Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Wasn’t it drawing chi into the body after level nine?

Just when Lu Ze was feeling hopeful about the future and was planning to open the door to the new world, he felt a terrifying temperature from behind him.

The hair on Lu Ze’s back exploded. He flashed with white light and moved to the side instantly. However, he heard a terrifying explosion from behind him.

The airwaves and the high temperature were burning him.

“Arghhhh, so hot!!”

Lu Ze could only howl in pain before his consciousness sank into darkness.


Lu Ze opened his eyes; he was back in his room. His handsome face was twisted.

It was the same recipe, same taste and same pain!

He remembered this!

It was that same type of red lion. He cursed they wouldn’t be able to find a wife!

Moments later, the pain eased and Lu Ze laid on his bed face down.

Just when he thought that he got the keys to the new world, he found out that the locks had been changed!


Today, he died a pitiful death like usual.

After a while, Lu Ze suddenly sat up.

He still needed to get the guaranteed entry to Federal University and collect the ingredients on the list. How could he waste his time here?

Cultivation! Cultivation!

Lu Ze quickly took out the wind element ball and a faint purple ball. He ate the wind one before the purple one.

After that, he started his cultivation.

Three hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes. He could clearly feel that his understanding of the wind grew deeper and that his G.o.d art grew stronger.

Lu Ze smiled and didn’t stop. He continued taking out green wolf orbs and cultivating.

There wasn’t enough time.


In the morning, after the usual cultivation with Lu Li, Lu Ze happily waved to Lu Li who had to leave for school.

After finis.h.i.+ng breakfast, Lu Ze went back to his room to cultivate.

During the day, he would use the faint purple orb’s enlightenment abilities to study and learn the strength G.o.d art. At night, he would learn the wind control G.o.d art and refine his body. This was Lu Ze’s cultivation plan.

There were only six more days left. There wasn’t much time left, but Lu Ze was ambitious. Lu Ze wanted to break through to the spirit martial state with the remaining time.

That way, he would be able to take on high-level spirit martial state enemies.

When he went to Nan Feng planet, the high-level spirit beast ingredients… hehe.

Not good, he was going to start drooling!

Cultivation! Cultivation!

Lu Ze took out a faint purple orb and ate it.


Three days later, nighttime.

Lu Ze sat with his eyes closed on the bed. Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

Then, his mouth spasmed and his body arched, shaking in a rhythmic way.

He was really unlucky…

In these last three days, only the final step remained to refining his Ren and Du meridians. He also kept learning the strength and wind control G.o.d art.

Lu Ze felt that he should be invincible to three or less green wolves…

However, when he killed his 16th green wolf in the pocket hunting dimension today, a 2 meter tall huge green wolf appeared before him.

As though sensing the blood of wolves on him, it chased him like crazy.

As soon as he gathered the wind element, it betrayed him.

Without any hesitation!

Thus, Lu Ze could only rely on his own body and the unfamiliar strength G.o.d art to resist.

However, he eventually lost and was sliced into many pieces by four huge wind blades that were waved out by its claw.

Lu Ze would remember this…

He planned to get revenge in the future!

But the good thing was that he had killed so many green wolves and didn’t lack small orbs. He took out a wind orb and started cultivating.

Two hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes again and frowned.

Every wind orb seemed to contain limited information about the wind control G.o.d art. Lu Ze even found that quite some of them were repet.i.tive. It seemed that he just needed to digest some more of the information and he might be able to completely master this wind control G.o.d art.

Then, Lu Ze took out some red orbs in preparation for body refinement.

The energy had reached the last small portions of the two meridians. Soon, the last portions became st.u.r.dier and wider, similar to the other parts. They emitted a blood jade color.

After using three consecutive orbs, the two meridians were finally perfected in refinement.

Lu Ze rejoiced. The next step was just drawing spirit chi into the body, after this, he would become a spirit martial state master!

Just when Lu Ze was feeling excited, the remaining energy started to spread across his body. His blood started to boil.

Lu Ze could feel that his body was filled with life force and was undergoing a new change!

What type of situation was this?

Lu Ze felt confused about the situation.

Wasn’t it drawing spirit chi into the body after level nine?

This wasn’t the same thing, coach!

As the energy spread, his skin, muscles, tendons, bones, marrow, organs, 12 meridians, and Ren and Du meridians all started vibrating at a strange frequency.

It was getting faster and faster.

Lu Ze frowned and reached out inside his body with his mental power and found that the barrier between each small state was disappearing. The light pausing in the flow of power was disappearing as well.

Some corners that weren’t refined previously were also being refined.

This time, it was a full-body refinement!

However, the vibration was coming to a stop as the energy was being used up.

Lu Ze quickly ate five more orbs.

He felt that this was a huge fortune for him!

He didn’t know if this would happen again if he stopped this time.

He must finish this refinement!


Hour by hour pa.s.sed. It was early morning already.

Lu Li didn’t see Lu Ze at the training grounds. She went to his bedroom door. She hesitated for a moment before slowly putting down her hand that was about to knock on the door.

Perhaps he was in solitary cultivation? It was best not to disturb him.

But… he didn’t even tell her, hmph…

Lu Li raised her lips and showed a gentle smile.