Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 421 - Who Was Going to Bear His Pain?!

Chapter 421 - Who Was Going to Bear His Pain?!

Chapter 421 Who Was Going to Bear His Pain?!


Lu Ze’s pupils contracted and looked gravely at the planetary-state void beast in the distance.

Nine planetary-state spirit force cannons stirred up the spirit force in the universe, and the spirit force surged wildly in the areas where it flew past, producing a storm. The area became distorted as well.

The planetary-cla.s.s state beast that was attacking violently at those three young dukes sensed the threat, it immediately looked upward and roared. The gray spirit light around its body glowed and formed a thick s.h.i.+eld


Nine spirit force cannons bombarded the gigantic planetary-state void beast at the same time and collided with that thick gray s.h.i.+eld.

The shockwaves from the rampage swept over, even Lu Ze and the others who were only 2000 kilometers away could feel it.

For a core martial state fighter, this power might kill him on the spot.

However, for them, this was not enough.

Lu Ze and the rest didn’t care about the shockwave and stared at the battlefield in front of them.

After the nine spirit force cannons bombarded the void beast, those three young dukes didn’t stop. All three of them had spirit lights glowing on their bodies. Their G.o.d arts activated, and their power erupted like a volcano that had been dormant for a long time.

Mo Xie held a sword with both hands in front of his chest-his eyes turned into pitch-black —and he murmured, “Evil shadow.”

Various shadows came out of the sword almost instantaneously and turned into a number of sword rays. Following this, all of the sword rays combined into one.

Mo Xie’s black pupils had a sinister glow in them as he slashed the swords toward the void beast in the distance.

That sword rays that seemed very ordinary traveled hundreds of meters toward the void beast.

On the other side, Chi Xiaomo’s body was covered in flames, but the initial red flames were now deep black. Her face was slightly pale, and there was a trace of blood on the corner of her lips.

“Dark flames split.”

Six black figures appeared, and each of them had a strong dark aura around their bodies. The moment these six figures appeared, they flew toward the void beast.

Bernie, who had been attacked by the void beast just now, has now recovered from a number of injuries through his wood G.o.d art.

At this moment, a faint green glow flashed in his eyes, and the green glow around his body was flickering.

Alas, a green orb appeared on his right hand again, but this time, the green orb had a darker shade.

“Devour the vine.”

The green orb flew toward the void beast, and halfway through, several green vines appeared from the orb. The vines kept intertwining and expanding, and when it was near the void beast, the vines were already hundreds of meters long.

After the void beast was attacked by the nine raging spirit force cannons, that thick battle armor stayed intact for a moment, but it still shattered in the end.

The remaining spirit force crashed against its thick grayish-white bone armor, and the cracks on the bone armor deepened further with fresh black blood seeping out of them.

The pain caused the void beast’s eyes to redden. Its chi became more violent, and it let out a raging roar.

Just at this moment, the evil shadow sword light, dark flames split and engulf the vines all charged toward the howling void beast.

Terrifying shockwaves spread, and the swords, flames, and lights appeared. Everyone was staring at the center of the explosion with antic.i.p.ation. “Is it dead?”

“… it’s dead, right?? Didn’t expect that the three young dukes are actually so strong? They weren’t so strong at first, right? Even a planetary-state void beast wouldn’t be able to survive this sort of attack, right?”

“The three young dukes are invincible!! The emergence of the human race! There were young duke Jing and young duke Sha previously. Now, we have these three young dukes!”

“That’s right! The three young dukes are too powerful! That void beast is dead!”

“… and we survived too, right?”


Whether it was the screen on the war site or the guards on the line of defense, they were all having a similar conversation.

That void beast wouldn’t be able to take on such a strong attack, right?

After the three young dukes attacked, they were panting, and their faces were somewhat


were CSOIT


They had been fighting for so long, and they felt like their bodies were completely emptied out after this wave of attack.


Just at this moment, a raging roar resounded.

The three people’s expression changed as they looked at the center of the explosion.

A ferocious storm surged past, and the three people saw a gigantic gray spirit force light sweeping across the vacuum, slamming onto Bernie.

After sensing the horrifying aura, Bernie didn’t even have the time to think why he was always the one getting injured.

He gritted his teeth—a sinister look flashed in his eyes—and his entire body was covered in vines, turning into a ball. Rumble!! After getting hit by the spirit force, Bernie was sent flying once again, and fresh blood gushed out.

This time, his chi became extremely weak, and he was unconscious.


Mo Xie’s and Chi Xiaomo’s pupils contracted when they saw this scene. They tensed up, and their spirit forces burst forth once again as they stared at the center of the explosion.

The spirit force storm had dispersed the shockwaves, and that gigantic figure appeared once more.

At this moment, that grayish-white bone armor around its body had cracked, and there were many areas where the bone armor had fallen off, revealing the beast’s gray flesh.

It roared ferociously, and fresh blood spurted out. Its chi was weakened, and it was clearly severely injured.

