Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 420 - Didn’t He Say That He Wasn’t Going to Die?

Chapter 420 - Didn’t He Say That He Wasn’t Going to Die?

Chapter 420 Didn’t He Say That He Wasn’t Going to Die?

This was truly a powerful attack.

Lu Ze looked at the blood-colored lightning flash in his mental dimension and couldn’t help but feel a sharp pain throughout his body.

The first time this thing entered Lu Ze’s body, he didn’t do it willingly.

That time, in just a short moment, Lu Ze could feel that he was about 80 percent cooked.

In the following second, he was completely cooked and was out of the pocket hunting dimension.

However, due to the influence of the blood-colored lightning during this period of time, his lightning G.o.d art had begun to adapt to the tyranny of the blood-colored lightning and also began to evolve into the blood lightning

He has reason to believe that he would now only be 50 percent cooked at most!

Since he would only be 50 percent cooked, it was still acceptable with his swift regeneration recovery and a steady stream of red and purple orbs.

But Lu Ze roughly estimated that if he really wanted to kill this planetary-state big boss, his red and purple orbs could only allow him to execute the strongest attack once.

Lu Ze wasn’t sure whether it would be enough for the second time, he wasn’t even sure exactly how much energy he could handle.

Lu Ze lifted his head and looked at the planetary-state void beast that turned more violent after being attacked.

Actually, Lu Ze felt a little anxious in his heart.

After all, this planetary-state void beast was simply too strong. He wasn’t sure if he could tolerate a claw attack from this fella or a mouthful of bombs.

Even if he had the strength for an attack, his defense was still quite weak. Who knows what might happen?


Lu Ze looked at those three young dukes who were getting weaker and weaker as they kept fighting this void beast, and his gaze turned icy.

He didn’t have a choice…

With this current situation, he could either flee from the battlefield or just go for it.

Judging by his pocket hunting dimension, he wasn’t sure how big the possibility of his future was, but it wouldn’t be small.

He could definitely become stronger and lead the human race to become stronger.


He just couldn’t do it.

He was not a slave to the pocket hunting dimension, neither was he a savior to the human race.

He was just Lu Ze.

Under a situation like this, he really couldn’t watch as the others fought for their lives while he fled.

Perhaps, he was dumb or wasn’t far-sighted… Maybe, he wasn’t rational.

However, his heart was telling him right now that it was time to fight with all his might.

Alice had enough red orbs now, and after she was done absorbing them, it should be possible for her source flame to be awakened, right?

After all, that girl also said that her mother was going to wake up soon.

Li also had plenty of red orbs, and she even awakened the darkness G.o.d art-her future achievements would be immeasurable.

Lin Ling also had a perfect spirit body now. Coupled with the red orbs that Lu Ze gave her, he didn’t have to worry about her at all.

The alcoholic’s and vixen’s power were not off the charts, they would have a great future ahead…

Yingying, that little girl… tsk, if he had known sooner, he would have brought that little girl over. Even if she was asleep, perhaps, there might be an effect by throwing her over?

If he really died… to his parents…


I wouldn’t die!!

A sinister look flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes.

Life—he cannot choose what has already happened.

Death-the future is vague, he can’t be certain either.

But between life and death was the present. He, Lu Ze, must hold it in his hands!

Since he didn’t want to die, he shall kill that planetary-state void beast, then! “Hu…”

Lu Ze took a deep breath, didn’t think further, and his gaze became deep and serene.

There were still 15 seconds.

Even if he was going to die, he still must pay attention to the basic law.

Lu Ze didn’t want this big boss to simply attack him directly when it raged.

That would definitely kill him.

After 10 seconds, the mothers.h.i.+p that launched the first attack was fully recharged.

And after 20 seconds, the remaining three interstellar mothers.h.i.+ps were recharged.

There were four fleets initially, but it was clear that whether their s.h.i.+p could be completed would depend on luck.

After 15 seconds, the last five mothers.h.i.+ps were fully recharged.

By then, coupled with the mothers.h.i.+ps’ artillery, it would be time to look for an opportunity.

The only good thing was that this big boss became more violent after getting injured. At the same time, its hatred toward those three young dukes had increased, and its speed of approaching the line of defense was slower. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to hang on until the second wave of artillery attacks.

Lu Ze waited quietly for the second wave of attacks.

He would stand apart from the others later, then he could begin to take the road to ruin.

Wait a minute… didn’t he say that he wasn’t going to die?

Mhm… he has forgotten.

He probably didn’t say it

At this moment, everyone in this area was looking at the battle between those three young dukes and the planetary-cla.s.s void beast. The results of their battle could almost decide the fate of this place.

A spirit force giant claw cut through the deep vacuum. Mo Xie turned into a sword ray and dodged the giant claw attack. The storm stirred up by the spirit force giant claw caused his black hair to end up in a total mess.

