Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: I am different to you guys now!

As the man and wolf gazed at each other, the atmosphere turned tense.

A moment later, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed and white light appeared around his body. At the same time, gusts of wind circulated around his body.


A light crackling sounded from the air and Lu Ze instantly appeared on the left of the wolf.


He punched out with his right fist which had wind swirling around it!

Lu Ze’s full-powered punch tore open the air. Rumbling sounded over the world and struck at the waist of the wolf.


The extreme danger made the wolf’s fur stand up. It let out a ferocious roar as green light flashed all over its body. It disappeared from its spot.


Lu Ze’s punch missed. The terrifying fist force created a 12-meter crater in the ground.

Even low-level spirit martial states would be amazed at such destructive power.

Caught it!

Lu Ze smirked slightly. The green wolves were masters of the wind element. They were extremely fast.

Yesterday, that wolf had almost annoyed Lu Ze to death just with its speed. Today, the wolf was stronger but his speed had increased a lot too. He could just barely keep up!

All was good as long as he could keep up!

The fist force exploded and Lu Ze’s figure disappeared along with the green wolf’s.

Then, there was the sound of clashes in the air. The man and wolf appeared and disappeared anywhere within an area of a few hundred meters.

The clas.h.i.+ng between the two created airwaves that blew down all the surrounding gra.s.s.

The powerful explosion made all the rabbits in a few kilometer radius raise their ears.

Then, they ran without hesitation.

Oh my, the rabbits thought, there are big bosses fighting.

The explosion traversed far and wide, catching the attention of black dogs, green wolves and other powerful animals.

However, they didn’t care.

After all, different animals would choose to hunt different things. Battles were all too ordinary. As long as the battle didn’t affect them, they could fight however they liked.

After clas.h.i.+ng tens of times, the man and wolf took advantage of the backlash to fly out and land on the ground separate from each other.

Lu Ze looked at the panting green wolf and smiled slightly.

In just a day, he was able to fight head-on with a green wolf. Yesterday, he was thoroughly abused!

And due to his internal organs being refined, he had longer stamina than the green wolf.

Although they were in a draw now, if things continued, the wolf would be no match for Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s eyes were cold. He didn’t give the wolf a chance to rest and shot forward once again.


The wolf roared and charged forward too.

Lu Ze’s face was calm. Since the wolf posed no threat, he decided to start practicing his new technique.

Although he hadn’t mastered the strength G.o.d art, he could still increase his strength a little.

His mental power started to cover his entire body. Then, his mind, body, and technique fused together. White light flashed across Lu Ze’s eyes.

He clenched his fist and punched!


The fist roared like a huge dragon. White light burst out of the fist. The force splurged out and everywhere it pa.s.sed, gra.s.s and dirt flew away. The terrifying fist force plowed a long mark over the earth and headed towards the green wolf.

The green wolf’s eyes narrowed as it tried to retreat. However, the terrifying force had locked onto it. It could only counter-attack based on its instincts.

Green light burst out from its body. It opened its huge mouth and all the surrounding airflow was sucked into it. An extremely condensed and refined green energy ball appeared in its mouth.

Rapidly spinning wind could be seen inside the ball. It even made whirring sounds.

The green wolf’s eyes looked ferocious as it spat out the energy ball.

The transparent fist force clashed with the energy ball.

Rumble…! Rumble…!

At that instant, green light exploded and loomed over the entire s.p.a.ce.

Then, there was an ear-deafening explosion. A powerful pressure swept in all directions.

After the green light calmed down, one could see that the landscape was ravaged.

A 30-meter ditch had appeared. All the nearby gra.s.s had been pulverized by the wind pressure and remnant energy.

Even the earth was deeply plowed.

This was an extremely terrifying destructive power.

As soon as the explosion stopped, Lu Ze disappeared.

He must attack fast like the wind and fierce like fire.

In his view, those idiots who forced the main characters of novels into desperate situations and stopped to talk and act cool were just plain dumb.

In simpler terms, just fight!

The green wolf had just unleashed a powerful attack, therefore, it felt weak.

However, Lu Ze had strong stamina and despite feeling a bit tired, he still rushed over.

He instantly appeared on the side of the wolf and kicked with his right leg like a whip. Before the wolf could even dodge, his leg struck its waist.


Power flooded into the green wolf’s body.

Its huge body was smacked into the air and out came the sound of bones cracking. Blood mixed with internal organs was spat out from its mouth, spraying across the sky.

Its body carved out a huge arc in the sky before landing in the distance.

However, Lu Ze didn’t intend to stop there. He tapped on the ground and disappeared from the spot.

When he appeared again, he was right below the green wolf.


Fist force mixed with the wind element struck the wolf’s body. Although it could control the wind, it would need some effort to calm the swirling wind.

As for the terrifying first force, it coa.r.s.ely ravaged the insides of its body, completely damaging it.



The wolf wailed. It flew up as a result of the fist force for tens of meters before landing heavily on the ground and smas.h.i.+ng out a pit.

Lu Ze looked at the dead wolf and breathed slowly. He felt tired after the consecutive bursts of power.

As the green wolf slowly turned to dust, six red orbs appeared. There were also two purple orbs and one wind element orb.

Lu Ze happily picked them up.

“From now on, I’m no longer a rabbit hunter but a green wolf hunter!”

He finally wasn’t at the very bottom of the food chain.

Thinking about all the ways he had died in the past month, his eyes teared up.

He was easily killed by green wolves’ wind blades, bitten to death by big dogs, burned to death from tigers’ fire and killed by the claws of huge golden eagles.

The worst of all was when he came out of a rabbit hole, the sky above him darkened and then there was no more. When he woke up, his body felt crushed.

He was probably stepped on by some pa.s.ser-by.

But, those painful memories have now come to an end!

He would greet a new future starting today!

Now, he could finally raise his head and look at the rabbits with condescension.

“I’m no longer the same as you!”