Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 422 - He Felt That He Knew This Person?!

Chapter 422 - He Felt That He Knew This Person?!

Chapter 422 He Felt That He Knew This Person?!

Although the blood-colored lightning spear’s attack was much stronger than Lu Ze’s original attack, he was now facing a strong planetary-state being.

Still too weak!

Lu Ze gritted his teeth and absorbed those red orbs that he was initially planning to use to break through to the Mortal Evolution State.

After seeing the red orbs disappearing one by one, Lu Ze’s heart ached so much that he couldn’t breathe.

However, with the disappearance of the red orbs, a violent power began surging in Lu Ze’s body, and some cracks began to appear on that extremely strong body of his.

But, in just an instant, the regeneration G.o.d art’s gray light flashed across, and Lu Ze’s body had recovered once again. Thus, Lu Ze’s body was hovering between being 50 percent cooked to completely raw and was now on the verge of exploding as well. The red orbs disappeared one by one and proceeded to enter Lu Ze’s body. Following this, Lu Ze injected all of the energy into the blood-colored lightning spear.

The blood lightning G.o.d art had a much higher upper limit than the ordinary lightning G.o.d art. After all, Lu Ze’s current lightning G.o.d art was gradually transforming into the blood lightning G.o.d art, and he had experienced it first-hand.

It was also due to this that Lu Ze was confident that he had the power to attack. The energy from the red orbs kept entering the blood-colored lightning spear, and the length of the spear kept increasing.

20 meters…

30 meters…

40 meters…

Following the increase in the length of the blood-colored lightning spear, an intense spirit force shockwave was moving afar. With Lu Ze as the center, it formed several spirit force storms.

Less than 2000 kilometers from Lu Ze, Chi Xiaomo, and Mo Xie were struggling to keep the raging void beast from moving toward the line of defense.

They could no longer block the void beast’s spirit force attack toward the mothers.h.i.+p at the line of defense and could only deflect the spirit force attack.

However, as the beast got closer, the situation would become more dangerous.


The chi of these two people was becoming weaker.

After overworking for so long, it was also very hard for them to block off the void beast.

Just at this moment, Chi Xiaomo and Mo Xie felt a chi rising up from behind them, almost reaching the peak of both their strengths.

1 We

Both of them were taken aback, and a tinge of surprise appeared in their eyes.

Bernie woke up??

Three people together were definitely better than two.

Suddenly, the two men took advantage of the attack and retreated. They turned to look in the direction of the chi.

However, Bernie did not appear. Instead, it was a boy with red hair and eyes with blood-colored lightning intertwining around his body.

The boy looked quite young.

In front of him, there was a blood-colored lightning spear floating and that terrifying chi came from the blood-colored lightning spear.

Also, this blood-colored lightning spear kept getting longer. Simultaneously, its chi also persisted to rise up to the point where it was at the same level as their strength at their peak.

Mo Xie: “???”

Chi Xiaomo: “???”

Two of them looked at the red-haired boy, stunned and full of question marks in their heads.

‘Who is this?’

‘Why don’t they know him??’

The three of them had come out of the Milky Way due to special reasons and had just returned. In the end, they encountered the natural wormhole situation the moment they arrived.

This was also why they were able to rush over so quickly to help.

However, since when did a prodigy whom they didn’t know about appear in the Federation?

They weren’t bragging, but they were also one of the top young dukes in the Federation

– they were only slightly weaker compared to those most talented ones.

But right now, even Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha, those top elites, weren’t their opponents, right?

They were still very confident at first.

In the end, they actually encountered someone whom they didn’t know and was as powerful as they were?!

Just as they were thinking, the blood-colored lightning spear was getting bigger and longer, its chi had already surpa.s.sed their peak performances.

Both of them looked at one another with a strange expression.

That was fast!

In just a short moment, that blood-colored lightning spear’s chi had made them shudder.

‘Who exactly is this person?!’

At this moment, the crowd watching this battle was also looking at Lu Ze.

“That… isn’t he Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze?”

“Seems… seems like it?! But his hair and eyes are different, right? Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze has black hair and eyes?”

“Could it be Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze’s twin brother??”

“… what twin brother? That is Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze himself, alright?? The color of his hair and eyes should be caused by his G.o.d


Lu Ze was very popular in the Federation now, unlike Chi Xiaomo and Mo Xie. Very quickly, everyone could recognize Lu Ze.

“But… Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze is only at the mortal evolution state, right? This is a planetary-state void beast eh??”

“What is he doing?? Why isn’t he leaving?? A talent like Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze cannot die here! If he dies, it will be a huge loss!”

Everyone naturally knew that Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze’s power was only at the mortal evolution state, but he was only 18 years old!

‘What about when he is 28 years old?’

‘What about 38 years old??’

