Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 418 - In a Dilemma?

Chapter 418 - In a Dilemma?

Chapter 418 In a Dilemma?

At this moment, Lu Ze, Lin Ling, and the others were still dumbstruck.

The crowd watched the bright explosions that flickered in the distance, and the faint waves of residual spirit force could even be felt in this area.

How did things become this way?

They were still talking about the news regarding the big victory at the northern border just now. It would only take about an hour until the reinforcements arrived.

However, how did things become like that?

Why would there be void beasts running to a place so close to them?!

Lu Ze felt a stinging pain in his heart. This was simply too thrilling?!

Just at this moment, Commander Jinrong seemed to have received some news, and his expression changed slightly but he still said, “Understood!”

Lu Ze looked doubtfully at Commander Jinrong who seemed helpless and asked, “What is it?”

Commander Jinrong smiled bitterly. “There are currently three young dukes fighting with this void beast, but this void beast is stronger than these three young dukes, so they need the support of the interstellar mothers.h.i.+p.”

He sighed as he spoke. With a grave voice, he then said, “The cannons of the interstellar mothers.h.i.+p, which can barely reach the planetary-state strength after being recharged, can indeed support the three young dukes, but it can only ensure that the defense s.h.i.+eld is maintained, and the secondary cannons cannot be used.”

After all, the rate of output was limited, even for the interstellar mothers.h.i.+p.

His words made everyone frown, and Hubert said, “In that case, if we are pinned down, it would become more challenging for the guards to clear the aperture opening state void beast.”

If they were pinned down by the strong mortal evolution state void beast while lacking the support of the interstellar mothers.h.i.+p’s secondary cannons, the aperture opening state guards would be subject to greater danger.

There would even be more casualties.

Commander Jinrong sighed. “We have no choice. If they could do it, those three young dukes wouldn’t have this sort of request.”

The moment Commander Jinrong said those words, everyone’s eyes widened and thought of a possibility.

Lu Ze frowned. “Commander Jinrong, are you saying that the three young dukes might not be able to hold out until the reinforcements arrive?”

Lu Ze’s words caused the entire place to be silent.

Everyone looked at one another. If that’s the case, then even the support of the cannons would just be temporary.

As long as the three young dukes are unable to pin down this void beast, its destructive force would be enough to cause the guards to suffer a great loss.

Commander Jinrong rubbed his temples and issued an order to the communication device. “Charge the cannon to the full capacity, prepare to a.s.sist the three young dukes! Pin down the void beast!”

In the interstellar mothers.h.i.+p, the soldier in charge of the main cannons saw that raging battlefield on the screen and heard the commander’s order. Cold sweat started forming on his forehead as his palms began to sweat.

This was the first time they were using the cannons directly on a planetary-state beast.

It was a little too exciting. The one in charge of the main artillery team was a middle-aged man. After replying to Commander Jinrong, he put down the communication device and took a deep breath.

Thereafter, a sinister expression flashed across his eyes as he looked at the four nervous guards who were trembling. He smirked. “What do you guys think? That is a planetary-state strong being, and right now, we can use cannons to blast that being. Are you guys surprised? Isn’t it exhilarating??? Exciting???”

Those four guards trembled as they nodded their heads.

This was simply too thrilling-it was so thrilling that they were trembling.

If they could, they would rather reduce the level of difficulty of this game. The one in charge sneered at the four soldiers. “Since this is the case, what are we waiting for?? Let’s send one over right away!!” Seeing that the four people were still shaking, the one in charge couldn’t help but grin. “We are the team in charge of the main artillery, but look at how terrified you guys look! If those secondary artillery guys see this, I would be so embarra.s.sed!”

“Tremble some more! Tremble more, and we will give our seats to those secondary artillery


When the four people heard that, they stiffened and didn’t dare to tremble at all. They were all responsible for the artillery, but there was clearly a huge gap between the status of those in the main artillery and those in the secondary artillery.

This was their honor-how could they possibly give up their positions to those secondary artillery guys?

The one in charge nodded in satisfaction when he saw how the four people stopped shaking. “That’s the way, get ready to attack!”

Outside the mothers.h.i.+p, Lu Ze and the others looked at the battlefield in the distance and knitted their brows.

Since the distance was too far, they were unable to see what was exactly happening, but they could sense the aura and recognize that those void beasts were now in the superior position.

At this time, there were a number of void beasts pouncing in this direction from afar. Jinrong furrowed his brows and yelled, “Get ready for battle!”

Lu Ze and the rest s.h.i.+fted their gaze from the planetary-state battle and looked upon the herd of void beasts charging toward them.

Mortal evolution state level, aperture opening state level, and even those beasts at the core martial state level that weren’t seen before were coming at them.

