Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 419 - The Power of One Strike

Chapter 419 - The Power of One Strike

Chapter 419 The Power of One Strike

Deep in the cosmos, the magnificent spirit force flickered with all sorts of colors-green, red, black, gray… they looked extremely beautiful.

However, an extreme danger was hiding beneath this beauty.

At this moment, Lu Ze and the others looked at where the planetary-state void beast was at. Their bodies were frozen solid, and cold sweat dripped down their backs.

Lyon burst out in anger: “f.u.c.k this! Why is that void beast heading here?!”

Lu Ze and the others looked at the sparkling and beautiful light without replying.

They were able to sense that the void beast was indeed heading towards their direction!

Obviously the total strength of three dukes was still insufficient to stop the planetary-state void beast in place.

The atmosphere turned solemn.

A moment later, Jinrong spoke up with his hoa.r.s.e voice. “I’m afraid it was due to the last cannon fire that came from here. It had stirred that void beast’s mind.”

Lu Ze and everyone else: “…”

Everyone did not know what to say.

There were clearly three others, so why had they been the last, and be the unlucky ones?! Right at this time, a cold intent surfaced from Lu Ze’s heart and chilled his entire body. He growled, “Don’t resist!”

While saying that, a silver light flowed from his entire body and covered Lin Ling, Jinrong, Hubert, Jiaxuan, and Lyon.

Immediately after that, they disappeared from their original spots.

Just as the group disappeared, berserk grayish energy appeared in front of the mothers.h.i.+p.


The ball of energy spanning over several hundred meters in diameter collided with the mothers.h.i.+p’s blue defensive s.h.i.+eld. A soundless explosion blossomed as the s.h.i.+eld shook incessantly. The lights on board of the mothers.h.i.+p flickered as sparks of lightning crackled along the surface.

To defend against the berserk planetary-state level of attack, the mothers.h.i.+p had to overload on its energy to sustain the barrier activation.

The grayish-black berserk energy bloomed from the ball of energy, quickly enveloping its surroundings.

All the aperture opening militants, who were covered in bruises with their shattered armors, were in a daze. The grayish energy swallowed the berserk void beast.

Silver light flickered a thousand of kilometers away as Lu Ze and the group appeared in s.p.a.ce. Right as they appeared, the shockwave from the berserk energy surged toward them. The overwhelming power of the shockwave caused everyone’s hair to stand.

Hubert and Jinrong had regained their senses and immediately became serious as they expanded their powerful fist and sword intent into the distance.


Their powerful fist energy and sharp sword intent collided with the shockwave. Their faces immediately turned pale as they spat out blood. The fist energy and sword intent dissipated, but the shockwave did not decrease one bit and continued to head toward their location.

When Lu Ze a.n.a.lyzed the situation, he immediately pulled Lin Ling behind himself without thinking. A black and gold rune manifested from deep within his eyes as a black and metal battle armor appeared.

At the same time, he utilized the s.p.a.ce jump G.o.d art at its maximum, as well as some s.p.a.ce energy, without a care for his own body. Purple blood lightning and green wind intertwined and formed a double protective barrier in front of everyone.

The red and purple energy orbs in his mental s.p.a.ce continued to deplete and transform into energy to replenish Lu Ze’s body. “Cough!!” Lu Ze’s eyes flickered with light as he spat out a large mouthful of blood. The protective barrier made out of his lightning G.o.d art and wind G.o.d art trembled incessantly and finally broke.

But the remaining shockwave was no longer a threat. At some point in time, Lin Ling had appeared from behind Lu Ze and used her silver spear aura to penetrate the shockwave.

Adding Jiaxuan’s and Lyon’s combined attack, they handled the shockwave with ease.

Lin Ling turned to look at Lu Ze after seeing that the shockwave had disappeared and asked in concern, “Are you alright?”

Lu Ze smirked and wiped the blood off his mouth. “I’m fine, but…”

Lu Ze’s gaze calmed down as he turned towards the direction of the mothers.h.i.+p.

After expanding too much energy, the mothers.h.i.+p’s defensive barrier had ultimately managed to block the attack.

However, the mothers.h.i.+p was constantly emitting lightning streaks and countless lights had dimmed down. Obviously it had suffered from malfunction, and most probably no longer be able to operate its defensive barrier.

Nevertheless, that wasn’t the direst outcome…

At the very least, the mothers.h.i.+p had safely survived through the wave.

But the aperture opening state cultivators that were outside the mothers.h.i.+p…

Lu Ze’s eyes flickered with a faint light.

The energy attack with a level of planetary state was too fast. Even he was only able to save the people around him, but all the aperture opening state military personnel… At the side, Jinrong, Jiaxuan, and Lyon looked at the mothers.h.i.+p crackling with lightning streaks in a daze.

Jinrong opened his mouth but was unable to say anything.

Jiaxuan bit his lips until it bled while Lyon trembled with red eyes. He clenched his fists tightly as his breathing became unstable.

Those were the subordinates they were with from morning to night, every day!!

