Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 423 - I Have a Very Serious Suggestion!

Chapter 423 - I Have a Very Serious Suggestion!

Chapter 423 I Have a Very Serious Suggestion!

Just as Lu Ze felt like he knew this person, Lin Ling’s worried voice reached his ears.

“How are you? Are you alright?”

When Lu Ze heard her voice, he felt stunned.

Then, he finally recalled why it felt so familiar.

She seemed to have held him like that too at Xiaer System?

However, in the vacuum this time, Lu Ze couldn’t smell the nice scent on Lin Ling, so he didn’t recall immediately. Thoughts ran through his mind, then he pursed his lips and spoke with a hoa.r.s.e voice. “I’m fine. How did you come over?”

“Although I can’t help you deal with the planetary-state void beast, I can still help you with the other void beasts.”

Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze who was breaking out in cold sweat, and her heart ached for him. She wanted to reach out to wipe the sweat off Lu Ze’s forehead, but she was wearing battle armor, so she couldn’t do it. Lu Ze took a deep breath, and his body was trembling slightly. After relaxing for a moment, the pain around his body turned more intense. The pain was like a wave of the tsunami-constantly devouring his energy.

Since Lin Ling was there, he could relax completely. Thereafter, he said hoa.r.s.ely, “That… Lin Ling, could you hold my head in your arms?”

Lin Ling was slightly taken aback. She blushed and replied with a slight hesitation, “What do you want to do?”

Although Lin Ling was doubtful, she still listened to Lu Ze and put his head in her arms, stroking his forehead gently.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched a little, and he smiled bitterly. “It’s too painful. I’m afraid I might cry, and it would be so embarra.s.sing with several people watching.”

As he spoke, Lu Ze felt the pain becoming more intense. He gritted his teeth and endured severe pain.

Hold it in!

Can’t hold it in any longer!

Not going to hold it in anymore! Lu Ze’s eyes reddened as tears began to flow.

With his entire body maintained at a 50 percent cooked condition and each cell being electrocuted—who could endure this?!

Lin Ling lowered her head and looked at Lu Ze’s tightly shut eyes as he began crying. She was heartbroken but also found it somewhat funny. At the same time, she was more relaxed.

It was good that he was fine.

Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze’s face, and her eyes glistened slightly.

Just at this moment, Lu Ze’s trembling voice could be heard. “Lin Ling, I have a very serious suggestion.”

Lin Ling was awakened by Lu Ze’s words, and she s.h.i.+fted her gaze slightly as she asked, “What suggestion?”

Lu Ze said in a vexed manner, “Can you change the material of your battle armor to something softer? My head hurts each time I get hit.”

This was already the second time, and each time, his head would hurt so badly for knocking against her chest armor.

He was a severely injured person after all!

Shouldn’t she be gentler?

Lin Ling: “…” Smilegraduallyfades.jpg (Lin Ling’s limited edition)

Just as Lu Ze closed his eyes in antic.i.p.ation, he suddenly felt his hands shrinking, and his head tightening

Then, that cold voice of Lin Ling’s came over. “I think you might have hurt your brain just now. Let me treat you!”

“Wa… wait wait! I was wrong! This is perfectly fine! My head hurts!”

Lu Ze felt Lin Ling’s chilling aura and quickly admitted his mistake before Lin Ling finally let go.

Just as Lu Ze and Lin Ling were fighting, everyone, who had fallen to silence initially, was now rejoicing.

“Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze is invincible!!”

“Too strong! He actually killed the planetary-state void beast! He is really too strong!” “This strength is already at the peak among the young dukes, right?!” “… I remember Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze hasn’t been bestowed the t.i.tle of young duke yet, right?”



The moment that was said, everyone went into silence once again.

They looked at Lu Ze, who was in Lin Ling’s arms at the moment, and their mouths spasmed—their hearts aching for him.

He wasn’t a young duke, yet, he was already stronger than most young dukes?!

How was the Federation going to bestow a t.i.tle on him by then?!

Everyone was speechless.

Also, at this moment, in the control room at the base, all the guards could finally heave a sigh of relief.


If the line of defense was really broken, they would suffer very heavy losses. Luckily, there were three young dukes who supported at first before Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze launched an invincible attack and actually killed that planetary-state void beast.

The guard in charge of the monitoring revealed a smile of relief.

“There shouldn’t be another planetary-state void beast, right?”

“Definitely not. After all, the location of the entrance and exit of the wormhole is fixed. A region with four planetary-state void beasts is already considered a lot, how could there…”

One of the guards hadn’t finished his sentence yet when an ear-piercing alarm interrupted him.

The relaxed crowd jumped, and everyone looked at the natural wormhole with widened eyes.