Clearly, this was due to the significant eradication of the fleet in this area, so these void beasts could easily cross the battles.h.i.+ps’ line of defense.

Seeing how proud these void beasts looked, Lu Ze frowned and the purple-red lightning flickered all over his body. Various lightning spears appeared then shot toward those void beasts.

They exploded among the group of void beasts instantly.

The purple-red lightning spread over hundreds of kilometers, and those void beasts at level five and below of the mortal evolution state were immediately electrocuted, turning into c.o.ke.

Those void beasts that were making so much noise initially were left with only two or three of them.

The remaining void beasts were all at level five of the mortal evolution state and above. They looked at one another and became silent before they continued to roar and fly over.

Following this, a black fist and blue sword rays flashed across. The punch went through these mortal evolution state void beasts. Some were even severed into two by the sword rays. In just a brief moment, the void beasts that covered hundreds of square kilometers were all dead.

Those void beasts outside of this area immediately froze up when they saw their comrades dying. Upon seeing the dead bodies floating in front of them, they didn’t dare to charge forward.

Subsequently, a raging roar came from behind, and those void beasts that couldn’t move regained their senses once more.

They still had the big boss behind-don’t be terrified, just kill!

Immediately, all of the void beasts began howling and charging forward again.

At this juncture, a faint blue light pillar that was hundreds of meters in diameter shot out from an interstellar mothers.h.i.+p and directly flew toward that extremely strong planetary-state void beast.

Lu Ze and the rest cleared the groups of void beasts while they looked at the battlefield with the planetary-state void beasts.


It was far away. Lu Ze and the others couldn’t see what was really happening, but relying on the changes in chi and spirit force shockwaves, their eyes still lit up. They managed to hit the target!


Immediately, there was a ferocious roar. They could still hear it very clearly through the vibration of the spirit force, even when they were thousands of miles away.

At the same time, a grayish-black energy ball swept across s.p.a.ce from the faraway region and shot toward that mothers.h.i.+p.

The energy ball seemed to have swept across the interstellar mothers.h.i.+p, and even so, the raging energy ball still damaged the mothers.h.i.+p’s energy s.h.i.+eld.

The energy s.h.i.+eld kept flickering as though it could collapse anytime.

That energy ball’s horrifying chi caused Lu Ze to shudder with fear, despite being 2,000 kilometers away.

After the energy ball pa.s.sed by, the strong chi was reduced drastically.

There wasn’t a single sound in the entire place.

Commander Jinrong’s gaze turned severe. The long sword in his hand went across the void beasts, and the sharp sword rays kept flas.h.i.+ng as it sliced those void beasts pouncing toward them.

He mumbled, “I wondered how many people died.”

His tone seemed pained.

Although the mothers.h.i.+p was fine due to its defense s.h.i.+eld, those mortal evolution state elites didn’t have any protection.

But they had to clear those void beasts outside.

‘A small leak would sink a great s.h.i.+p.’ If the numbers of void beasts increased, the mothers.h.i.+p defense s.h.i.+eld would also be in great danger.

Some elites probably didn’t manage to dodge that attack just now and evaporated immediately.

At this point, on both sides of Lu Ze and the others, there were three blue energy light pillars that flashed across and charged toward those planetary-state void beasts that were thousands of miles away.

Boom boom boom!!

After the shockwave, they could still sense the spirit force from where they were at.


That planetary-state void beast’s roar was filled with tyranny-it was clear that it was in a bad mood due to these attacks.


Just then, the main giant artillery of the mothers.h.i.+p, where Lu Ze and the rest were at, was fully charged. With the vibration of the spirit force, the faint blue light pillars bombarded toward the planetary void beasts in the distance.

At this moment, Lu Ze tensed up and was on his guard.

If those planetary void beasts wanted to attack their mothers.h.i.+p afterward, he had decided to use the s.p.a.ce jump G.o.d art to bring everyone away.

He didn’t want to be affected by this.

Lu Ze was not the only one. Lin Ling, Jinrong, Hubert, Jiaxuan, and Lyon also felt on edge and were ready to flee anytime.

However, just then, that void beast’s raging roar suddenly stopped.

Lu Ze and the others were somewhat doubtful but were also more alert.

After a brief moment, that planetary-state void beast still didn’t make a sound.

Then, Lu Ze was somewhat stunned and said, “There were four artilleries that attacked it this time. Could it be that it has difficulty choosing who to attack now?”

Lin Ling: “…”

Jinrong and the rest: “…”

Everyone’s mouth twitched.

None of them spoke up, but they were all hoping that this void beast could be stuck in a dilemma until reinforcements arrived.

Just at this moment, the violent battle began again.

However, Lu Ze and the others widened their eyes and looked at where the planetary-state void beast was at. All of them were drenched in cold sweat.