Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: I, Lu Ze, Food Hunter


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze spread his mental power to sense every part of his body and every system.

At the same time, Lu Ze’s mind ran rapidly. The foundational martial technique perfection allowed him to control his power to an extremely precise level, while the complete body refinement made his body extremely strong.

If he combined the two, would he get even more powerful?

Power was surging around in every cell of Lu Ze’s body. The power in each cell had its own rhythm. Lu Ze carefully controlled them to resonate in the same rhythm.

Gradually, sweat trickled down his forehead.

He didn’t have enough mental power!

Lu Ze found that in order to use power that was beyond his limits, he needed to utilize the combination of mental power, body power, and technique. Only this way would he be able to attack many times more than what he was capable of.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s head sunk. The effect of the faint purple orb was gone.

He opened his eyes and breathed slowly.

Since he had found a way, he only needed to practice.

And, whether it was body refinement, martial technique or mental power, he could reach the state which was needed. To him, it was just a matter of time before he mastered a strength G.o.d art.

If he worked harder, becoming a big boss would soon be achieved.

Excitement flashed across Lu Ze’s eyes. He took out a faint purple light orb and started cultivating.

At the same time, in the living room, Lu Wen and Fu Shuya had come home.

Fu Shuya made dinner and found that Lu Li came, but not Lu Ze. She asked, “Li, where is Ze?”

“He’s probably cultivating in his room,” Lu Li said.

Lu Wen smiled. “That kid has gone back to being a martial arts maniac. This is great… cough, no I meant not great…”

Ever since that kid changed, his baby girl seemed to be getting further and further away from him.

Indeed, it was better for Ze to be a martial arts maniac!

Lu Li heard this and her mouth spasmed. That guy is very shameless now, she thought. He isn’t as proper as he was before.

“Since he’s cultivating, let’s not disturb him. Let’s just eat. I’ll save him a share. When he is done, he can warm it up and eat it,” Fu Shuya smiled and said.

Lu Ze was completely immersed in discovering a strength G.o.d art.

He devoured purple orbs one by one. When he opened his eyes again, he suddenly realized that it was already dark.


Lu Ze suppressed his excitement and breathed slowly. In just a short period of time, he would be able to gain a strength G.o.d art.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be the same as the explosive power Nangong Jing had displayed, but it would pretty much be the same!

At this moment, Lu Ze’s phone vibrated.

He waved his hand and a light breeze brought the phone to his hands.

He found that this wind controlling power was best suited for lazy people.

He could let the wind bring him whatever he wanted.

He opened the phone and saw a message. It was from Alice.

Alice: “Senior schoolmate, are you there?” Along with a cute emoji.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. Did she have the ingredient list ready?

He quickly replied, “Yes.”

Then immediately, Lu Ze received a long list of ferocious beasts and spirit herbs.

Alice: “Senior schoolmate, these are the ingredients that junior schoolmate intends to use. Some ferocious beasts on there might be a pretty high level, pretty much a high-level spirit beast. Just find what you can based on the situation.”

Lu Ze: “I understand!”

He had already made up his mind to prepare multiple sets for all the ingredients.

High-level spirit beasts… those were ferocious beasts equivalent to high-level spirit martial states. They must taste really delicious, right?

It seemed that he needed to work harder.

“I, Lu Ze, am a food hunter!

“For food, I am relentless.”

Alice: “Is senior schoolmate cultivating right now?”

Lu Ze: “Mhm, I’ve just finished cultivation and am about to eat.”

Alice: “Then I won’t disturb senior schoolmate. Go senior schoolmate! Woo…”

Lu Ze: “Mhm, thank you, junior schoolmate. I will make sure to prepare the ingredients!”

Alice: “Hehe, then junior schoolmate will be waiting. You should really go eat, senior schoolmate. Bye!”

Lu Ze smiled while thinking that this junior schoolmate was really caring.

Lu Ze started to make his way downstairs.

He wondered if mother had left anything for him… If not, he would have to order food.

Luckily, he found that his mother had left some food for him. He heated it up and quickly ate it before heading back to his room.

After knowing that there were high-level spirit beasts on the ingredient list, Lu Ze had extra motivation for his cultivation.

He didn’t dare imagine the loss he would feel if he was not able to eat good spirit food.

He crossed his legs and entered the pocket hunting dimension again.

Perhaps because he had grown stronger, he preferred to encounter green wolves quickly.

He closed his eyes and a light breeze brushed past. The information within a radius of a few hundred meters appeared in his mind.

Mhm, he found a few super huge rabbits and one of them turned into a jackhammer.

However, Lu Ze had lost his interest in rabbits.

He planned to let them go and send his harmonious looks towards other prey.

Lu Ze walked as he sensed the surroundings with the wind at the same time. He found that such a G.o.d art wasn’t limitless.

His stamina and mental power would be drained through the use of G.o.d arts. Because Lu Ze wasn’t at the spirit martial state yet, he didn’t know if it would use up spirit power.

Lu Ze casually walked around and half an hour later, he found a large number of rabbits as well as a black dog pack. He found some green wolves too but they stayed in a group of three.

Lu Ze didn’t feel confident that he could take on three at once.

After walking for another half an hour, Lu Ze’s eyes light up. His gaze locked onto a patch of gra.s.s two meters tall, a hundred meters on his left.

A lone green wolf!

The green wolf clearly had noticed him as it was slowly walking out of the gra.s.s.

This wolf was a bit larger than the one from yesterday.

Usually, the larger an animal of the same species was, the stronger they were.

If it was yesterday, Lu Ze would probably be no match for it.

But now, the situation was completely different!

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold and he entered his battle mode.