Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 399 - How Did Those Demon Bastards Dare to Come?!

Chapter 399 - How Did Those Demon Bastards Dare to Come?!

Chapter 399 How Did Those Demon b.a.s.t.a.r.ds Dare to Come?!

The three looked at Lu Ze for a while before finally regaining their senses.

Thereafter, the level seven mortal evolution state middle-aged man smiled. “h.e.l.lo, Lu Ze. You’re far more talented than I had imagined. I’m Kurter, and this is my wife, Lorrie.”

The mature beautiful woman smiled as well and nodded at Lu Ze. “h.e.l.lo, Lu Ze.”

Lu Ze smiled at them too. “Greetings.”

On the other hand, the bulky man said, “Lu Ze, I’m the teacher of Thousand Sun University at Dawn System, Qiu Dongyi. I have a few students who attended your high school.”

This surprised the couple and the high-levels of the defense force. They didn’t expect this man to be a teacher from the Dawn System.

What a coincidence.

Lu Ze was so talented. It was good to get connected.

Lin Ling couldn’t resist looking over. She thought of the selection process after the graduation trial. There was a guy and a girl standing next to Lu Ze. They didn’t encounter the insectoid tide, so they weren’t given guaranteed entry. Nevertheless, they had another chance for evaluation. They were probably sent to Thousand Sun University.

Lu Ze was surprised. He said, “h.e.l.lo, teacher Qiu, are you talking about Xu Yang and the others?”

He would occasionally check his high school cla.s.s group chat, so he knew that they didn’t get into Thousand Sun University through the guaranteed entry. They got in through application instead.

After all, Lu Ze’s performance was too good. Their school got a large sum of resources, and this was very bountiful for Xu Yang and the rest.

They had a chance for guaranteed entry, but after consideration, they chose to use the resources to improve themselves and then partic.i.p.ate in high school exams.

There were a few students who went into the Dawn System from his high school, but Lu Ze only knew Xu Yang and the rest of his group well. On the other hand, Li Erhou wasn’t able to get in. His talent was very ordinary.

However, Lu Ze didn’t attend the student reunion after graduation. He was already partic.i.p.ating in the entrance exam of the Federal University.

When the school began, Xu Yang and the group didn’t contact Lu Ze. As for Lu Ze, he was busy with cultivation and didn’t mind about it.

Did those guys forget about him?

Qiu Dongyi’s eyes lit up, and he nodded. “Yes, it’s them. Their results in their high school exams were not bad. They went into the elite cla.s.s, and now, I am leading them.”

He didn’t expect that Lu Ze would still remember them. Xu Yang and the others mentioned that they were in the same cla.s.s as Lu Ze during high school, but they didn’t say much.

As it turned out, Lu Ze wasn’t probably one to forget his past.

Kula System, Astral Body Base.

Lieutenant General Yue Jingzhong had a smile on his face. All the other high-levels in the meeting room had the same expression as though they felt relaxed.

This was the first time they had smiled while they were under the pressure of the blade demon army.

Yue Jingzhong had a smug expression. “This time, the blade demon’s plans regarding Ena System have failed. We were lucky to have Lu Ze and Lin Ling. Major General Nangong, your students are very excellent.” He looked at the prideful Nangong Jing. Other people looked at Nangong Jing with envy too.

The defense forces relayed what had transpired. Lu Ze had annihilated all the void beasts by himself. When this news came, almost everyone didn’t dare to believe it, except Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha.

Lu Ze’s cultivation level wasn’t even at the mortal evolution state, and yet, he had such power?

This talent was too absurd.

Hence, Nangong Jing had a very proud face. Lu Ze was her student. She taught him well. Upon coming back, she would reward him with some good food.

Nevertheless, Qiuyue Hesha didn’t feel so good. She helped teach them as well, but everyone a.s.sumed it was only the female T-Rex who taught them.

Out of all the people present, the most shocked ones were Luo Bingqing and Derrick.

Lu Ze’s combat power was at least at level six of the mortal evolution state. How long had it been? Lu Ze almost caught up to them. This progress was too fast.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was rather jovial. Without something to worry about and the presence of the Ena System’s reinforcements here, they didn’t need to fret about fighting the blade demons head-on.

At this moment, a sharp siren rang. A hologram of a soldier appeared. His eyes were full of disbelief. He bowed and then reported, “Lieutenant General, the blade demons are attacking!”

Yue Jingzhong’s eyes contained some disbelief too. “What?!”

The powers on both sides were on par. Why would the blade demons attack at this time?

This wasn’t right!

Still, his experience made him instantly set aside his surprise. He got up and said, “Prepare for battle!”

As the defending side, they had much more advantage in terms of resource supply. Why did those blade demon b.a.s.t.a.r.ds dare to come?!

He continued, “Mobilize scout squads. Watch the situation on the surrounding regions, and see if the blade demons have any other cards.”

“By the way! Tell the Ena System to refrain from relaxing!”

The soldier quickly answered, “Yes!”

Gracious Planet.

The defense forces were cleaning up the bodies of the void beasts. These soldiers had just arrived.

Two more mortal evolution states came, and the rest of the mortal evolution states went back on the way after receiving news that the crisis was over.

When the two newly-arrived mortal evolution state heard that Lu Ze killed all the void beasts, their faces were equally stunned. When they heard that Lin Ling stopped a level four mortal evolution state void beast as well, they were beginning to wonder whether they should find a good place and retire.

Were young people these days all this crazy?

The five mortal evolution states weren’t able to help, but they still chatted keenly with Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

Lu Ze didn’t leave. He was going to follow Ling Dongyu. After Lin Dongyu was done here, he would go with him to buy Xingzhan fruit pancakes. So, he didn’t have anything to do in the meantime. Thus, he kept chatting with them.

However, he learned quite some news about Xu Yang and the rest from Qiu Dongyi.

Their power was nearly at the abstruse martial state now. They couldn’t compare with the students of the Federal University’s elite cla.s.s, but this was considered above average at Thousand Sun University.

This mission was rather risky, so they didn’t come.

These mortal evolution state people were considered significant in the Federation. Their experiences were quite interesting.

Of course, they kept praising Lu Ze and LinLing.

As more and more defense forces arrived, more of them helped the police to move the citizens out from underground shelters.

Their eyes were still filled with shock. The sound of combat was so terrifying that even underground, they could still feel the vibrations.

Several buildings had been affected by the battle, turning into ruins.

“The natural wormhole has disappeared, and all the void beasts have been annihilated. Everyone please leave accordingly and return to your homes. If your houses have been damaged, please report to the police. After verification, the federation will provide compensations.”

“… It’s really over?” Some people, feeling this was unreal, asked for confirmation.

People didn’t die? The city was only damaged a little? This entire thing only lasted half an hour?

Thinking about the state of the Xigui System, they felt everything was a dream.