Almost everyone felt a convulsion in the heart.

‘Who let him go there?!’

Everyone looked at the screen and felt suffocated.

Only the guards, who were monitoring at the base, were stunned, and some completely did not understand the situation.

There was total silence in the control room. Thereafter, a hoa.r.s.e and trembling voice echoed in the quiet room, “Lu… the energy… energy value of this strike from Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze… had already exceeded the planetary-state… and it’s still increasing rapidly!”

The guards in the control room trembled. They looked at the young man with red hair and eyes on the screen in disbelief.

‘Wow… what deity is he?!’

On the battlefield, Lu Ze was feeling an intense pain throughout his body, including his head.

In just a short time, he had taken in all of the red and purple orbs until there were only two left.

Nevertheless, Lu Ze was in so much pain that he couldn’t even feel if his heart was hurting or not.

If he wasn’t out in public, he would have cried out loud.

Furthermore, with the energy constantly flowing, Lu Ze felt like he couldn’t control it any longer.

In front of him, the blood lightning on the blood-colored spear flickered, and the raging spirit force fluctuated—even Lu Ze felt its powerful suppression.

His cultivation was a little too weak and had not even reached the mortal evolution state.

Thereafter, Lu Ze’s blood-colored eyes looked at the void beast from afar, and he grinned.

How lucky!

If this void beast wasn’t hit on the head and was now in a state of fury-only caring about the line of defense and those two young dukes

– Lu Ze didn’t know if he could even successfully launch such a powerful attack.

He could use the s.p.a.ce G.o.d art to dodge the void beast’s attack, but he wasn’t certain if he could still stabilize this blood-colored lightning spear after using the s.p.a.ce jump.

At first, he was hoping that the two young dukes could go in front of the void beast and block it from moving toward the line of defense, but it wasn’t needed now.

At least, this was something he could be happy about.

Just as Lu Ze felt somewhat pleased, the fluctuations of a raging spirit force became more intense, and the spirit force storm caused the violent void beast to stiffen up.

It turned around and stared straight at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s blood-colored eyes met the void beast’s eyes as he grinned, and a sinister look flashed in his eyes.

Only see him now?

Too late!!

The last two orbs entered the blood-colored lightning spear, and at this moment, there was only one-third of the red and purple orbs left.

However, this wasn’t the time to care about this.

Lu Ze’s voice was somewhat hoa.r.s.e due to the pain. “Die!!”

The blood-colored lightning ray that was over hundreds of meters long turned into a stream of light and swept across the vacuum. The violent spirit force shockwaves formed storms and arrived in front of the void beast almost instantly.


It was only then that the raging planetary-state void beast returned to its senses.

The gray spirit light around its body formed a spirit force s.h.i.+eld as it tried to counter-attack.

However, the blood-colored stream of light had already pierced through that spirit force s.h.i.+eld, and the lightning spear thrust deep into the cracks on its bone armor, piercing through its body.

Those blood-colored eyes of Lu Ze were malicious and violent. He yelled with a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Explode!”

The violent blood-colored lightning spear exploded, and the spirit force shockwaves caused a huge hole in its body. Fresh blood with lightning flickering on it spurted out.

Subsequently, the tyrannical blood-colored lightning entered the void beast’s flesh.


Receiving such a heavy blow and with the murderous blood-colored lightning still flowing in its body, this planetary-state void beast howled loudly. Eventually, its breath dropped drastically in an instant.

Its giant body kept swaying, and there seemed to be an extreme pain in its howl.

When Lu Ze saw this, a hint of pain flashed in his eyes.

Not good…

His pain that was initially decreasing began to hurt again when he saw how this beast was swaying and rolling. Lu Ze was speechless-it was a void beast boss, be stronger!

“The pain I’m feeling is way worse than yours, okay??’

‘So painful, I really want to cry.’

The planetary-state void beast’s pain lasted for a while. When a moment pa.s.sed, its life slowly slipped away, and its corpse twitched twice before it stopped moving completely. Seeing the gigantic corpse floating in the vacuum in silence, the line of defense in the area turned silent.

The guards and other void beast groups, even the two young dukes, were staring at the huge corpse and didn’t say a word.

The War Site’s comment section was quiet, and everyone was looking at the void beast’s corpse in disbelief.

That was a planetary-state void beast ah!Three young dukes weren’t able to take down this powerful being, but it was actually dead now?

Everybody turned to Lu Ze and opened their mouths, but they didn’t know what to say.

And at this moment, Lu Ze watched as the vitality of the void beast dissipated. Lu Ze’s body had lost all of its strength, and the pain hit him like a tide as he went unconscious.

Just at this moment, Lu Ze felt the back of his head knocking against something as though he was being held.


Wait a minute!

This familiar feeling of firmness? This familiar strength?

He felt that he knew this person?!