Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 416 - New Boss Entering the Scene

Chapter 416 - New Boss Entering the Scene

Chapter 416 New Boss Entering the Scene

The white-haired commander had a smile on his face. “It seems that things are already solved up here.”

They were rather lucky. The strongest void beast that emerged was only at level eight of the mortal evolution state.

If a level nine mortal evolution state void beast came out, trouble would definitely ensue.

Hubert smiled as well. “The situation isn’t bad. No new planetary state void beast appeared. In just one hour, the planetary state reinforcements would reach us.”

At this moment, the white-haired commander received some news, and instantly, his smile blossomed into a flower.

“Hahahahaha… Great!!”

Everyone was confused by his reaction. The danger here wasn’t over yet.

Lu Ze asked, “Commander Jinrong, what happened?”

Jinrong joyfully responded, “A sweeping victory at the northern border! Young duke Jing and Hesha did not only kill the traitor Frudenand. They also helped Lieutenant General Yuejing to kill the blade demon general, Kakaroya!”

“While there’s no blade demon with planetary state power at the border, the general of the human race has led the Federal fleet to raid the location of the blade demon’s resources!”

Naturally, wars would only start when there was something to gain.

With the power of the blade demon race, a dead planetary state wasn’t enough to hurt them.

The blade demon wanted to stir things up so much purely for resources too.

Everyone considered this as good news.

Hearing such news was a huge boost to the morale of the soldiers here.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling glanced at each other.

Were those two that strong already?

Although they knew that Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha would be a lot stronger after their foundations were perfected, they didn’t expect them to reach this level.

Not bad! They must get those two to treat them!

Hubert also said excitedly, “Good! We should let those blade demon b.a.s.t.a.r.ds know what’s great! How dare they plan to attack us first!”

As the news of the victory at the northern border spread, the entire defense line was swept like a huge tide. As a result, they felt reinvigorated.

Right now, in the monitor room, one soldier noticed the constant fluctuations of energy on the screen. His smile slowly disappeared.

“Brothers, stop laughing… We may have a problem.”

The other soldiers immediately looked nervously at the screen

At this moment, a ma.s.sive head peered out of the wormhole, followed by an enormous body.

When its entire figure emerged from the wormhole, the soldiers saw that this beast was more than ten kilometers long!

As soon as it came out, it roared out and then snuck into a warp tunnel.

The person in charge immediately shouted, “Emergency! Report to Lieutenant General Nigel that another planetary state void beast managed to pa.s.s through. Based on our observation, it should be a level one planetary state beast!”

The sudden appearance of a ten-kilometer long figure was odd. s.h.i.+ps within the surrounding few thousand-kilometer range could all see the gigantic figure. Everyone was dumbfounded.

Thereafter, the alarm blared.

“Emergency! All s.h.i.+ps, who encounter the planetary state void beast that recently appeared, leave immediately! Don’t try to fight it!!”

After a brief moment of shock, the rest of the s.h.i.+p commanders came back to their senses and bellowed. “Quick! Retreat!”

Currently, the eyes of the planetary state void beasts flashed with ferociousness

It opened its huge mouth to let out a violent cry.


The spirit force therefrom ignited a storm through s.p.a.ce, covering thousands of kilometers.

Even the weaker void beasts were agitated by this roar. Those close enough and below aperture opening state were rattled to death by the intense chi.

Upon widening its mouth, a dark gray energy ball, which spanned a few hundred meters, was soon formed.


The energy ball instantly crossed a thousand kilometers and collided against a fleet made up of 30 s.h.i.+ps.

This ball hit the largest s.h.i.+p that was a few kilometers long. The faint blue barrier of the s.h.i.+p quickly broke.

A silent explosion blossomed.

Suddenly, that fleet turned into dust in the universe—not even a single part was left.

Other than the fleet, all the void beasts on the side, whether it was a core martial state or a mortal evolution state all, disappeared without a trace.

Outside the range of the explosion, the storm brought by the spirit force swept over a thousand kilometers. This force was extremely terrifying. All the soldiers gazed at this scene in shock.

“Quick! Run! Split off from your fleet and run!”

Who could withstand this?!

Even the void beasts moved far away, but as they proceeded, they roared c.o.c.kily.

Although some of the void beasts were caught inside, they didn’t question what the boss did. Those who got hit were simply unlucky.

The sudden entrance of the planetary state beast caused a disturbance among a large region of the defense line. It became chaotic.

At the same time, the war net also witnessed this shocking scene.

“That’s a new planetary state void beast??”

“Where is Lieutenant General Nigel? Hurry and let him stop it!”

Everyone looked toward the center of the defense line. It was a region that was ten thousand kilometers away from the defense line.

No void beast dared to approach near that region. There was just a middle-aged man fighting against three huge void beasts.

From time to time, there would be vibrant energy cannons shooting over to help the man deal with the three beasts.

By the looks of it, this man couldn’t spare a hand to help.

“Lieutenant General Nigel was still occupied. Are there any other powerful beings??” Everyone watched the void beast as it spit cannons incessantly. s.h.i.+ps were being struck constantly, turning into dust in the next second.Everyone’s heart shook while watching this. Each s.h.i.+p contained defense force soldiers! They were just rejoicing about the sweeping victory at the border a few minutes ago, but now, the situation here drastically changed.

If no one stopped this planetary state, soon all the fleets would be annihilated.

At this juncture, three beams flew across toward the void beast.

A black sword light that was a few hundred kilometers long cut toward the void beast.

One phoenix that was covered with black smoke spread its wings over 100 kilometers. Simultaneously, it slammed against the void beast.

A green vine that was a few hundred kilometers long coiled around the beast as well.


A dark-gray energy barrier formed around the void beast. Subsequently, the sword light, phoenix, and green vine hit the energy barrier.