However, even though its chi had weakened due to its injuries, it was in a complete fury and became completely berserk.

“It’s not dead yet?!”

“It’s not dead, even after all these??” “What happened to Green Vine Young Duke?? Is he dead?? There are only two young dukes left, can they survive??”

“Don’t panic! Don’t panic!! That void beast must be injured. I believe these two young dukes would definitely be able to take it down!”

Seeing the void beast turning more berserk, the crowd widened their eyes in disbelief.

The final attack of those three young dukes was extremely strong, right?

This sort of attack actually couldn’t kill this void beast??

At the same time, they had a chill in their hearts. They didn’t know whether the green vine young duke was dead or not. The remaining two young dukes”chi’ were very weak as well—could they still take this void beast down?

At this moment, gray light was flas.h.i.+ng around the void beast’s body, and after it killed Bernie, those blood-red eyes turned toward the line of defense.

When Chi Xiaomo and Mo Xie saw this, an aura of rage surged around their bodies again.

“Stop it!!”

If it destroyed the interstellar mothers.h.i.+p below, it would be over for the line of defense. However, if they could stop the beast until the next wave of artillery attacks, then it would definitely kill this void beast!

Since one wave didn’t kill it, they shall continue fighting!

Lu Ze was stunned.

He initially thought that he didn’t have to fight anymore… after all, those three attacks just now seemed quite stable.

If he could chicken out, he would obviously prefer to do that.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

Tsk, he still had to fight in the end.

Mhm, he was going to start to show off!

Too exciting!

His little heart was beating really fast!

Lu Ze looked at Hubert and the rest, who were hesitant to speak, but didn’t dare to look at Lin Ling-Lu Ze was afraid that this girl would ask him to bring her along.

Just as he was about to use the s.p.a.ce jump G.o.d art, he felt his battle armor being pulled back.

Lu Ze turned around and realized Lin Ling was staring at him with glistening eyes. “Don’t die.”

Lu Ze was taken aback, and he grinned. “I’m not self-praising, but even I am afraid of myself when I fight!”

He was Lu Ze who runs fast, will never die, and is undefeatable!


Just at this moment, the void beast roared once again, and it wanted to pounce toward the line of defense, yet, it was blocked by Chi Xiaomo and Mo Xie again.

The duo fought against the beast once more while Bernie remained unconscious at the side.

Lin Ling knew that time was critical right now, and she couldn’t help either. Hence, she could only let go of Lu Ze and look at him while saying nothing.

Lu Ze turned to look at the void beast, and his smile disappeared. His gaze became deep and tranquil.

After that, a silver light wrapped his body, and he disappeared on the spot.

When Lu Ze reappeared, he had already used the s.p.a.ce jump G.o.d art and traveled around 800 kilometers.

At this moment, Lu Ze was only 2000 kilometers away from the void beast.

Seeing the severely injured void beast that had fresh blood spurting everywhere but was still extremely violent, Lu Ze took a deep breath.

Thereafter, blood-colored lightning flashed beneath his eyes. Come on, let’s get it over and done with!

In his mind, the blood-colored lightning that kept floating in the center slowly entered Lu Ze’s flesh under his control.

The second the blood-colored lightning entered him, various blood-colored lightning appeared around Lu Ze, and his black hair and black eyes turned into a blood-red color. There were also tiny lightning intertwining and jumping

In just a short moment, Lu Ze’schi was several times stronger.

Lu Ze’s face turned pale—the intense pain caused his body to shudder—and his cold sweat couldn’t be produced at all because they were all dried up by the electricity.

Just then, a complicated gray rune flashed beneath Lu Ze’s eyes.

Super speed regeneration!

Plenty of red orbs and purple orbs disappeared, and Lu Ze’s body was lingering around 50 percent done and being completely raw. Lu Ze took a deep breath, and a tinge of tyranny appeared in his blood-colored eyes as a complicated rune flickered.

Lightning spear!

The violent aura surged and the blood-colored lightning began to form.

Lu Ze was going to use the blood-colored lightning to form a lightning spear! Super speed regeneration divine art, lightning spear divine art, coupled with the use of the ordinary lightning G.o.d art to transform into blood lightning G.o.d art, the red and purple orbs kept disappearing in his mind like flowing water leaving Lu Ze.Meanwhile, the strong energy went into Lu Ze’s body, causing him more pain.

Even for someone like Lu Ze, he still felt like dying

A sinister look flashed in his eyes as he grinned and looked at the void beast.

If this wave didn’t kill this beast, who was going to bear his pain, huh?!

The violent blood lightning slowly formed and finally became a 20 meters long blood-colored lightning spear.

The chi on the lightning spear was much stronger than when Lu Ze used the ordinary lightning G.o.d art at full strength, it had even reached level nine of the mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze looked at the lightning spear that was emitting a violent chi and pursed up his lips.

Not enough!!