Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 417 - Three Young Dukes

Chapter 417 - Three Young Dukes

Chapter 417 Three Young Dukes

The sword light clashed with the barrier, but the former shattered in return. On the other hand, the sword chi shot off in all directions. It eviscerated every location it pa.s.sed.

At the same time, the phoenix collided with the barrier. The black smoke started to wrap around the barrier while flames burned on it.

Waves of spirit force explosion could be heard, and the barrier rattled even more to the point that it thinned down.

At this moment, the green vine twisted around the barrier.


The vine shone with light, and silent but violent explosions surged.

When the shockwave was gone, the barrier had disappeared as well, but the tough armor of the beast didn’t even have a trace of scratch on it.

Clearly, those three attacks weren’t enough to hurt it.

The audience watched in shock.

“Who came??”

Although they weren’t able to break through the void beast’s defenses, they could still hold off this beast for a while.

Right then, three figures stopped before the void beast.

It was two males and one female, they all looked young

The guy in the middle had black hair and eyes. His handsome face looked a little evil. He was clutching a black sword.

The one on the right was a black-haired red girl with red eyes. She had red flames rising around her, along with black smoke.

Meanwhile, the other one on the left was a handsome green-haired man. His entire body was s.h.i.+mmering with a green light. Moreover, green vines were entwined in his arms.

Their chi was extremely strong.

The void beast stared at these three people. Clearly, they posed some threat to it.

On the other hand, the comments on the war net erupted.

“That’s Evil Sword Young Duke Mo Xie, Red Ink Young Duke Chi Xiaomo, and Green Vine Young Duke Bernie?”

“They’re here too?!”

“They’re extremely strong among young dukes. They should be able to restrain this planetary state void beast, right?”

“I don’t know… I hope so.”

Just when everyone was looking worriedly at the screen, the void beast roared, and a gray spirit light covered its entire body. Accordingly, the beast disappeared from its current position. When it emerged once more, it was already above the three young duke’s heads. The one-kilometer long claw slammed down toward them.


Spirit force surged. Consequently, a serious expression settled on the eyes of the three people.

A planetary state was a planetary state after all. They might be extremely strong among young dukes, but nonetheless, they were only barely close to the planetary state. “Block it!!” Evil Sword Young Duke’s sword flashed with a black light. Thereafter, sword rays flew out, which then created a sword formation that blocked before the claw.

Green Vine Young Duke’s hands flashed with green color as a s.h.i.+eld made of vine formed the second layer of defense underneath the sword formation.

Finally, Red Ink Young Duke’s flame spun, which then produced an energy barrier that was black on the outside and red on the inside, serving as the third layer of defense.

They coordinated with each other flawlessly.


The huge claw greeted the sword formation.

Instantly, the formation broke as the claw constantly bombarded the s.h.i.+eld with its utter strength.

The ma.s.sive vines flashed with a green light, but they eventually died out and crumbled.


Lastly, the claw struck the red and black energy s.h.i.+eld. This s.h.i.+eld also dissipated in an instant.

However, these three defenses bought them valuable time.

When the defense was broken, the three had already flown out.

At the same time, Mo Xie grabbed his sword and held it in front of his chest vertically. The black light flickered from his sword as a sharp sword intent surged.


He bellowed as a complex rune flashed across his eyes. He raised his hands and hacked down. The sword light then split off, forming hundreds of invisible sword shadows that covered the void beast completely.

Simultaneously, Chi Xiaomo covered her body in flames as flowers of flames appeared around her.

One, two, three… five, six.

The fires morphed into her figure. She lifted her hand and pointed at the void beast.

The six flame splits, her clones, instantly charged toward the void beast.

Bernie opened his hands as his body glimmered with a green light. Eventually, all the green light turned to water and formed a small green orb in the center of his palm.

The orb flew off, heading toward the void beast.

When the orb was near it, Bernie’s eyes glimmered, and the orb exploded. Thick green vines burst out, wrapping around the void beast.

These three attacks were their strongest attacks. Even the planetary state void beast felt threatened.

It roared violently and swung its three sharp claws in the air. s.p.a.ce twisted, and a dark gray spirit light surged.

Six huge spirit claws suddenly appeared, meeting those three attacks head-on.

The surrounding thousand-kilometer radius was covered in violent power surges. Even outside this region, fleets continuously rattled after the spirit force wave swept over.

The soldiers looked at this clash in shock. Luckily, they were rather far or their lives would be over.

The hollow sword rays kept clas.h.i.+ng with the spirit claw. On the side, the six flame clones surrounded the void beast and proceeded to attack while the green vine bound the void beast’s body.


The fight scene was terrifying.

The void beast waved its huge claws and kept shooting out mouth cannons. Thereafter, a dark-gray spirit force s.h.i.+eld manifested around its body.

The battle ensued for a few minutes. The audience couldn’t even see the actions of the young duke nor the void beast. They could only witness the vibrant explosions. When the three figures and the void beast appeared once more, all the explosions disappeared.

The three young dukes had pale faces as they panted while the void beast looked more murderous.


Mo Xie gritted his teeth and said, “No, we can’t kill it! Just hold it off!”

Chi Xiaomo asked, “How long will it take Lieutenant General Hong Yutao and Bardy to arrive?”

Bernie smiled bitterly. “Lieutenant General Hong Yutao will take at least one hour. Lieutenant General Bardy might take longer.”

The wormhole appeared so suddenly this time. Only four hours had pa.s.sed so far.

One hour later was equivalent to five hours from the appearance of the wormhole.

This was due to the strategical significance of Ena System.During the tragedy in Gracious System, the planetary state reinforcements took six hours to arrive.

Chi Xiaomo frowned. “We might not be able to hold off for this long.”

They had tested the void beast’s power. The three of them combined could only handle those who just reached the planetary state. However, this void beast was clearly stronger.

Their full-powered attacks weren’t able to cause any damage. They might even run out of energy before an hour.

At this moment the void beast roared again, and its ma.s.sive body disappeared on its spot. The three stopped pondering. For now, they must block it!

“Notify the eastern defense line mothers.h.i.+p to provide firepower support!” Mo Xie spoke into his communicator.

They were currently in the eastern region, at the right side of the moon base.

Meanwhile, the mothers.h.i.+p, where Lu Ze and the rest were, was located 10,000 kilometers away.