was he supposed to do?

The wind blades could even curve.

In an instant, he was completely surrounded by wind blades and buried alive.


Lu Ze let out a pitiful cry.

This was really being cut by a thousand blades!

And due to his defense being so strong, he wasn’t instantly killed. He had to deal with the constant pain.

After an unknown amount of time, Lu Ze’s eyes sunk into darkness.

Lu Ze opened his eyes again; he was back in the room.

He swore to himself to never seek death like that again… Pfft, no!

He swore to never bloat his confidence!

These bosses had special abilities and explosions.

He had died very pitifully.

More so than ever before.

He had felt the whole process very carefully; he took 364 wind blades before his consciousness dissipated.

An hour or so later, Lu Ze finally recovered.

There were still two more days. He didn’t have much time left!


He touched his chin and thought for a while.

That move was so cool.

His body refinement was perfect and his cultivation state was about the same. He should focus on learning G.o.d arts now.

Lu Ze took out the wind element orbs and purple orbs again.

Two days later, in the morning.

Lu Ze finally opened his eyes. A green flas.h.i.+ng light could be seen in the depths of his eyes.


He breathed heavily and slowly got up.

The graduation trial was finally about to begin!

He clenched his fists and smiled.

The one month of endless cultivation had given him roaring power.

He used up all the wind element orbs in the last two days, and as such, he had a rather great standard of G.o.d art control.

Although he couldn’t compare with the huge green wolf, the difference was limited.

At least the wind wouldn’t betray him without hesitation.

Lu Ze felt he could gather all of the ingredients Alice had mentioned!

Thinking about this, Lu Ze’s stomach grumbled.

He was so hungry… Time to eat breakfast.