Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Let Me Put My Hands on My Waist First

At this moment, Lu Ze’s body was half transparent. He sat on his bed like a perfect work of art. People wouldn’t believe he was even real!

When the sun shone through the window, it pierced through Lu Ze’s body and lit up the room.

Lu Ze, however, didn’t notice this change at all. The refinement was nearing its end. He had used fifty light orbs during the process to finally complete it.

Looking at the crystal-like components of his body, he felt very happy.

All crystal body, no impurities throughout.

Lu Ze felt that he was even stronger now!

His power was at least double that of when he reached the full refinement of the Ren and Du meridians.

Let me put my hands on my waist first.

Should he yell at the sky, ‘If the heavens forbid me, I will go against the heavens! If you go against the heavens, you can still live, but if you go against me, there’s only death!’?

Nevermind, that sounded a bit r.e.t.a.r.ded.

He was a mature man now.

Soon, Lu Ze opened his eyes in excitement. The refinement was completely finished.

He looked at the layer of grey matter covering his body before going to the bathroom.

He changed and washed himself. He always did this twice a day.

Just when Lu Ze was happily was.h.i.+ng away, his face froze for a moment. Wait… something didn’t seem right!

He shakily lifted up his half-transparent hand.

Lu Ze: “???”

He calmly closed his eyes.

The way I opened my eyes must’ve been wrong. Let me do this again!

He opened his eyes and saw that his hands were indeed crystal-like. Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

Although it seemed his insides turned crystal-like…

Don’t change the outside too!

Lu Ze quickly finished his shower and arrived before the mirror. He looked at the half-transparent body of his and knelt on the ground lifelessly.

How awkward would it be when he spoke to people and they looked at the people behind him?

Either don’t change at all or change completely transparent!!

What sort of bulls.h.i.+t is this?!

Will sunlight be refracted from him?

If he went out like this, Lu Li would die of laughter!

This was not allowed. He wasn’t going to let that dark-hearted person feel happiness because of this.

He quickly got up, changed his clothes and went back to his room.

He intended to struggle against this. What if he could change back?

However, just when Lu Ze planned to try to change himself, there was a knocking on his door.

“Brother, are you still cultivating?”

Lu Li’s lazy and gentle voice came from behind the door.

Lu Ze looked down at his hands and his mouth spasmed. He quickly said, “Yea, Li, for some reason, brother wants to have a solitary cultivation session. I can’t practice with you for these two days.”

“That doesn’t matter, Li doesn’t mind brother working hard,” Lu Li said softly.

Lu Ze breathed easy. It seemed her heart wasn’t completely dark.

“But, brother seemed to have gone out and taken a shower?” Lu Li said, “So does that mean that brother is lying to Li?”


Lu Ze’s face changed.

Wait! Because his face became crystal, it couldn’t change colors anymore. This seemed to be a good thing, didn’t it?

Regardless, he would have to save himself first.

He thought quickly and said, “Cough, it’s because I had a sudden enlightenment when I was taking a shower, so I wanted to go into solitary cultivation. I’m definitely not tricking you!”

He just wanted to turn himself back to normal!


Outside, Lu Li’s eyes glimmered. She thought that Lu Ze felt she was too childish and was angry.

“Yes, how could I lie to Li?”

Hearing this, Lu Li raised her lips and smiled. “Then Li won’t disturb brother. Good luck, brother.”

“Okay!” Lu Ze breathed easy.

Lu Ze quickly ate a purple orb, making his brain work better while his mental power inspected his entire body, feeling the changes.

Soon, he found that because he had just finished refinement, his entire body was filled with this crystal glow. The energy inside him was very vibrant.

Lu Ze breathed easy. It seemed that he could still go back to normal.

If he really stayed like this forever, would he be able to find a girlfriend?

Lu Ze calmed himself down and started to gauge his sudden increase in power.

An hour or so later, the crystal color started to slowly recede. His body returned to its original form.

Opening his eyes again, Lu Ze saw his white jade-like hands and finally felt a.s.sured.


Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He clenched his hands tightly and a crystal glow flashed. His fists became a crystal-like color and a powerful strength surged!

So powerful!

Although he didn’t quite know how strong he was, he was very strong!

Lu Ze felt now that he would be able to easily take Li Liang’s attack from that day.

This didn’t take into account his wind control G.o.d art and strength G.o.d art.

Not good, he was too strong. He was going to get c.o.c.ky.

No, he must go fight some more powerful animals in the pocket hunting dimension. Only this way would he deeply feel that he was still a noob.

This wasn’t asking to die!

This was cultivating his mind!

Lu Ze closed his eyes and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

He saw the familiar gra.s.s plain and smelt the familiar smell of gra.s.s. Lu Ze once again went on a journey of slaying monsters.

He casually went in a direction and used the wind to sense information and find some prey.

Soon, Lu Ze found four familiar animals. It was those armored dogs.

Thinking about what had happened before, how Lu Ze was chased into a rabbit hole by four hounds, he still felt b.u.t.t hurt thinking about it.

Seeing the same four black hounds, an evil smile grew on Lu Ze’s face.

I’m strong now!

This time, it’s my turn!