He wiped away the fresh blood on the corners of his mouth, and his face was slightly pale. The one in charge of the artillery operating room for various mothers.h.i.+p asked through the communication device, “How much longer until the second recharge?”

All of the in-charges in the mothers.h.i.+ps’ artillery operating rooms in this area were sweating buckets and looking nervously at that gigantic void beast on the screen.

When all of the in-charge heard Mo Xie’s words, they all replied with their own answer.

“31st legion, we still need 9 seconds to recharge!”

“20th legion, still need 14 seconds!”

“29th legion, still need 11 seconds!”

After hearing everyone’s replies, Mo Xie glanced at Chi Xiaomo and Bernie. All three of their ‘chi’ were fluctuating strongly. After fighting with all their might, they had used up too much energy. A tinge of sword light flashed across his eyes and he said, “14 seconds later, fire at the same time once all of the artillery are fully charged. Kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d directly with the second wave!”

Actually, he wasn’t very confident in his heart.

However, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was truly a planetary-state void beast, and their powers were only close to this level. In terms of their spirit force reserves, it was clear that they couldn’t be compared to this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Since this was the case, he might as well put his all into the fight!

Chi Xiaomo and Bernie also heard what Mo Xie said, and the three people began to slow down the pace of their attacks to build up energy. The next moment was the time to go all out!

14 seconds…

13 seconds…

10 seconds…

Time went by slowly-whether it was the artillery operating army or the elites in this line of defense, even those watching over the War Site, everyone held their breaths and waited for the next collective fire.


The chi of the violent planetary-state void beast surged, and various spirit force attacks kept going toward those three young dukes. At the same time, it would launch attacks toward the mothers.h.i.+ps from time to time.

If it launched an attack toward the mothers.h.i.+p, the three young dukes would go all out to block it, and if the attack was toward them, they could easily dodge from it.

As time progressed, the planetary-state void beast kept nearing the line of defense.

From 5,000 kilometers to 4,000 kilometers, until it was nearly 3,000 kilometers.

Lu Ze watched the planetary-state void beast calmly and waited patiently.

Just at this moment, Lin Ling’s eyes glistened and kept staring at Lu Ze. “What are you thinking about?”

Lu Ze was taken aback. He looked at Lin Ling and grinned. “I’ll go show off later!”

Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze grinning from ear to ear, and she narrowed her eyes. “You need to bring me along when you show off.”


Lu Ze: “…”

Why do I have to bring you along?!

Lu Ze nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. If he didn’t kill that void beast later, who knows if this girl would kill him?

Shouldn’t two people have double happiness when they are together!

When Jinrong and the others heard Lu Ze and Lin Ling’s conversation, they were stunned, and everyone seemed to have thought of something as they stared at Lu Ze.

The place was silent.

Hubert’s expression that was rarely serious turned stern. “Student Lu Ze, you’re going to deal with this void beast?!”.

Lu Ze laughed. “Teacher Hubert, I know what I’m doing. I have a G.o.d art, and it is very strong. Although I haven’t grasped it very well yet, I can attack from a distance—this gives me some time to run.”

“No way!!”

Hubert and Jinrong interrupted Lu Ze almost at the same time and wanted to stop him from killing himself.

They obviously knew how gifted Lu Ze was, and they didn’t want to see Lu Ze taking the risk. Also, it was a risk that was extremely high.

Jiaxuan and Lyon opened their mouths but didn’t say anything in the end; it wasn’t that they didn’t want to stop Lu Ze.

But if even Hubert and Jinrong were unable to stop him, there was no use for them to try.

When Lu Ze heard that, he smiled. “Teacher Hubert, Commander Jinrong, do you guys think that the second wave of attacks can kill or severely injure that planetary-state void beast?”

“This…”Both of them looked at one another, opened their mouths but didn’t say anything.

The first wave of attacks merely caused some of this void beast’s bones to break slightly, so they clearly weren’t confident that the second wave would be able to kill or severely injure this beast.

Lu Ze smiled. “Are the three young dukes fighting with all their might already? If the second wave is unable to severely injure it, we wouldn’t have another wave, right?”

Jinrong kept quiet and gritted his teeth. “I’ll get the mothers.h.i.+ps from other areas to support!”

“What about the line of defense at the other areas if their mothers.h.i.+ps came over? Also, there wouldn’t be enough time, right?”

Jinrong frowned, and Hubert opened his mouth as well, wanting to speak.

Just then, there was a surge of spirit force, and nine raging spirit force cannons from the mothers.h.i.+p flew toward the planetary-state void beast that wasn’t merely 3,000 kilometers away anymore.

The bright blue glow immediately attracted everyone’s attention.