Who would have thought that they would die here?!

Even their bodies had disappeared! The atmosphere immediately turned bleak. Lu Ze turned and glanced at them with an extremely complicated mood. Right at this time, five resplendent blue energy beams came out from around the mothers.h.i.+p area toward the planetary state void beast.


The berserk void beast roar reverberated. Lu Ze and the group immediately turned their heads and noticed that the planetary void beast that was originally over tens of thousands of kilometers away from them was only five thousand kilometers away at the moment.

n was

It might have been due to the proximity, but only two out of the five blue energy beams landed on its grayish energy s.h.i.+eld while the other three missed.

Despite this, the two energy beams were enough to shatter its energy barrier.

At this moment, the eyes of the three who had surrounded the planetary state void beasts lit up.

Chi Xiaomo’s red eyes blazed as she roared, “Attack at full force!!”

Flames appeared around her body as they combusted into black flames. The six flames split emerged once again and flew toward the void beast at the same time.

Black streams of light continued to move around Mo Xie’s illusory body. Extremely sharp sword intent appeared and even caused minor spatial tears around them.

“Brute, who allowed you to attack them?!”

Mo Xie spoke coldly and flicked his wrist slightly, laying his black sword level. Sharp sword intent soared out from the sword as countless black illusory sword intents flew straight toward the grayish ball of energy.


At the same time, Bernie’s originally handsome and warm appearance had also turned extremely cold as a pair of vines appeared on his hands.

The vines flew at the void beast and grew larger in the process.


The void beast unleashed a roar and slashed continuously with its sharp and humongous claws, producing berserk and grayish spirit force over to shatter most of the sword intents and three of the flame splits.

However, the remaining sword intents struck onto its grayish bone armor, and the three flame splits flew to the front of the void beast and dazzled with a red light. They used a split explosion!

The last green veins coiled around the void beast’s humongous body and exploded the instant the void beast struggled out and was about to destroy them.

Following the aftermath, faint cracks could be seen on the void beast’s st.u.r.dy grayish bone armor.

After their all-out attack, the three dukes were slightly pale, and their ‘chi’ were weaker than before.

Right at this time, the void beast dark red eyes flashed with a fervent aura. It opened its blood-soaked mouth and formed another ball of energy that spanned a few hundred meters.


The greyish ball of energy streaked through the air towards Bernie.

When Bernie saw the ball of energy, his pupils constricted, and a green light appeared on his entire body as veins after veins wrapped around him and formed a protective ball of a hundred meters in diameter.


The grayish ball of energy collided onto the ball of veins.

After the explosion’s aftermath, Bernie was sent flying out over a few hundred meters before stopping.

His face was extremely white with blood covering his entire body while his battle armor cracked in all places.


After coughing out blood, Bernie’s eyes flickered with green light as a gentle green light surged from his entire body, and he started to heal.


After clas.h.i.+ng with Bernie, the planetary state void beast continued to fly toward Commander Jinrong’s mothers.h.i.+p.

Upon seeing that, Mo Xie and Chi Xiaomo’s eyes turned sharp while recovering and flew toward it again.

How can they let it attack the mothers.h.i.+p once more?!

From the original plan of delaying it, it had turned into preventing it from crossing the defensive line again. Obviously the mothers.h.i.+p’s cannon from the defensive line had successfully pulled the void beast’s aggro.

This was a good and bad thing for the militants.

If the void beast continued to fight with the three dukes in the distance, the three dukes would directly be killed in the end.

As the void beast was too far from the mothers.h.i.+p, even a planetary state cannon would have difficulty in dealing a fatal hit on the void beast-it could only provide support to the three dukes.

But if the mothers.h.i.+p took the initiative to move toward the defensive line, the mothers.h.i.+p would be able to launch a fatal attack, and the probability of it destroying the planetary state void beast would become higher.

However, at the same time, the danger would equally become higher if the planetary state void beast came closer.

This had turned into a situation where one side had to die.

The three dukes and the planetary state void beast continued to fight.

However, after allowing the void beast’s blast to hit the mothers.h.i.+p twice accidentally, the three dukes became stuck between the defensive line and void beast.

This had provoked the planetary state void beast even further.


After meeting head-on once again, Mo Xie was sent flying while coughing out blood for the second time. His chi became substantially weaker.

As the mothers.h.i.+p required time to summon more energy for the cannon, the drop in support for the three dukes caused them to fall gradually into a disadvantageous position.

Lu Ze looked at the flickering lightning arcs on the mothers.h.i.+p that no longer had its defensive s.h.i.+eld, then looked at the three dukes who were covered in blood. In the end, his eyes landed on the void beast’s bone armor that had cracks all over, but the void beast remained frenzied and crazy. His eyes flashed with a strange light.

Eventually, when Lu Ze recalled all the aperture opening state military personnel and Commander Jinrong and their expressions, his hand clenched into a fist.

In fact, he had the power of one strike.

However, after the attack, whether he could stay alive or dead would be uncertain.