Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: I want to make a bet with you

Lu Ze went downstairs after cleansing himself.

Lu Wen, Fu Shuya and Lu Li were already there waiting for him.

Today was Lu Ze’s graduation trial, Fu Shuya made a huge breakfast for him.

As parents, they weren’t powerful martial artists, so they could only support him in this way.

Seeing Lu Ze come down, Lu Li smiled and said, “You can do it, brother! You have many girl fans in my cla.s.s. If you get a good result, perhaps they’ll come after you.”

Speaking of this, a blue-haired girl with a vibrant smile suddenly appeared in his mind.

Lu Ze rolled his eyes at Lu Li and joked, “Am I that sort of person? I’m a serious person!”

“Ze, I told you, if you aren’t a player, you’ve wasted your youth. You actually reject those cute little schoolmates? Are you still a man…? pff…”

Lu Wen was instantly subjugated by Fu Shuya again.

However, Lu Wen was very hopeful.

He hoped those cute school girls would make Lu Ze fall in love with them.

That way, Li could be dad’s good little girl!

“Good boy, don’t listen to this shameless person. Just try your best, don’t force it. Most importantly, stay safe.”

Fu Shuya looked lovingly at Lu Ze and touched his head, saying, “Don’t get injured…”

Lu Ze smiled. “Mother, don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you.”

Hearing this, Fu Shuya rolled her eyes. “Little s.h.i.+t, if only you would listen.”

“Hehe, for the week of this trial, dad will play a live broadcast of you in the company. Don’t lose face for me.”

Lu Wen struggled up from the table and smiled.

This was the first time a joint graduation trial was happening. The education department of the Telun system made an official live broadcast website for the event.

The top ten seeds will be on the front page. You can also find the person you want to watch based on their name and student number.

One could only imagine how many people will be watching this graduation trial.

The entire human race of the Telun system will be watching!

Even Lu Wen wanted more people to know how excellent his son was.

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry, dad.”

“Okay, eat eat. Don’t be late.”

After breakfast, Lu Ze and Lu Li went to school.

They were watched by everyone like usual and went to their own buildings.

Lu Li stopped and had her hands behind her back while she inclined forward and looked at Lu Ze. “Oi, Lu Ze.”


Lu Ze vigilantly looked at Lu Li. Did she want to set him up again?

Lu Li smiled. “I want to make a bet with you.”

Lu Ze felt dazed and asked in confusion, “Bet? What bet?”

“A bet on your ranking. If you get first, I’ll give ‘that’ to you.”


Lu Ze’s heartbeat rose and he looked at Lu Li in disbelief.

Of course, he knew what Lu Li meant by ‘that’. It was that recording!

That was his dark history!

She would really give it to him just like that?

No! He must get first!

Looking at how excited Lu Ze was, Lu Li flicked her beautiful hair. “Of course, there is a losing condition. If your rank is lower than the top ten, Li tell dad about it.”

Lu Ze: “!?”

That must not happen, no matter what!

Lu Li smiled. “What? Brother doesn’t want it? Then Li will take it back…”

“No! I want it! I really want!”

Seeing this, Lu Ze called out.

This made those students watching them glance strangely between them.

“Hey, the ‘that’ she’s talking about, is it…”

“Maybe! If he loses, and she tells their dad, he’s definitely going to get his leg beaten!”

“No way…!? They’re siblings!”

“Idiot! Lu Ze is my husband and big sister is my sister. How is that possible?”

“…whatever makes you happy.”

Lu Ze: “…”

His hearing was extremely precise and powerful due to him getting stronger.

Now, he felt very awkward.

To be honest, his feelings towards Lu Li were complicated.

His past body thought of Lu Li as a sister.

But his current self thinks of Lu Li as a beautiful young girl.

Now, both seemed weird.

Plus, there were no blood relations between them. Who knew what she thought of him now…

f.u.c.k, this is too complicated. I give up thinking!

Lu Ze smiled at Lu Li and said, “It seems ‘that’ will be mine.”

Lu Li’s eyes flashed but she said nothing. She waved her hands and left.

Walking into the cla.s.sroom, Lu Ze instantly felt the tense atmosphere.

No matter how close people usually were, those practicing martial arts were compet.i.tive and hot-blooded.

“Brother Ze is back?”

People greeted immediately.

“I envy him so much. Li Liang said that brother Ze’s power is beyond spirit martial state level one. He definitely has hopes of being taken by the Federal University.”

“I want to suck up to him…”

“p.i.s.s off, brother Ze is going to fight for resources for the school. Don’t drag him behind.”

“Ze, the rules of the graduation trial came out. I recorded them for you,” Li Erhou said.

Lu Ze heard this and smiled. “Thank you, Erhou.”

“Don’t be so polite.”

Lu Ze looked over the rules carefully.

It went on for a week.

The resources from the educational department will be distributed based on the rankings of thousands of schools on the three planets.

The rankings will be determined by how many ferocious beasts you kill.

The entire planet Nanfeng will be the hunting grounds. Other than year 12 students, no one else is allowed in.

There will be ten million students released onto the planet.

At the same time, there will be supplies set up beforehand on the planet.

Lu Ze looked at it. Each school was a team, and though it didn’t object students from attacking each other, it didn’t encourage it.

No rewards came from defeating other students.

However, if you teamed up, there will be bonuses in hunting.

This was related to the current situation of the human race. There were countless powerful races in the universe. Humans must unite to survive.