Far away, in the natural wormhole, a huge head appeared, followed by a huge body.

Very soon, the entire void beast appeared and revealed its entire body.

That was a void beast that was slightly smaller than the one that was killed just now and was about 10 kilometers tall.

When this void beast appeared, there was an overwhelming silence in the control room.

n.o.body expected that there was still one more planetary-state void beast?!

After a moment of silence, the one in charge of the guards came to his senses and yelled in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Quick! Quick, inform everybody! There is another planetary-state b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Its power is around the beginner level of a standard planetary-state!” The guards were drenched in a cold sweat as they quickly took action.

Although Lu Ze was still feeling severe pain and was very tired, it wasn’t over yet. Hence, Lu Ze wiped his tears away and opened his eyes.

He looked around.

Due to the death of the void beast boss, the void beasts were all stiffened up.

All of the void beasts stood rooted to the ground. They didn’t even dare to roar and seemed extremely strange.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched slightly—these fellas are too terrified?

After their big boss died, they were extremely afraid.

A distance away, Chi Xiaomo and Mo Xie attacked the dead body of the void beast a few more times to confirm that it was really dead before flying over to Bernie who was floating afar.

After confirming that Bernie was still alive, they could finally breathe easy.

Just then, Hubert, Jinrong, and the others flew over to Lu Ze’s side.

Seeing that Lu Ze was fine, all four of them heaved a sigh of relief as well.

Everyone looked at one another, then looked strangely at Lu Ze who was in Lin Ling’s arms.

After all, this chap just killed the void beast within seconds!

After some time of silence, Jinrong looked at Lu Ze and said earnestly, “Student Lu Ze, it’s all thanks to you this time.”

Otherwise, with the defenseless mothers.h.i.+p, there was no chance of blocking that planetary-state void beast.

If not for Lu Ze, his army would probably be completely wiped out.

Lu Ze smiled. “It’s what I should do, but it’s not over yet.”

Hubert smiled cheekily. “Since Lu Ze had already dealt with the strongest void beast, leave the rest to us. Although we cannot fight with the planetary state, those mortal evolution state void beasts at level nine that want to harm you would have to go past our dead bodies first!”

Jiaxuan’s eyes were glistening as she looked at Lu Ze. “Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze is too amazing. You actually killed a planetary-state void beast. Have a good rest, and leave the rest to us!”

Lyon nodded firmly. “I don’t believe there would be other planetary-state void beasts after that, so just leave the rest to us!” Suddenly, a wormhole appeared next to the corpse of that planetary-state void beast in the distance, and a smaller void beast flew out of it.

Everyone: “…”

d.a.m.n?! There’s still more?!

The planetary-state void beast, who recently appeared, glanced at the corpse of the void beast at the side, and its eyes turned blood red.


Roars of rampage resounded, and those void beasts that froze up just now were now roaring arrogantly at this moment too.

See that?!

We still have a big boss!!

A malicious look flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. He didn’t care about his current condition, and the spirit force in his body began to activate.

Lin Ling immediately hugged him, and her eyes shone brightly. “I’ll block in front of you this time!”

Hubert and Jinrong looked at one another then exclaimed, “1st Lieutenant Lin Ling, bring Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze away first! We will block it!”

Lu Ze seemed like he was out of strength at this moment,they had to protect him now! They couldn’t let Lu Ze die here.

Mo Xie and Chi Xiaomo were pulling the unconscious Bernie and were planning to leave. When they saw this void beast, their faces turned pale instantly.

They didn’t have much strength left.

Although this void beast appeared weaker than the one before, they didn’t even have the energy to run at this moment.

Everyone’s hearts sank when they saw this scene.

n.o.body had any strength left!

Were they going to die?

Especially Lu Ze… he was a prodigy that killed a planetary-state beast!Just at this moment, a golden stream of light swept across the vacuum and traveled thousands of kilometers as it rammed against the planetary-state void beast.

It seemed to have felt the threat, and the void beast that was about to attack suddenly had a gray spirit force s.h.i.+eld around its body.

However, the golden stream of light’s chi was wild and berserk; it blasted the gray spirit force s.h.i.+eld almost instantly, then went through the void beast’s grayish-white bone s.h.i.+eld and exploded in its body.

The violent force sent that huge void beast flying thousands of kilometers. Fresh blood spurted out, and its life was slipping away.

Killed in seconds!

The group of void beasts, which became arrogant again due to the emergence of a new boss, was dumbstruck once more.

They opened their mouths, looked at the new boss that was killed within seconds, and didn’t dare to move an inch-they didn’t even dare to make any noise.

The battlefield went into total silence once again.